Meaning of the movie “The Umbrella Academy” 3 season and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Umbrella Academy” 3 season and ending explained Films

What happened to the guys? Will Klaus and Luther survive? What is the secret of the Oblivion Hotel? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

So you just finished watching The Umbrella Academy Season 3 and are wondering what the hell just happened? Right? Don’t worry – we also have a lot of questions for the end of this season, but we have already taken a breath and are ready to explain everything we understand to you 😉 Attention: spoilers are possible below!

After voting on whether or not to try to go to the Oblivion Hotel to try and prevent the 500th end of the world, the family decided to go ahead with Hargreaves’ plan after Luther’s death. And now the guys are hungry for revenge and answers.

As expected, so much happened in the season 3 finale that we’re still trying to figure out what the ending means for a possible sequel, which is season 4.

The plot of the series “The Umbrella Academy”

1989, approximately the beginning of October – the world gets acquainted with new children who were scattered around the world, there were 43 in total. Each of them had certain abilities that were incomprehensible to ordinary people, but the most interesting thing was that during pregnancy, not one of mothers did not feel any signs of the birth of special children. At the beginning of the series, the viewer meets the eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargweese, who takes seven children under his wing and creates his own Umbrella Academy from them, where they have the opportunity to develop their abilities and soon become famous superheroes. Sir used to name all the children according to their numbers, since there were seven of them, however, the foster mother, who was a robot, soon gave names to each of them.

Throughout the series, Sir believes that each of these children, having their own ability, can easily save the world and help all living things, which means that his Academy was not created in vain. After many years of children staying in this academy, it suddenly ceases to function, and superchildren were scattered all over the world and the probability of their further communication was quite a few percent. We meet the following characters:

  1. Luther – soon became an astronaut;
  2. Allison – soon became a famous actress;
  3. Vanya – soon became a famous violinist;
  4. Klaus – soon became a drug addicted party-goer;
  5. Ben – was turned into a ghost after his death, who could only communicate with Klaus;
  6. Diego – becomes a crime fighter.

Each of them was almost a kindred spirit for Sir Reginald, which is why after his death every child came to the funeral. The fifth number – Ben – returned from the past and informed the rest of the guys about the onset of the apocalypse in 8 days. A little later, each of the graduates makes a deliberate decision – to investigate the death of a foster father, joining their efforts. Everything would be simple if each of them did not try to pull the blanket over themselves because of differences in character and abilities.

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Throughout the second and third season, the guys are still trying to prevent the events that happened to their adoptive father, but their attempts remain unsuccessful. They are trying in every possible way to understand what they should do next and make a collective decision – to return to the past and save the whole world. However, during the step back, they go to the 1960s, where they are scattered at different periods of this decade. Ben realizes that he has ten days to prevent the apocalypse, so he decides to start a new life.

But what happens in the third season, and why were many viewers shocked from the ending? Let’s analyze this in more detail.

Klaus?! Luther?! What?!

Let’s start with the first “what the hell.” So Hargreaves killed both Luther and Klaus…

After a brief reconciliation with his son, Hargreaves decides to kill Luther to motivate the group to go to the Oblivion Hotel and try to find the seven bells. Klaus, who has been working with Hargreaves all along to force him to re-establish contact with the Umbrella and Sparrow academies, is also killed when his father prevents him from escaping the other world. Klaus decides to commit suicide by impaling himself with one of the horns of a stuffed animal in a hotel room.

Our heroes realize that Klaus hasn’t survived, while Hargreaves tells them to focus on the mission. It is then revealed that Klaus and Luther are reunited in the afterlife. Luther wants to go and warn Sloan about Hargreaves so he tries to get Klaus to return to Earth, but Klaus decides the returns are over and they start fighting.

So, what happens to the others?

Victor, Allison, Ben, Fifth, Diego, Leela, Sloane, and Hargreaves made it safely to the Oblivion Hotel.

Hargreaves tries to find a way to get to the seven bells while Diego and Leela warn the rest of the group not to ring the bell or summon the monster. In an effort to find the bells faster, Hargreaves shows them the symbol to look for, and they all pair up to go looking for it. Everyone takes the elevator up to different floors while Hargreaves stays in the lobby.

Did they find what they were looking for?

Five and Victor argue with Alisson.

Five remembers that it was Allison who met with Hargreaves and negotiated a special deal. Frustrated by the course of the conversation, Five decides to go his own way, but does not realize that the hotel is constantly changing its exits and corridors.

Victor and Allison end up on the third floor, Five meets Ben and Sloan on the fifth floor, and Diego and Lila are on the sixth floor. Returning to the lobby, Hargreaves is surprised to find that Klaus is alive and well. A fight breaks out between them, and so one of the calls frees all the monsters in the hotel.

Everything is getting really bad

Very, very, because the attack of monsters affects all heroes.

