Meaning of the movie “Way Down” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Way Down” and ending explained Films

Great things start small. It was this idea that the director of the film “The Brilliant Robbery” (also called “The Way Down”) put into his creation. Even though solving the mystery of the vault is not an easy task, the picture itself is presented in a very simple, uncomplicated way and leaves behind a feeling of some kind of holiday.

The plot of the film revolves around a rescue team trying to break into a vault that is said to be the most secure in the world. Circumstances develop in such a way that their actions serve as a source of help for the Spanish team, which in 2010 takes part in the world championship.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are more opportunities for robbery. The World Cup final does not fit into the timing, and at the last moment Andres Iniesta scores a goal that saves the Spanish team, and with it the central heroes.

The film will be a great option for the whole family to watch. The ending is built in such a way that it does not leave any questions open and at the same time provides opportunities for the continuation of the storyline. Some episodes of “Brilliant robbery” deserve additional explanations. Consider the key moments of the plot and explain their meaning.

How Tom managed to crack the fuse

After the usurpation of the jewels by the rulers of Spain, Walter, who discovered these treasures, gathers a group of experts who could help deal with this difficult matter. Now Drake’s treasure is under the auspices of the Bank of Spain, and this place seems to be the most reliable in the whole world.

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At the very beginning of their mission, the heroes successfully hack into the bank’s surveillance cameras. They manage to get the keys to the place where the treasure is kept, as well as carefully examine the building to find “weak spots” there. Although the safe was built in antiquity, it seems that a stronger and safer hiding place cannot be found.

Thanks to scanning, experts understand that a camera is installed somewhere nearby underground. Tom believes that the area that has been blurred is a water reservoir. If the vault is broken, this reservoir opens.

At the next stage of the operation, the heroes find themselves in a cell under the vault. It is quite difficult for them to understand by what principle the mechanism can track potential violators. But, after a little thought, Tom finds a solution for this riddle. It turns out that the system is activated when the pressure of any weight is detected. And cheating the system is not so easy.

But a few days later, Tom figures out how to bypass the safety mechanism. Since the system is powered by liquid nitrogen, this substance should be frozen, and then the mechanism will fail. Walter and other members of the team have strong doubts that such a plan can be successful. But they decided to trust Tom, and his strategy worked the best way to ensure the success of the operation.

How did Tom and Lorraine escape from the vault?

Thanks to Tom’s clever plan, the team manages to take the treasure. But the frozen floor cannot remain in this state forever, and the head of the security department is already “stepping on the heels” of the heroes. Walter is desperate and wants to abort the operation by surrendering to security. The situation escalates even more when it turns out that James has been working against the rest of the participants all this time.

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In the meantime, the nitrogen begins to defrost and the water tank is emptied. James, having excellent swimming skills, successfully retreats. Tom and Lorraine try unsuccessfully to find a way out of the situation while the vault is filled with water almost to the brim. Tom decides that equalizing the weight is the best solution. But the mass of nitrogen cylinders is not enough to do this. Tom and Lorraine are on the verge of death, but they managed to equalize the weight thanks to Simon’s walkie-talkie.

Thus, the success of the mission was due to both great luck and ingenious decisions that came to Tom’s mind at the right time. Thanks to the analytical thinking of the hero and his ability not to stop in the face of difficulties, it was possible to successfully complete an operation that seemed simply impossible to everyone.

Where was the treasure

After taking the coins from the vault, James gives them to Margaret, his agency and part-time old friend of Walter’s. After looking at the coins, the archaeologist comes to the conclusion that the treasury is located somewhere near the Eiffel Tower.

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But people remember that Margaret always regretted that Walter, often visiting France, never visited this attraction. It turned out that Walter had foreseen James’s actions and made an impossibly plausible copy of the precious coins. By chance, he turns to the same expert who was later visited by James and Margaret.

In fact, the original treasure is located somewhere in the depths of the London Bank. It seems that the continuation of the plot is inevitable, because in two years the world is waiting for the Olympic Games, which will be held in London. Therefore, “Brilliant robbery” is only the beginning of the story.

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