Meaning of the movie “The Plague” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Plague” and ending explained Films

Filmography is becoming more and more interesting every time, but old films are still discussed much more often. It is thanks to them that we began our journey, which can no longer be interrupted. The coolest movies you could watch were those released long before our modern day. At that moment, they did not differ in excellent shooting, high-quality acting and cool special effects, but the general atmosphere of the film did not let the viewer go for a minute.

For horror fans, it would be interesting to add another horror or thriller to your collection that would give them goosebumps. In general, such a film can easily be called “House of War”, but be prepared for the fact that he is an amateur.

Horror films have long been a favorite genre of cinema for those who like to shake their nerves. It is worth remembering that each horror movie is perceived by a person in completely different ways, therefore, their selection is carried out with extreme caution. Someone likes more scary and bloody horrors, someone is obsessed with psychological thrillers and loves all sorts of craziness. Next, we will talk about the sensational film “House of War”, which could not gain an unambiguous rating in the film library of many viewers.

The plot and meaning of the film “House of War”

Hey G Bud is a sailor who woke up in a house unknown to him, from which it is simply impossible to leave. Every day, the same monster begins to visit him, trying to kill the sailor. Bud begins to search the house, as he cannot find a reasonable explanation for everything that is happening. A little later, he will find something that will overshadow him – the diary of a former prisoner of a terrible prison.

What is the main point of the film? Everything is pretty simple. People often try to understand what is hidden from their eyes in the depths of the sea or in the depths of space, but at the same time they forget that the great secret of everything is the human mind, which is capable of all sorts of miracles. . . In fact, only very close people can understand each other, not to mention the fact that they read each other like an open book. There are many types of magicians and wizards, most of them are liars and charlatans, but sometimes there are some of them who are able to penetrate the boundaries of existence and see secrets hidden from the eyes of ordinary people.

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Or people who are patients in a psychiatric clinic. They are called psychopaths. Have you ever thought that it is these “abnormal” people for us who have a different hemisphere that allows them to see us differently. I’m not talking about the fact that a person does not use even a tenth of his abilities in life. Yes, the human mind is still a mystery that can bring many surprises, which happened to the hero of today’s story. Further in more detail about the film “House of War”.

Like I said, I don’t know what movie it is. The description of the picture fits perfectly into an exciting, dramatic and pure horror movie. But after the first five minutes it becomes clear that the picture is more than just a horror story. It’s quite an original film. This movie didn’t have a decent budget, but it didn’t matter because the director and his crew wanted to make a good movie, even if it wasn’t standard.

Overall, they did pretty well. Yes, not all viewers like the picture, because the “shifted” monster does not fit into the storyline. You can only see the thoughts captured in the images that are inserted into the head of the main character, who has done a lot of bad things in his life. The reason why the sun shines outside the windows, but our hero cannot get out of the house is immersion in his own consciousness and it is impossible to get out of the inner “I”. Toothy ragamuffin, who in this film got the role of a monster – the acting past of the protagonist, because he ran away or fought with him, always killed him. They had a constant confrontation. The clock, every time it strikes a new hour, water splashes from the mist and many other events show us that the protagonist’s time is running out.

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He must not run away from his past, but make the decision to leave on his own. However, do not forget that the main character put on a full dress uniform, and a civilian wearing a full dress uniform on certain holidays is suicide, most often provoked by a shot to the temple. A cowardly act, but not everyone can be brave.

As for the work of the film crew, it is very good for this kind of films. And the saturation of color, during which the main character remembers the world behind these walls and the fight with the monster, leaving on a black screen. Throughout the film, it was clear that the hero’s time had passed and his memory was fading. And only a small image in the hero’s memories, as if covered in a fog of oblivion. It’s all. In other films, I would really scold the producers, because not all viewers can resist bright colors and boring images, but in this film this was given a special place.

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I can’t help but notice how the music plays. It happens only when nothing happens in the frame and these calm and friendly songs give a feeling and faith that the main character is now safe.

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