Meaning of the movie “The Passage” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Passage” and ending explained Films

“The Passage” is a rather atmospheric film that will definitely appeal not only to fans of the mystical horror genre, but also to many moviegoers. The film raises the question of the difficulties of raising children who are either too gifted by nature or simply obsessed.

In the center of the film is a young and quite a long time happy family, led by John (played by Peter Mooney). His wife Sarah (played by Schilling Taylor) together raised a son who was precocious. Everything was more than good for the couple, until the moment when the son matured and his behavior became more and more strange, rather unexpected, and then just frightening.

Poor parents did everything to figure out what was happening to little Miles. Conversations with a specialist in the field of child psychology did not lead to anything, and a reincarnation specialist said that the boy’s giftedness is due to the fact that someone else not only lives in his body, but also tries to displace him entirely.

What is the movie “The Passage” about?

It should be noted right away that the film has some parallels with The Omen, but it would certainly not be correct to call it a remake. Two main similarities:

  • – evil in the nutria of the body of a small child;
  • – the general approach is also quite similar: in the central plot of the film, after all, there are not screamers, and not even physiological problems, but the relationship of people and the tension in them, which is constantly growing, because the viewer is struck by a feeling of anxiety throughout the film.

There are quite a few scenes with blood in the film, which were shot almost without any camera lapels, and this is quite justified, because the main essence of the film is still not violence against the child, but the nightmare that the parents experienced when it became clear that everything was fine with the child. Badly. And the solution to this issue, if there is, then it certainly will not be easy and with great trials. The main success of the film can be considered the development of this mystical transformation, which was performed both due to an excellent script, and due to the excellent performance of Scott, who had to go through a rather long and difficult path from a child to a psychopath who confidently knew how to keep in fear.
The director perfectly made the images of the main characters, both young parents and Miles himself.

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Fans of beautiful movie endings that Hollywood so often offers will be disappointed, it will be much darker and sadder. For the sake of fairness, it’s worth mentioning a mistake here that didn’t greatly affect the overall picture, it’s more of a detail, but one cannot help saying that, probably, the filmmakers didn’t understand too much what the concept of “reincarnation” means in its classical sense. .

Critics also point out two more points: the rather incoherent work of social services with Miles, when he already became very aggressive. Also, the moment that the audience will remember the most is not too convincing – the final scene of the struggle between the son and mother, which ended quite spectacularly, but at the same time too artificially, moreover, with the help of a random character.

Although we can confidently say that these three little things had almost no effect on the film itself, the film is watched in one breath, from the first to the last scene. Fans of mysticism, as well as the adventures of evil children, will certainly find their own.

The meaning of the film “The Passage”

At the center of the mystical film is Sarah, who was perfectly played by the famous actress Taylor Schilling and her little son, whom she tries to save at any cost. From the point of view of the mystical setting, the beginning of the film is also the most reasonable and real. The evil spirit of a tough serial killer has taken over the body of Sarah’s young child. Often in films of this genre, in which such a scenario, various demons act as a dark side that captures children. And here is a slightly different backstory: the evil spirit of Scarkey captured the body of the child for the reason that the police killed him at the very second when Sarah gave birth to her son.

Coming out of this more intricate plot of capturing a child, according to the chief director, the film turned out to be more intense and interesting. After all, when the body of a child is captured by a demon, everything is more or less standard: a priest appears and a classic struggle between good and evil begins. In this film, there is a more intricate plot, because the very understanding of the process of reincarnation is confusing and ambiguous.

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Buhler talked about the source of his inspiration – this is an old film that belongs to the horror genre, but with a rather complex psychological plot: a film about a little girl who one man considered his daughter, because, in his opinion, she was reincarnated. The movie “Audrey Rose” according to Buhler had a pretty strong influence on him, because back in 1977 he himself was a child, that’s when this film came out. But, he was interested in something else: in his opinion, more people on Earth believe in reincarnation itself, and not in the fact that a person after death can go to heaven or be happy.

The spirit of a serial killer in the boy’s body first manifested itself when Miles was just eight years old. Then the parents for the first time replaced that they had a rather strange child, but at first they even liked it, because deviations were accepted as a special gift. Miles took a strong liking to paprika, began to speak in a rather rare Hungarian dialect at night, and showed a very developed intellect, given that he was only eight years old.

Director McCarthy explained his interest in reincarnation quite simply, because the process itself and the result always worried him. Since he gave the following example: “Just imagine, your child was born and Hannibal Lecter himself moved into his body. At first, you can’t get enough, because your child is very smart, since this serial killer had too high a level of intelligence. And after a while, the child inherited other traits of the killer, not only unpredictability, but also sociopathy. And then they just start killing…”

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And a rather similar situation was with Miles, he begins to show more and more clearly not childlike rigidity, but the loving mother was still ready to do anything to save her son. She was not even stopped by the fact that she became practically an accomplice in one of the murders that Miles committed.

Explanation of the ending of the film “The Passage”

The finale of the film is rather tragic and ambiguous, the mother, who is simply heartbroken, is already ready for absolutely everything so that her son survives. She unexpectedly finds a hiding place, where it is written that the maniac who lives in the body of her son must leave Margaret, because she is his only victim who managed to escape. After much remorse, Sarah decides to help the maniac complete his case, in the hope that in this way he will free her son.

It is worth noting that the finale of the film caused a huge social outcry, the audience seemed to be divided into two camps: some defended the mother, and they did not think her act was barbaric, because she went for it solely in order to save her husband and child, who was definitely nothing not guilty. But, she was also quite strongly condemned, because she covets the life of a person who is a victim of tragic circumstances, the choice is really too difficult …

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