Meaning of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” and ending explained Films

The American-made action thriller filled with dashing technology hit the screens in 2022. It is directed by Joseph Kosinski (“Oblivion”). Starring Tom Cruise (“Mission: Impossible” all parts, “Jack Reacher”, “The Last Samurai”, “Interview with the Vampire”). Cruz is a licensed pilot. The actor developed a training course for the entire team.

What is Top Gun 2: Maverick about?

36 years ago (in 1986, according to the plot of the 1st part), during a training operation, 2 US Navy officers (pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and radar interception specialist Nick “Goose” Bradshaw) crashed. Everything happened as part of the work of the military pilot training school.

They were on board the same F-14, which, as it were, will connect the events of the first Top Gun with what happens in the second (filmed in honor of the director of the first). So, during the flight, their F-14 passes through a jet stream from the engines of a mock enemy aircraft (that one has the call sign “Iceman”). As a result, the engines of the comrades fail. Their car goes into an irreversible spin (“flat”). The pilots eject. But “Goose” in the process of this beats his head against a lantern inside the cabin. The guy dies. Many blame his partner for this. Like, “Maverick” decided to win the competition for a tragic turn. Pete leaves Top Gun.

Now Americans fly F-18s, F-22s and F-35s. Mitchell himself generally moved to the Mojave Desert (part of it is located in American California). He began to experience the latest squeak of the US military aircraft industry – Darkstar (a hypersonic jet was invented specifically for Top Gun: Maverick). In his free time, he wears almost as fast – but already at the bottom (on a super-fast sports bike). The goal of the project is to get Darkstar to give out a 10M boost.

However, the head of the test complex (an officer who is sick of the exclusion of human pilots from the flight program) is trying to get the government to close the project. Thus, it frees up a developed budget for testing drones. The main character disobeyed the boss. He did not wait for the end of the allotted time and achieved not only 10M, but also 10.4M in one flight on the Dark Star (however, because of this, the board caught fire, and the Maverick ended up in the devil knows where).

Such a trick should have ended with Pete being banned from any flights and deprived of his pension. However, the founder of the Top Gun military pilot training school (from where Mitchell and the late Bradshaw once graduated from) personally stood up for him. In general, he was simply transferred to San Diego …

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The current authorities immediately warned that the work was kept for him only at the request of the founder of the institution. They explained the essence of the military mission in the mountains of Pakistan (it is necessary to destroy the uranium enrichment plant built in circumvention of the agreements). However, they were disappointed that he would not take part in it. The legendary (still unsurpassed by anyone) Maverick only has to select the most promising during the preparation of the best Top Gun students. Actually, the participants of the “unreal” mission. In the course of meeting young guys and girls (in a bar on the territory of the base, where his “ex” is now in charge), he also meets a young man with the call sign Badass. The senior officers had already explained to Pete that this was Bradshaw’s son.

After a few jokes related to the first meeting, the Master stubbornly wins over the skeptical youth with his ideas. Even if not immediately, but their trust is won! Wryly looks at Mitchell only the son of the late “Goose” Bradshaw. They are “knives”.

But even more Badass does not like the arrogant behavior of Hangman (“The Executioner”): the best current student in “Top Gun”. It’s also annoying that his mother made him promise not to become a pilot.

It turns out that he deceived … During a training flight, one of the students (“Iceman”) dies. It seemed that the parameters that should be achieved in training (without them, missions cannot be completed) are unattainable. The boss of the school removes Mitchell from his position as an instructor. But he’s no stranger to breaking orders. It shows how to reach the parameters. We’ll have to complicate the task itself. An officer higher in rank than the head of the school listens to him. And even allows you to become a member of one of the groups sent on a mission. The rest of the group (as originally planned) Pete picks up himself. There is a second team. Insurer. This is Maverick’s know-how. This team should have … young Bradshaw! Approved.

They take off from the missile cruiser in the desired sector. Over the mountains of Pakistan, the “guru” of military aerobatics controls the leading F / A-18E. In shock pair. Escorted by the same brand of aircraft, flown by Natasha “Phoenix” Trace and Robert “Bob” Floyd. Zadira leads the 2nd group (pair). It features Reuben “Payback” Fitch and Mickey “Fanboy” Garcia. That is, only 4 aircraft (in 2 of which, in addition to pilots, there are also WSOs – radar interception specialists).

