Meaning of the movie “Us” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Us” and ending explained Films

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning of the movie “Us” and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

The film Us have a special plot, this is a new horror film, which was created by Richard Paul, at one time it was this screenwriter who received an Oscar for the horror film Get Out. The events of the film We take place in the state of California, more than forty years ago.

What is the movie “Us” about?

The girl Adelaide, being a young teenager, comes with her parents to the beach, comes to the amusement park. However, not listening to her parents, she ran away to take a walk. As a result, the girl ends up in a building hung with mirrors and experiences severe stress.

No one understands what happened to her, but she stops talking. 30 years have passed and already an adult heroine with her family comes to rest by the sea to relax by the sea. She has children, while the girl Zora is active, reads and runs a lot, and her brother is completely different from her. Jason is reserved and has a habit of flicking his lighter all the time.

When the family has purchased a boat, everyone wants to try it out as soon as possible and go to the beach. At the same time, there they meet their old friends the Tylors. In the evening, Jason informs his family that people are standing outside, as a result, they turned out to be identical doppelgangers of every member of the family."We": the meaning of the film and the explanation of the ending

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People in red outfits enter the house, while all of them except Rat are mute. The double of the main character in an abnormal voice reports that a woman has always had a personal shadow, which had to live in the likeness of her mistress, even if there was no desire. The purpose of the doubles is to avenge their position, to kill the guilty.

The Wilson family is trying to escape, but the Tylers have already failed to escape, because it turns out that this situation is happening all over America. When the family tried to escape, Jason fell into the hands of the Rat. Adelaide is now in a hurry to help her son and goes to any risky situations.

The main meaning of the film “Us”

Many do not understand the meaning of the film Us. People in red slaves call themselves shadows and attacks on people are taking place all over the US. These are doppelgangers that attack people like themselves. As it turned out, this is the result of a strange government experiment. Thanks to this idea, they wanted to monitor the population of the country, but then abandoned their developments.

The location of the twins is underground tunnels that stretch for many kilometers. The shadows are mentally connected to their masters, the purpose of the experiment was to turn the citizens of the country into obedient mumbles. The shadows were supposed to be intermediaries for those who order and their counterparts, who should fulfill them.

At its core, this is a special conspiracy theory, while Zora has known about this topic for a long time, she already told her parents that the government is trying to manipulate people by adding chemicals to the water.

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The government’s experiment turned out to be a complete failure when duplicates were created, a mistake was made and they were not needed. The government failed to achieve results and completely change the plan. Shadows are forced to live like real people did. They were deprived of sunlight, normal food, so they turned into silent monsters.

The authors of the film did not fully delve into the life of twins, it is not specified how they were created, how it turned out to find the right partner, where the children came from. Us are shown only a part of life, which was important in the plot. In fact, all this is reminiscent of the events that took place in 1986 in America, when an action was held for the purpose of charity Hands across America, which was designed to help people without homes through the creation of a live chain.

A place among the people was valued at ten dollars. This action brought people together as they joined hands and created a long chain of hands. This scene is in the movie, and when the shadows did it, their task was not to kill, they wanted to find their place in this world.

Explanation of the ending of the film “Us”

This is not a horror film in the direct sense, this is a new horror-themed format. There is an association with horror classics here, but also a lot of incomprehensible topics, Peel does not show the dead, but represents unfortunate creatures that do not cause disgust. Their goal is not to kill others, but only to find their place."We": the meaning of the film and the explanation of the ending

You can also find classic horror movie tricks, there are mystical coincidences, masks, turning off the lights, but the soulless Rat managed to raise a rebellion, she wants to get out of the prison in which all the inhabitants of the dungeon found themselves. The ending of the film is that the audience empathizes with the heroine of Adelaide, she is tormented, trying to protect herself.

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The audience feels compassion for Adelaide until the last minutes, at the end of the film it becomes clear that her main goal is for no one to find out her secrets. It is also worth noting that in the foreground in the film there is a conversation about a black family, this moment is also very important, because it reveals certain racist themes.

There are many questions about the film that can only slightly reveal the author’s intention. The evil that began many years ago could not disappear without a trace, and these factors will influence life and the future for a very long period. This was the message of the author. The duplicates were created by US developers on behalf of the government, and then thrown out.

In the film, it all ended with an aggressive attack on the people who forced them to live this way. Rat wishes that her secret would not be revealed and no one would understand that she lives, pretending to be the real Adelaide.

I hope I helped you find the meaning of the movie “Us” and also understand its ending. If you have a different vision of the film, write your version in the comments.

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