Meaning of the movie “The Peripheral” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Peripheral” and ending explained Films

Peripherals, originally a book that Gibson published in 2014. The genre of which is considered “cyberpunk”. In 2022, a film adaptation was released in the form of a TV series. So far, only 1 season has been released. It consists of 8 episodes, where each episode lasts an hour. By the number of views and ratings, it becomes clear that the story will continue to exist in the future. The series captivates the audience with its picture and special effects, as well as the plot itself, which the author of the book put into it.

Therefore, many who watched are interested in deciphering the end of the season, as well as the main meaning and idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe picture. After all, the genre itself includes many unknown and incomprehensible technologies and processes that we must unravel ourselves and no one will give us this. The series is forced to include logic, which is why it causes such a stir.

What is the series about

The picture tells the story of two worlds. The main character, along with the audience, does not immediately understand what is really happening and many difficulties appear on her way. The action takes place in the United States in the future (2032). In the Blue Ridge Province. The main character lives there, she works in a 3D printing house and plays virtual reality games to help her brother. One of the brother’s requests was to test a new game that didn’t have any special gadgets, the device itself takes it to another world (London of the past). The more time a girl spends in the game, the more she understands that everything is happening for real, but in a different world.

In addition to the main storyline of the series, additional ones are included that reveal the main characters as ordinary people, tell their lives. For example, Wilf’s struggle with alcoholism. Or the storyline about Flynn and her seriously ill mother. Plus, they are still trying to show us two worlds of the future at once – the nearest one, where everything is done using 3d printers, and the more distant one, where nanobots are used with might and main.

The first episode tells about the main character. Her abilities are top notch. She is good at her job, but she cannot develop because of her family: she has a sick mother and needs to take care of her brother. In the same series, we learn about the new world where the girl enters. The season ends with new events for all heroes. Which definitely gives hope for a sequel.

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Main characters

The main characters of “Peripherals” are a family of gamers, Fisher’s brother and sister, Flynn, played by Chloe Grace Moretz and Burton – Jack Reynor.

Also starring in the series:

  • Harry Carr – Will Netherford
  • JJ Field – Lev Zubov
  • T’Nia Miller – Cherise Nuland
  • Louis Hertham – Corbell Pickett
  • Katie Lewing – Ash
  • Melinda Page Hamilton – Ella Fisher
  • Chris Coy – Jasper Baker
  • Alex Hernandez – Tommy Constantine

The cast is chosen so that the viewer believes every word. And Chloe Moretz, who got the main role, is perfectly combined with the worlds where she has to exist throughout the season.

What is the idea of ​​the series

The series is an adaptation of a cyberpunk novel. And the main thing that the directors wanted to do was to convey the atmosphere of many technologies, time jumps and other phenomena that are incomprehensible to an ordinary person, without giving an explanation. The main thing to understand is that the heroes managed to be transported to another time thanks to special technologies that stimulate the nervous system and create new sensations. They are not different from reality. Fairy tales are a feature of the series. The directors deliberately added fairy tales known to everyone to the plot, which slipped inside and made what was happening more magical.

The picture shows well a society that survived a nuclear-free, slow apocalypse through the pollution of the world and the extinction of people through disease and not only. And the conditional past is the 2030s, where everything is moving towards this apocalypse, but it is not close to it yet.

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Also, a lot in the plot of both the book and the series means the title. More specifically, the periphery. This can be attributed simultaneously to the provinces in America and the simple poor life, and to

The number of new technologies of the future that are created by artificial intelligence.

In the cyberpunk genre, it is often not the goodies who are equipped with serious technology, but their opponents. In this case, the situation is the same: everything bad that happens to ordinary people and their families is connected with anti-heroes from the future, who have everything. They have the latest machines, the best weapons.

The series as a whole can be called indicative of technology in the world of cyberpunk. We can make the world a better place, but instead we figure out how to kill or hurt more people. This is shown throughout the season. The viewer sees that because of the sublime attitude of man to life and the world, the future will not become easier. On the contrary, people will begin to die out. From disease, from murder. And instead of trying to save humanity, they are pursuing completely different goals.

Ending clarification

In the last episode of the season, the directors did too much for the audience to perceive storylines that do not explain anything to the end. So I want to start watching the next season right away.

In the last episode, the following lines can be distinguished, which require explanation:

  • Deputy Sheriff. In the last episode, it is revealed how the hero hides his crime, or rather the murder of the boss. For credibility, he called the squad to the scene to deal with the case. And he goes to another place. However, the viewer learns that not everything went according to plan and the crime boss survived. And it is said that national security reported a terrorist attack in the mines.
  • Flynn is the main line of the series. The future of her world and her family depends on her life. Now she knows that her death will save everyone. In the last episode, a new Flynn appears. In the new time. However, she is old. She retained all the knowledge about her life and the information that was originally embedded in it. Aelita put a whole library of data into the girl’s head, with whose help you can defeat the entire system that was built in the future. Accordingly, this is why Flynn wants to be killed. In the last episode, the hope of the viewer dies. However, when the main character reappears, the hope that everything will change returns with her. Maybe things will not get better, but this is definitely not the end, but a deposit for the next season.
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The last episode of the series, as it were, shows the attitude of the inhabitants of 2032 to the past. After all, it has already passed and everyone is already dead, what difference does it make what will happen. The end of the season of the series colorfully shows the future of America, as it can be. Where there are few people and everything is difficult. It’s hard to make out what’s going on in episode 8, because everything is quite unusual. Perhaps this is the idea of ​​the producer and directors, so that the viewer expects a sequel.

The ending gives rise to new character development. The situations they find themselves in will force them to make new decisions in the future and grow as heroes. Or justify negative expectations from them.

Due to Flynn’s family issues, the implants, Aelita and other characters, and the terminology used throughout the series without explanation, it’s not at all clear how the season ends. And clarifications are to be expected in the sequel. And many viewers believe that in the last series all the lines simply could not fit, which is why a lot of things remained unrevealed, incomprehensible and confusing.

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