Meaning of the movie “The Snow Girl (La chica de nieve)” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Snow Girl (La chica de nieve)” and ending explained Films

La chica de nieve is a tense and well-written thriller from the Netflix streaming channel, based on the novel The Girl from Nieve by Spanish writer Javier Castillo. Although set in Malaga, it has a lot in common with Scandinavian noir thrillers and tells the story of a girl named Amaya, who mysteriously disappeared years ago, and a young journalist named Miren with her own dark past, who is obsessed with the mysteries of what happened and frantically tries to solve this case. .

In visual perception, the entire action of the series consists of six episodes filled with various puzzles, in the finale ending with several important questions that cannot be left unanswered. In addition, viewers should be prepared for numerous jumps in time.

What is La chica de nieve about?

For nine years, Miren tried to find out what happened to Amaya after she was kidnapped in 2010. And, finally, she achieved a breakthrough with the help of several video cassettes received in her address, which an unknown person sent to her editorial office. The footage showed a teenage girl with a bag on her head, and a quiet voice offscreen said that this was the grown-up Amaya.

Using logic and matching the surroundings, Miren discovers that the Amaya video was filmed by a woman named Iris, who supposedly lives alone in the mountains. It turns out that after Amaya’s real mother, who was a gynecologist and infertility specialist, told the woman that she could not have children, she decided to steal the girl for herself.

Since Amaya was only five years old when she was kidnapped, Iris successfully brainwashed the child into believing that outsiders could not be trusted. Therefore, when Miren visits Iris, Amaya, who at that time was already 14 years old, hides her presence in the house. In fact, it’s even better for Mirren, because the bank manager was found murdered when he accidentally discovered Iris’ terrible secret some time ago.

Miren subsequently survives this visit because she fails to discover Amaya’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Iris was left terrified at being so close to being discovered.

And so she does what any kidnapper would do – run away with her so-called “daughter” in the middle of the night. However, Miren notices them and realizes that the headband she sees in the car is the same one Amaya was wearing in one of the last videos.

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The meaning of the film “Lost in a snowstorm”

According to the storyline, Amaya was kidnapped by a distraught Iris, one of the girl’s mother’s patients at a fertility clinic. She and her husband Santiago unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child, and when they came across Amaya, crying in the middle of the crowd, having been lost during the carnival, they decided to take her and make her their daughter.
After that, over the years, the newly minted parental couple convinced Amaya that she was their daughter, and even renamed her Julia. They told her that she could never leave their rural home because there were too many bad men in the world to hurt her.

A special meaning is revealed in the fact that the whole story unfolds in three different periods of time:

– 2010, when Amaya is kidnapped;

– 2016, when Santiago gives the police the first video of Amaya to show that she is alive;

– 2019, when the second video is sent to Miren.

Ultimately, the 2010 storyline focuses on the immediate impact of the kidnapping on the family, as well as the identification and subsequent exclusion of the prime suspect, David Luque.

At the same time, the events of 2016 focus on Miren continuing to deal with her own past trauma and discovering that her rape, which occurred prior to her abduction in 2010, was caught on video, and confronting one of the men who were watching the tape.

As a result, what happens in 2019 develops the plot and brings the story to a conclusion. It is in the second video received at the time that they say “goodbye” because Santiago couldn’t keep up with the mortgage payments on their house. Eventually, she and Iris were going to move, so they weren’t going to leave any more follow-up videos for Amaya’s real parents.

However, the parents and the police understandably thought this meant they were going to kill Amaya and stepped up their search efforts. It is this second videotape that ultimately leads Miren to where Iris and Amaya live thanks to the rarity of video players in 2019.

After this narrative twist, a detailed showing of the life situation associated with the main character begins. It is in 2016 that Miren learns that David and his late son Samuel provided child pornography videos of their victims to a website called Slidey, and that their former bodyguard Foster was a user of the platform. In exchange for taking a picture of her to keep in his van, Foster gave Mirena a list of usernames connected to secret data.

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Miren did not immediately take action against Luque and Foster because she hoped she could use the information to find the men who raped her and posted the video on a website. Presumably, she also thought that she might need more information from them in the future.

However, she kept an eye on them and photographed them herself with a long-range lens. Miren’s mentor Eduardo found the camera and photos in Miren’s car, so he took out the memory card and gave it to Miren to destroy.

The viewer isn’t shown exactly why Miren chose to kill Luke and Foster in 2019, but it seems likely that either she decided she wasn’t going to extract any more information from them and wanted to kill them to avenge the victims, or she thought that they planned to drug and abuse more girls and women.

Subsequently, Detective Millan, investigating both the disappearance of Amaya and the deaths of Luque and Foster, becomes quite certain that Miren killed the men, but given that they were both serial rapists and pedophiles and that the police have no conclusive evidence of Miren’s involvement in the murders, she is probably not going to put in too much effort to prove it.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “La chica de nieve”

Iris does what any crazed kidnapper would do and decides to throw herself off a cliff with Amaya. She would rather die than be separated from her. As a result, Iris immediately dies in the crash, but Amaya survives.

When Miren arrives on the scene, Amaya loses her temper and aims her gun at her. After all this, she is still ready to defend her “mother” to the end. A brief scuffle ensues, and then Miren holds her back long enough for emergency services to arrive and sort things out.

After nine long years apart, Amaya’s parents are finally reunited with their daughter thanks to Miren. Alvaro and Anna don’t get the happy ending they want or deserve, at least not initially, because Amaya is still traumatized by her fake parents’ kidnapping and death. Surprisingly enough, she is actually angry at her real parents, because it was their search that led to Iris’s death.

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By the time Amaya is found, she has forgotten her biological parents and her former identity and only answers to the name “Julia”. Technically, Amaya’s parents finally see her again. But the five-year-old they once knew is lost forever.

However, at the end, Amaya allows Alvaro and Anna to watch cartoons with her. This should give them hope that their daughter may not be lost to them forever, even if countless medical bills end up making them homeless.

In addition to the ending of this story with the kidnapping, the storyline of the series describes the development and conclusion of another special theme related to Miren. Prior to Amaya’s rescue, Miren herself was considered a target of police interest after two men named Luka and Foster died in a fire.

Earlier, Luque posted a video of Miren being sexually assaulted on a hidden webpage where people paid thousands of euros to see the horrible things that happened to her. Foster had also upset Miren earlier when he admitted to watching the attack, and to make matters worse, he only agreed to help her with the investigation if she posed for a few ominous photographs. And Miren became the prime suspect in their deaths because the police found one of these photos during a van fire. However, there isn’t enough evidence to pin any of this on Miren, so she gets away with it.

Leaving all this behind, Miren writes a book about the disappearance of Amaya and the case that followed. The money may start rolling in soon, but a happy ending isn’t in sight, at least not yet.

And that’s because two years after the case is solved, Mirena is handed an envelope that is very similar to the ones Iris sent. However, this time there is no video of Amaya inside. Instead, there is a photograph of another, unknown woman tied up against her will, just like Amaya. The envelope also has a chilling message written on it that reads: “Do you want to play?”

As a result, the show’s season ends with this big twist, suggesting that a second season is certainly a possibility for everyone involved. But who is this new victim? Who sent the photo? And what does all this have to do with Miren?

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