Meaning of the movie “Under Suspicion” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Under Suspicion” and ending explained Films

The film was shot as a remake of the 1981 French film “Under Preliminary Investigation”. The new version turned out to be quite good, largely due to the successful cast, which included Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman, Monica Bellucci and Thomas Jane.

The film is set in Puerto Rico. The small town of San Juan, which is the administrative center of the island, is preparing for the celebration of St. Sebastian’s Day, while a brutal crime is being investigated at the police station.

Successful tax lawyer Henry Hearst is preparing to go to a charity ball with his beautiful young wife Chantal. The family looks quite happy, but, like all families, hides its secrets. A day earlier, a lawyer witnesses a brutal crime after discovering the corpse of a thirteen-year-old girl during her daily jog.

Shortly before the start of the ball, at which Hurst was supposed to give a heartfelt speech designed to set the local rich to donate big money for children affected by the recent hurricane, the lawyer receives a call from police captain Victor Benese, who is investigating the murders of girls. He asks Henry to come to the police station for literally 10 minutes to clarify some details of his testimony.

After arriving at the station, Henry very soon realizes that he is a suspect, and not just a witness, although he has known both the detective and his superiors for quite some time. At first, Henry thought that this was a friendly conversation to clarify the details important for the investigation, but Benese’s provocative questions and the open hostility of his assistant lead him to the idea that it is necessary not only to answer questions, but also to provide an alibi at the time of the first murder.

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The film keeps the audience in suspense almost to the very end, not making it clear whether the suspect is really guilty or the police went on the wrong track.

What is the meaning of the movie “Under Suspicion”?

In principle, the entire film is built on the psychological confrontation between two intelligent people fighting for their ideals and their truth. The detective story is shown masterfully, all the subtleties of police work are revealed, as well as the moral and ethical nuances of the crimes committed. The mental process of the investigators, the motives of one or another of their actions are traced in all details. There is an opportunity to feel both in the shoes of Captain Victor Benez and lawyer Henry Hurst.

The shooting was done in an unusual, very interesting perspective. The camera, as it were, invades the consciousness of the suspect, tracking the entire thought process from the inside, extracting hidden images and events from memory, including his fantasy and imagination. During the story, Victor Benese is watching from the side, commenting on what is happening and directing the narrator in the right direction. As you comment, some ideas change, just like the pictures in your mind.

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At first it seems that only fragments of memories are shown, but very soon it becomes noticeable that it is difficult to distinguish real memories from the suspect’s fantasy. Yes, and he himself begins to get confused in his testimony, trying to appear before the police in a not the worst light. However, inconsistencies in the testimony convince the police of Hurst’s guilt, and he has to talk about the most unpleasant aspects of his life in order to somehow clarify the gaps in the testimony.

It soon turns out that the moral character of a successful and wealthy lawyer is not as impeccable as he initially tried to imagine. Gradually, he has to talk about problems with a young and beautiful wife, who has not let him close for a couple of years, sleeping in a hotel bedroom. Also, Henry is confessed in connection with cheap prostitutes and other aspects of sex life.

Overall, the film makes it clear and clear that every person is guilty of something in their life. The film’s slogan says a lot: “Everyone has secrets. Some of them are crimes”, which can be translated as “Everyone has secrets, and some of them are crimes.” This is not so much a detective story as a psychological drama that prompts serious reflections after viewing.

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Explanation of the “Under Suspicion” ending

The ending of the film is unexpected and very effective, despite the simplicity of the idea. There was tension throughout the film. Both main characters looked convincing, which caused a lot of questions. It was not clear which of them was right and how the confrontation would end. Captain Benese had no doubts about the correct choice of the suspect, and every small discrepancy in the testimony strengthened his confidence.

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