Meaning of the movie “The Village” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Village” and ending explained Films

Already quite an old film by Night Shyamalan , but the first time it looks very interesting, mysterious and even, perhaps, scary. A movie with intrigue, but no mysticism, just an attempt by people to build their own society without evil and violence.

Weird City of Covington

The small settlement of Covington exists apart from the whole world. It is surrounded by forests where scary creatures live. Because of what, the inhabitants of the settlement do not cross the boundaries of their possessions.

Apparently in the yard the end of the 19th century. The town exists on full self-sufficiency, but alas, there is not enough medicine, so a young man named Lucius turns to the elders for permission to visit the city and get everything they need.

Despite the urgent need, he receives a negative answer. There is still a new misfortune – some kind of beast has got into the village, which attacks small animals and can pose a threat to children.

Breaking the rules

There seems to be some kind of contract with the monsters in the forest. Therefore, the elders are worried, but not to the point of panic. In addition, along the perimeter of the village there are pillars in which a fire burns at night. And for a strange reason, creatures from the forest are afraid of yellow.

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In the settlement there is a guy with developmental disabilities, Noah Percy. He looks like a harmless child in the body of an adult man, but it was he who brought red berries to the village, which are considered a terrible sign in the village.

Lucius, who suspects that everyone in the village is hiding something, also breaks the rules after that. He goes into the forest and picks red berries there. Very soon, breach of contract brings trouble. Creatures in red cloaks appear and frighten the inhabitants to a stupor.

The mystery of the forest and the community

But the trouble came suddenly and everything happened because of a good event. Blind Ivy and Lucius have been in love for a long time, but another guy is in love with Ivy. It was the fool Noah Percy (Adrian Brody “The Jacket” ) and became the cause of all future events.

Out of jealousy, he mortally wounded Lucius, and Quince had to go to the city through a forest infested with terrible creatures to get medicine. But first, my father told Ivy that there are no creatures, these are horror stories specially invented for young people.

Elders are ordinary people who have lost loved ones. In fact, it is now the 21st century, but the conditions for a quiet and peaceful life have been created in the community. Yes, sometimes small children die here from infections, but they are protected from murder, rape and other crimes.

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happy ending

By the way, why did the filmmakers make a slightly deranged Noah a criminal, and not any other guy? Yes, because if it was a normal person, it would mean that their idea failed radically. That even isolation from the outside world could not protect the inhabitants of the village from crime.

And so everything turned out just perfect. Ivy came out of the forest, she was given the right medicine, but she was blind and could not see the outside world. Noah’s death also fits perfectly into the overall picture. She became a real confirmation of the legend of the creatures in the forest. So now people really have something to fear.

Well, Ivy herself and Lucius, apparently, will now become initiates and in the future they may well replace the elders. For they seem to be very reasonable people who will be able to understand why this is done. What’s in general? The film, of course, is interesting and unusual, but essentially one-time.

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