Diego and Leela realize that the guards have no obvious weaknesses, so they run to the elevator. In a fit of rage, Sloane immediately starts attacking the samurai who is on her floor, while Ben and Five try to quickly come up with a plan to take him out.

Allison is immediately injured after being hit with an axe. Victor tries to help her and she tells him that she didn’t know about this part of Hargreaves’ plan. Seeing a guard following them, they pass through two separate doorways and find themselves on different floors: Victor is now on the fourth, and Allison is on the ninth floor.

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Where did Diego and Lila go next?

It’s all about the elevator.

Through it, the couple find themselves on the fourth floor, where Diego immediately locks the girl in the closet to protect her and the baby. Leela gets mad at this and tries to find a way to escape and help. Soon she notices how Victor passes by and breaks down the door. They notice that the guard is heading straight for them, so they work together to destroy it in one fell swoop.

Returning to the fifth floor, Sloane figures out that there is a weak spot in the Guardians’ back, giving the team the opportunity to win.

So, what about the rest?

Everyone is reunited again in the lobby, where they are surprised to see Klaus again.

Together with Klaus, the guys decide to confront Hargreaves. Five notices something on the floor and decides to go up to the second floor to get a better look. Meanwhile, the group realizes that there is one more guard left. Once Five figures out that the symbol is the stars on the floor, the guard starts attacking them, cutting off Five’s arm in the process.

The Guardian almost attacks Sloane, but Luther surprises everyone by stopping him and sending him flying. Sloan and Luther say their last tearful goodbye before Klaus’ projection fades completely.

Five again tells the group about the stars on the floor and they all quickly move to stand on them before the guard attacks again. As Five jumps onto the last star, a beam of light connects the seven members together and the hotel’s façade collapses.

So it wasn’t real?

Yes, it turns out that it is.

Much to Allison’s surprise, Hargreaves reveals that the hotel is actually a machine made by whoever created the universe. The machine uses the particles inside their bodies to power it while Hargreaves tries to restore the signal on the computer. In a fit of rage at being betrayed, Allison takes off part of Hargreaves’ head, killing him.

Allison realizes that Hargreaves has finished printing and a special button appears. Five warns her that they don’t know what’s next. Victor almost attacks Allison, but she asks him to trust her. The girl presses the button and the screen goes black.

What all?!

No, luckily the season finale has hints for season 4.

Allison immediately returns home, where she reunites with Claire in her bedroom. The only moment is that Patrick is not present at this time, but there is a young Raymond.

The rest of the Umbrella Academy and Ben exit the elevator and are surprised to find themselves in Memorial Park. Luther quickly notices that Sloan is not with them and tries to ask Five if he knows anything about where she might be. As they are about to start a fight, the group finds they have lost their powers.

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Five tries to come up with a new plan, but they all decide to go their separate ways and live their new lives without power. They are unaware that Hargreaves is looking down on them with his now living wife, Abigail, from the top of a skyscraper. The entire city is filled with buildings named Hargreaves. What a twist!

In the middle of the credits, Ben can be seen on the Korean subway. We don’t know if this was the first Ben who was with the Umbrella Academy or from the Sparrow Academy, living a whole new life.

We don’t yet know if Netflix will renew the series for season 4, but one thing is for sure: the continuation of the series will definitely start the life of many characters of The Umbrella Academy from scratch … or not? Ah-ah-ah-ah! 🤯

Analysis of the ending of the series “The Umbrella Academy”

After holding a public vote on a trip to the Oblivion Hotel to prevent the apocalypse for the umpteenth time, the family decides to implement Hargreaves’ plan after Luther’s death. Each of the bottom yearns for revenge and try to find answers. Hargreaves’ short-lived reconciliation with his son ended with the murder of Luther, to further motivate the rest of the group to head to the Oblivion Hotel to find the seven bells. Soon Klaus dies – it was suicide, he pierced the horn of a stuffed animal in one of the hotel rooms.

Hargreaves is trying to find a way out in order to get to the 7 bells. Meanwhile, Leela and Diego try to get the word out about the rest of the group not trying to ring the bell to save themselves from a dangerous monster. After Hargreaves shows them the symbol, the team splits up into pairs and sets out to find them. After some time, Ben remembered that Allison and Hargreaves agreed on a special deal, which is why he decides to continue his journey alone.

Soon, each of the heroes is overtaken by a terrible monster and the audience had a constant question: “Is this all for real?” The answer is of course very simple – no. The ending of the series itself was created in such a way that the viewer was waiting for the release of the 4th season, but whether it will be is not yet known.

Will each of the heroes be able to start their lives from scratch? Will they be able to prevent terrible events? Or not? It remains only to wait.

I hope I have helped you find the meaning of The Umbrella Academy movie and also make sense of its ending. If you have a different vision of the film, write your version in the comments.

If you have already watched the third season of the American superhero series The Umbrella Academy, but still did not understand the ending of the series, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with what we understood.

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