Meaning of the movie “The Snow Girl” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Snow Girl” and ending explained Films

Netflix has released another adaptation of the novel by Javier Castillo, a famous author of crime stories. His past mini-series project has amassed an army of fans, so the streaming platform is aiming to bring the writer’s book series to the screen.

The book “Snow Girl” immediately became a bestseller and bestseller immediately after the release, and the announcement of the upcoming film adaptation only increased the attention of fans to the franchise. The company, choosing the plots of series related to Spain, relies on Spanish screenwriters and authors of literary works.

The action of the picture takes place in the land of eternal summer, the city of Magal. After the festivities around the fires, the celebration of the Twelfth Night begins. The holiday ends with a grandiose event “Parade of Kings”. Its other name is Cabalgata de Reyes. During the carnival, the father was accidentally distracted by an argument with the seller and lost his little daughter. The child disappeared in a crowd of millions of people, and further searches were unsuccessful.

The case of a missing five-year-old girl attracts the attention of journalist Miren. She notices her unfortunate fate in Amaya’s disappearance. The investigation has been going on for ten years. The police usually do not deal with hangings, so they will deal with the loss of the baby as new information becomes available.

What is the movie The Snow Girl about

The story begins in 2010. During the carnival, the main character disappears. The parents are desperately looking for their daughter, but their search is in vain. Chief Inspector Millan takes over the investigation. Belén, I’m surprised the kidnappers haven’t made contact yet. Usually, criminals demand a ransom in the first three days after the kidnapping, but not in this case. Their only clue is a yellow jacket found in a nearby residential area.

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Miren, because of her own negative experience, found a reflection of her past in the unfortunate fate of a little girl. She, as an intern of the newspaper Diario Sur and a student of the chief journalist, convinces the elder to show the episode about the missing heroine in the report.

Six years later, she receives a video message cassette. The video shows a live and healthy Amaya. The kidnappers ask to provide it to the parents. From that moment on, everyone will know that the child is alive.

Soon, the investigation leads to the couple’s neighbors, David Luke. Despite his alibi, the police search his house. Officers find child pornography. They realize that the owner of the building and his son are rapists. After that, Sumiel can’t stand the pressure. He does not want to go to prison in the harsh hands of criminals, so he kills himself.
Miren and Millan send the tape to the lab to find out the specifications of the tape recorder. The analyst gives them the model number, which leads to James Foster. He is quickly released, providing the police with an alibi for the time of the crime. In a conversation with Miren, he reports a video with her participation uploaded to a child pornography site. He offers a list of names of alleged rapists for $10,000.

Nine years later, a second cassette comes to the newspaper with the signature goodbye. Parents in a panic think that the kidnappers will stop sending them evidence of their daughter’s life. Meanwhile, Miren notices a strange coincidence in two videotapes.

The meaning of the film “The Snow Girl”

The gradual development of the plot, the immersion of the audience in anxious expectation, the slow narration forcing all the time to check with moral guidelines provides at least three ideas visible to the naked eye.

The first theory lies in the uneven distribution of the joy of the family hearth. Everything in the world is natural. If in one place it arrived, then in another there is a shortage. Tempted by the possession of inaccessible happiness, it is easy to transgress one’s own principles and the moral foundations of society for the sake of the greedy desire to have what other people have.
In the second case, the topic of violence against women was raised. She is shown unobtrusively. Mirena is an aspiring journalist who became a victim of rape. The police, due to lack of evidence, sent her case to a distant box, so she has to take the investigation into her own hands.

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The third idea about the abduction of a girl is ambiguous, filled with tragedy and drama of all the main participants in the story. Three initial episodes in the form of a classic detective story introduce the viewer to the fate of Amaya. From the fourth series begins a psychological thriller, the gradual disclosure of the tragedy in a slow narrative of suspense. In this episode, the reason that prompted the kidnappers to commit the crime is revealed. In an effort to reformat the mind of the baby, they carefully filtered the information, creating a distorted view of the world around the child. With their inept actions, they planted an insurmountable fear of society in the girl’s heart, thereby destroying her, their own and the life of their real parents.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “The Snow Girl”

Miren compares the recording quality of the two cassettes and comes to the conclusion that the second tape is much better, but they were recorded on the same device. She tests her theory and interviews repair shops. A woman confirms her theory when she learns that a couple recently repaired a similarly equipped VCR.
Iris and her husband kidnapped a little girl during the Twelfth Night Parade. The kidnapper was examined by Anna. The woman dreamed of having children and was preparing for the appearance of her first child. However, the terrible diagnosis of infertility broke her heart. The doctor’s cruel words became a curse for Iris. When she saw the girl separated from her parents, she could not resist the desire to become a mother.

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She cannot get pregnant and continue the race, so she decides to raise Amaya, turn her into her child. At first, he resisted her crazy idea, but after a while he got used to his role as a father. However, she soon changes her mind when a grown lady starts calling her Julia.

It is not given to her to become pregnant and continue the family of her husband, so she decides to raise Amaya, turn her into her child. At first, Santiago, a soft-hearted man, resists her crazy idea, but he always supports his wife, so over time he comes to terms with his new role as a father.

The baby refuses to call a stranger her mother, claiming that she already has a mother. However, everything changes when the lady starts calling her Julia.
Gradually, they change her worldview, creating a new personality. They breed fear of an open world filled with bad men. The couple teaches the girl to trust only them alone.

Whenever strangers come into the house, she runs to her room for fear that strangers will cause her unbearable pain.
The kidnapper manages to sow the seed of pure horror before the outside world in the girl’s soul. Gradually, this kills her memories of a past life. She ends up becoming the daughter of the only people she knows, thus fulfilling Iris’ secret desire to be a mother.

Iris and Santiago sincerely did not want to harm the real parents of the child. They are concerned about the tragedy in the family of Anna and Alvaro send them a tape to let them know that everything is fine with the child. They believed that this could alleviate the sadness of the couple.

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