Meaning of the movie “Time Trap” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Time Trap” and ending explained Films

Pretty interesting movie. The beginning is boring and simplistic. The movement starts from about the middle and ends with a bombastic fantasy. I highly recommend it for meaningful viewing, you can take out just amazing ideas from it.

The review will again be in the nature of notes in the margins, and it is better to read it after viewing, and not before it. I see no reason to describe the plot, any movie is better to watch. Therefore, I simply note the moments that personally aroused my interest or questions and draw conclusions. So let’s go…

Mysterious Cave and Hippie Affair

Jason Hopper – a scientist, explorer, archaeologist and speleologist, along with his dog, finds a cave in which he sees a man. He does not respond and seems to be standing still. The scientist decides to explore the cave. Two of his student assistants try to tag him, but Hopper refuses to help and goes alone. Inside, he discovers some strange phenomenon – air vibrations and so on.

Two days later, the same students Taylor and Jackie, as well as a trio of their friends, go to the same cave to find the professor. It turns out that he was investigating the case of hippies who many years ago were looking for a source of youth and disappeared without a trace. These hippies were his parents, and they were looking for a miracle cure for their sick daughter.

While four of the company go down, the professor comes out of the cave. But what is strange is that his own car is in the same place, only now it is completely overgrown with grass and will not start. It seems that the car has stood here for a couple of decades or even more. Here he finds the car of his students. It’s strange where the boy went, they left him upstairs? At the same time, four friends fall into a trap in a cave.

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What is underground?

What are all the same huge caves are underground. It’s even scary how the surface does not collapse down. Although no, sometimes it collapses. There, under the thickness of the earth, there seems to be a separate world, I won’t be surprised that entire cities and even worlds can exist there. I’m afraid that fairy tales about underground peoples are far from fairy tales.

In fact, it can be interesting to explore underground and underwater caves, but it’s wildly scary for me. After all, in fact, there is always a danger that you will not get back. So exploring the caves is still an adrenaline rush.

And what is strange, it seemed to me that the professor and the students entered as if into different caves. Hopper walked along a long corridor, and the guys almost immediately went down 30 meters down. Well, yes, it turned out that they climbed into different caves. Or maybe there is another dimension underground, for this reason time flows differently there? And this is where it hit me in the head.

A little alternative: the passage of time

Probably, everyone has already noticed that time really began to accelerate. This is not a damn thing due to the fact that adults feel time differently and so on. In any case, I convinced myself for a very long time that the monotony of life was to blame for everything. Nothing like that, time really began to go faster. One has only to remember the rhythm of the second hand, which used to be counted as one, and two, and three, but now it is really one, two, three.

So that’s where I’m going with all this. Let’s plunge a little into an alternative history and the possible capture of our planet. What if someone accelerated time artificially, and this applies exclusively to the surface of the earth and the movement of the sun. What if inside time flows the same way? Then that would really explain a lot. And what is this golden pyramid that is spinning in the air? Did she twist time so that everything disappeared altogether? Very strange episode…

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The source of living water and its protection

Then an alien appeared. Although no, man, only some new one. Taller and equipped with technical devices. Well, yes, the girl who climbed to the surface observed something like the death of the planet, or rather, of all living things on earth. Apparently by that time humanity had already found another home.

Is there a source of living water in the cave? It reminded me of Lost . There, too, in the temple there was a pool of water that healed, but the source itself could be deadly. Later, the professor said that the entire network of caves was created to protect this particular source. In Lost, the spring was protected by magicians.

Be that as it may, time in the caves goes differently, in places it seems to overlap each other. Therefore, a battle has been going on at the source for hundreds of years, although from the outside it seems that the conquistadors and savages are standing still. If you cross a certain line, then apparently, you can get at that time.

What does a spiral with rays mean?

Taylor then went looking for Professor Hopper and found some drawings on the wall. Strangely, one of them was exactly the same as the picture on the horse of the Indian from season 2 of the series “Westworld” . What does a spiral with rays mean, I do not know, but the coincidence is very strange. And I’m more surprised by his appearance in the series, and not on the wall of the cave. Or is it just some kind of Indian totem? Maybe they worshiped the Sun?

When information begins to flow in this way, it means that it is trying to attract attention. Having rummaged a little on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that this icon symbolizes the sun. What does the symbol of the sun do in the underground cave? Or is it a hint that the source itself is a kind of sun that creates life? Well, how can one not recall Kryzhanovskaya and her series of books about magicians? After all, there was such a source …

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In general, the symbol in the form of a spiral with rays has a lot of meanings. In fact, it contains so many meanings in itself that it doesn’t even fit in my head. But which one is applicable in this case? Is it just an icon of time or is it immediately cyclical, including life and death? In general, I am not strong in symbols, alas …

A simple action movie or something more?

Then it turned out that some savages live in the caves, who attacked the man of the future. Our heroes helped him cope with the savages, but he died anyway – he suffocated, he could not breathe earthly air. Finally, he showed what happened after the guys entered the cave. Since time flows differently on the surface, for the real world they are all gone.

Where did our heroes end up? Well, of course, on a spaceship that flew from another planet. Were there earthlings? Alas, no one was shown, but our heroes seemed to have accepted everyone. By the way, how did the new earthlings learn about the source, if, like, even if someone found it, they did not return back? And why is the spaceship again made in the shape of a pyramid?

In general, the film is ambiguous. The first half is a boring rambling about stupid teenagers. Towards the end, the plot takes on such dynamics that you barely have time to understand what is happening. I would consider this to be an entertaining fantasy action movie, but the characters and other points that I noted dismiss this opinion. In general, “Time Trap” is another mystery that hides behind a pretty picture. 

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