Meaning of the movie “We Have a Ghost” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “We Have a Ghost” and ending explained Films

“We Have a Ghost” is, released in 2023, a feature film from Netflix that revisits the theme of people interacting with ghosts who linger in the world of the living to tell their story and get justice. The picture cannot be categorized as a horror film. This is more of an adventure detective with hints of fantasy and comedy, which is fun to watch with the whole family.

After the previous owners hastily abandoned their home for unexplained reasons, the new owners move into the house. Of course, they were a little embarrassed by the nervous behavior of the realtor, who couldn’t give a clear answer as to why the place was so cluttered and why the price was suddenly so low. Nevertheless, Frank and Melanie Presley, along with their two sons, begin to take apart the boxes and familiarize themselves with their place.

Things are not so smooth in the Presley family. The head of the family is constantly looking for new horizons that will finally make him successful and rich. His wife supports him, but it can be seen that she is already tired of constant moves and regular undertakings of her spouse. Elder son Fulton thinks of nothing but girls. And the younger Kevin prefers to be silent, sitting on the phone or alone playing the guitar in his room.

To hide from all the outside noise, Kevin starts spending time in the attic. But it turns out that he is not the only inhabitant there. And one day he nose-to-nose meets there the ghost of a man in a bowling shirt named Ernest. The ghost does everything to scare the kid – waving his hands, grimacing, shouting menacingly, but he nonchalantly films everything that is happening on his smartphone camera.

He gets valuable information from his roommate Joy about how everyone thinks the house is cursed. After surfing the net and learning more about paranormal phenomena, Kevin once again goes to the attic to talk to Ernest. This time the ghost is more friendly. He understands what he is being told, only he cannot say anything back. He also has absolutely no memory of who he is and does not understand how he ended up in this house.

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But then something happens that no one could have expected. The older brother finds a ghost video on Kevin’s phone and shows it to his father, who immediately decides to post the scoop on his channel. By shooting a few more clips and posting them, the family acquires fame, and Ernest becomes a real star with an army of fans.

And only Kevin and his girlfriend want to find out what happened to Ernest in the past. They get information that in fact Ernest was the name of the former owner of this house. And most importantly, that this man is still alive. When they meet him, they learn the sad story that the ghost is most likely his wife’s brother Randy. The old man assumes that the man committed suicide when his wife died, leaving their infant daughter to them to raise.

But it’s not just ordinary YouTube viewers who are interested in the ghost. For him began to conduct a real hunt employees of the special department of the CIA. They do everything possible to get this ghost for their experiments and experiments. And in the end they manage to catch Ernest and isolate him in their laboratory. It would seem that his fate is sealed. But she of the employee, who sincerely believes in ghosts and does not want to be mocked, lets him go free.

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The finale of the story turned out to be completely unpredictable. At night his former master, the man that Kevin went to see, sneaks into Presley’s house to find out something about Ernest’s ghost. And his aim is to kill the boy and his whole family, so that nobody would know about the real events that took place many years ago. Before he takes out the frightened people, the real Ernest tells them that he killed Randy. He and his wife could not have children, so they decided to take custody of their niece in this way, getting rid of her father in the most horrible way possible.

A fight ensues, and at the very last moment Randy’s ghost appears and throws his killer out the window. After the incident, he disappears, leaving Kevin and his family in a state of shock.

Randy seems to be gone forever, but he is not. He is standing near a body of water in a very scenic spot. When he turns around, he sees a nice-looking adult woman walking toward him. She comes closer and closer, and tears begin to glisten in her eyes. She strokes Randy’s cheek, and he realizes that she is his daughter. The brightest memories from her childhood flicker in his mind. Her joyful laughter sounds distinctly in his mind. Perhaps this is the moment he has been waiting for his entire existence as a ghost. His daughter realizes how much he loved her, and that he would never have left her if not for the villain who took his life. And now he can finally leave the earth in peace. Randy’s ghost slowly dissolves.

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And the Presley family decides not to linger in this creepy house. They move out, putting it up for sale. Kevin wanders around the attic, remembering the first time he saw a ghost. And when he closes the door, a light flashes. What does it mean? Is it Randy back? Or is there some new ghostly inhabitant.

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