Meaning of the movie “The Plague” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Plague” and ending explained Films

Many of the films that we continue to watch today were made long before the present. For the viewer, the most important thing is the impression, not the release date. That is why at the moment many moviegoers are revisiting old films in order to feel and remember the atmosphere of the past in cinematography. Quite popular are films made in the period 2004-2008, when there was not much known about special effects yet, and directors tried to draw at least something interesting from their scripts. One of the rather ancient films that viewers continue to watch even now is Plague or Coma, released in 2006. This article will talk about all the little things in the film, about its storyline and semantic load, as well as about the actors, special effects and the general atmosphere of the film.

The film “Plague” 2006 plot

The world is often filled with unforeseen illnesses and other troubles that allow us to live a full life. A similar situation occurred in the scenario of the film “Plague”, where the main focus was on the disease, from which all of humanity could die. Little guys between the ages of 6 and 9 fell into a state that was very similar to catatonia. After a long time, namely 10 years, the situation did not improve, but rather the opposite … More than 80% of children aged 17 to 19 lived their lives in specially prepared institutions, while other patients were actively monitored by their parents. Many people believed that nothing could save them and therefore expected the end of human civilization. Exactly at 10:00 pm, each child began to have terrible seizures, which were almost impossible to stop.

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Many people have entered a period of survival in which they should have united all together. They create their own coalitions that help them avoid incredible losses. Many never realized how dangerous the situation had become. They refused to accept the fact of possible death, and therefore died at the hands of their own children. Every time there are fewer and fewer parents, but he comes to the rescue – Tom Russell. It was he who believed that all this was happening due to the fact that the same aggression was raging in the heads of the parents, as in the children who are now sick.

The film ended with the writers deciding to show a John Steinbeck book called The Grapes of Wrath behind the boy’s back. Thanks to the last frame with the book, we can draw some conclusions. No wonder the directors decided to take it. The name itself speaks for itself. Parents never realize how much they show aggression towards their children, which means that children will behave the same way.

What is the point of the 2006 film The Plague?

What did the director want to show us with this film? Most likely, this film is the personification of hatred all over the world. Everyone understands the importance of showing kindness and understanding. It is on them that the happy future of mankind is built. The disease that consumed the children is a manifestation of anger and hatred for everything around. These children obviously grew up in unfavorable conditions, which means they were angry at their parents and loved ones. The disease personified the unforgiven grievances that lurked inside every child. The so-called “plague” is the terrible behavior of children, the manifestation of hatred towards them by their parents and the rejection of their own children.

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It is worth considering why the children were ready to kill their own parents? When a child is oppressed every day for all his mistakes, they shout at him and do not understand, then anger and resentment against his own parents are generated inside the child. In the film, we see that the children were sick, which means they could not fully control the situation. Because of the rejection of the parents of their own children, their death occurred. They, without realizing it, threw themselves into the grave. Parents could change everything if they initially supported and understood their children, and did not leave them to their fate. Those parents who accepted the possible outcome of events were left in a winning position, in contrast to those who could not accept their own missteps.

General opinion about the film “The Plague” 2006 release

Considering that it was created long before the advent of high-quality cameras for filming, before special effects and really cool actors, watching this film for many viewers was a waste of time. Many viewers did not understand why the director needed to shoot such a film. “Plague” is the original name, but for some reason they decided to call it “Coma”, apparently due to the fact that many children fell into a coma and then began to wake up. Most likely, the director had a very cool dream, which he wanted to transfer to the big screen and share it with others. The spectacle is so-so, does not pull the film to a high rating. The director’s pride remained only in his inner state, since few viewers appreciated this creation. It’s hard not to turn this movie off after 10 minutes.

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It is difficult to imagine that a huge number of children fall into a coma and then begin to kill their own parents. The very idea of ​​the film is interesting and quite logical, but the work on the film was carried out horribly. The viewer did not understand where the notes of horror are in the film. For the entire time of viewing, you can get acquainted with a couple of characters, because everything else is a solid mess. The only character that the viewer can remember is Ivana Milicevic. The girl did not take her attention with her beautiful appearance, but still with an unusual expression on her face. She seemed to know the possible outcome of events long before all this. This gives rise to the hope in the viewer that the solution will still be interesting.

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