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Saboteurs need to destroy the enemy air base so that there is no one to pursue them, destroy the plant itself, located in a closed gorge surrounded by all-seeing air defense systems (on the tops of the slopes of this boiler). The enterprise is blown up with the help of the same “two-team plan”. But the Badass is running out of countermeasures. Because of this, the air base was not completely broken. For this reason, he himself ejected. The guests are followed by pursuers on a Russian-made Su-57. Maverick personally launches the Tomahawks, destroying the airbase.

He himself is struck by one Su who has already risen into the air. But he catapulted. The center is sure that he is dead and orders everyone to return to the aircraft carrier. It so happened that the Master manages to land near the place where young Bradshaw landed. Meet.

The only whole plane is being hijacked from the destroyed air base! The same F-14 that the Maverick and Zadira’s father flew when they were young. Somehow they manage to take to the air, destroy 2 intercepting machines. And already over the sea they realize that they are being pursued by the last enemy. And they have no heat traps, no shells! And at the last second, someone shoots down a Pakistani…

The meaning of movie Top Gun 2: Maverick

The existential basis of the plot is based on three pillars, which will be discussed below …

Firstly, the director plays on the feelings of the majority of the male population around the world. Shows the Pentagon’s most nimble toys (since 1970 inventions). At the forefront, it is the Americans who always have tricks with nimble aircraft. Or turns on a motorbike. There are the most scenes with this technique in the film. Moreover, it is shown that the Yankees, even on an old car (this picture is the “anthem” of the F-14 Tomcat), can outwit the enemy on the Russian Su-57 (5th generation!). The American experts themselves laughed at such a plot move.

Secondly, somehow too vulgar (striking) shows the usual for American films narcissism with the qualities of a true US citizen, a kind of “superheroism” …

Thirdly, the dramatic part of the fighting show is just as important here. Meeting with the only descendant of a comrade who could not be saved 36 years ago makes an indelible impression on the central character. On the one hand, he “enrages” him (it’s not without reason that the stubborn one wears the appropriate call sign). On the other hand, he sees him as a worthy opponent. And on the third side (in the depths of his soul), he considers a certain idea as atonement. The idea to replace his father. A joint flight on a dangerous mission conveniently puts everything in its place.

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The teacher proves that (as he did 36 years ago) he does everything to save his brother in arms. But the Badass himself has the opportunity to prove to Pete that he is no worse than his father (for the sake of which, by the way, he is ready to perform all unthinkable accomplishments and only secondarily – for the sake of his own glory!). The protagonist finds a way out of a psychological dilemma. He is forgiven both by the boy, and, most importantly, by himself. In turn, Bradley Bradshaw also receives “compensation”. He proves to himself that he is exactly the one whom he himself imagined. Despite the opinion of classmates like “Executioner” (Hangman). But there is even a moral “light at the end of the tunnel” for Hangman himself. After all, he ultimately saves both of them. Only here do we understand the meaning of the well-thought-out phrase “I’m generally good. Very good!”

Explanation of the ending of Top Gun 2: Maverick

The last frames are a video story about how the heroes are met. Especially the “half” of Maverick, which from the former suddenly turns back into the current one.

Any skepticism about Pete and Bradley from their entourage (including senior officers) disappears. This is another symbolic act of forgiveness (because once “Maverick” “vilely” disappeared from the life of his beloved and many others).

There is also something that Pete did not expect, but what he hoped for. The son of his partner (and part-time best friend), Bully, comes to him in the hangar. Now they are working together on the restoration of the iconic light-engined P-51 Mustang (by the way, this is the property of the leading actor). At the end, both look at 2 photos. On one face of “Goose” Bradshaw (who binds them). The second shot captures the success of the last mission (which cements their relationship even more). Against the backdrop of sunset, a hint of 2 outcomes at once is convincing. The characters will become best friends. They will turn into the betrothed of father and son.

Recognition by viewers and the professional community

The rental began at the end of May 2022. Although the project was filmed back in 2018. The pandemic failed.

During this time, the level of expectation of the advertised novelty has risen.

And as a result, the film became the most viewed in the history of online cinemas! Because of the superjets?

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