Meaning of the movie “Water and Fire” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Water and Fire” and ending explained Films

The plot of the film “Water and Fire” is based on an unusual love story of two lovers. Young people began to meet as a result of an unusual meeting on an airliner that fell into a turbulence zone. Circumstances brought Yagmur and Hasmet together and now they have to go through more than one test.

Hasmet is a proud, but at the same time good-natured guy who is just trying to find his place in life. He decided to escape from an eastern European country, because he could not come to terms with the unspoken set of rules that prevailed in this state. Much of it is incomprehensible to him, and after that it is disgusting. Nevertheless, Hasmet is very kind and naive in his own way.
Yagmur is a carefree girl who is alien to life’s problems. She does not see the true reality and, one might say, lives in a real illusion. However, soon she will have to take off her rose-colored glasses.

The plane heading to London unexpectedly brought young people together. Hasmet wanted to find a prestigious and well-paid job. But he did not present a further plan of action.

In the moment of shaking in the air, Hasmet and Yaghmur clung to each other. Perhaps it was instinctive feelings of fear, but it is from this moment that the paths of young people are connected together. There are many obstacles on the way to their happiness, and in order to overcome them, lovers will have to make every effort. In addition, Hasmet is hiding from bandits who are ready to send him to the next world. The film has a really interesting storyline, excellent acting and excellent work of screenwriters, cameramen and editors.

The film “Water and Fire” became the debut work of the director and screenwriter at the same time – Ozcan Deniz. According to critics, this is one of his best works.
The picture is distinguished by high-quality editing, beautiful scenery and memorable musical accompaniment, which was written by the famous composer from Istanbul Yildiray Gürgen, who wrote the soundtrack for “Romantic Comedy” (2010) and “Free Man” (2011). It is also worth noting the excellent cast of the film. Ozcan Deniz and Handan Deniz.

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This is far from the only plus of the picture where you can add an intriguing plot, real elements of drama and a philosophical message that can lead to various thoughts.
Despite the fact that the plot of the picture is banal and predictable for the Turkish film industry, the audience and critics took the tape well. The film was released in Turkey, the tape has not yet been adapted for Russian cinemas. Filming took place in Istanbul and London with the support of Avsar Film.

The meaning of the film

Water and fire is not just a set of words. This phrase is the real meaning of the film. Water and fire are two opposite elements, which are equal in strength and destruction, but at the same time so fragile in front of each other. It would seem that these elements are incompatible and can only be in eternal struggle. However, as you know, there are exceptions to every rule.

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It seems that they are incompatible and one always conquers the other. Can they be together or just apart? Water and Fire is a Turkish film. Stylish, interesting… A film about a man and a woman, about love and hate, about happiness and suffering, about hope and disappointment, about strength and weakness, about life and death. About how difficult it is to establish and maintain balance in life, and how easy it is to lose it.

The tragedy of love is one of the main messages of the picture. Happiness will be tested and only real feelings can break the barrier. It would seem that the fire that Khasmet embodies was supposed to extinguish Yagmur, who appeared in the form of water. However, the water and the flame only grew stronger, as did the strength of their love.

Sometimes life is stronger than circumstances. The girl clung to the boy’s hand so tightly that she never wanted to let him go. This is how real love should be – hot and cold-blooded. When a person is ready to go, so that there is passion and peace in her. Sounds like a contradiction, but Ozcan Deniz was able to bring together two contradictory elements.
Another meaning of the film can be called a struggle against established traditions and prejudices. Hasmet grew up in a country where everything is decided not by the person himself, but by his close relatives. Your life has already been decided for you. Love is just a fantasy

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A conservative society dictates its own rules and is afraid of real change for the better. Hasmet’s family begins an ornate plot to separate the lovers and impose on him a bride from a family of enemies to end the feud once and for all. Here are just a young man fighting for his freedom, for the right to make a choice that he wants to make himself. Which no one will impose and you will not have to regret all your life.

In this regard, the countries of the Middle East are very serious about observing traditions, which is what Hasmet’s parents embody. This can be called one of the problems in modern times. On the one hand, Istanbul with its strict rules, and on the other hand, free foggy Albion, where freedom is not just a word, but the meaning of life for any person.

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