Meaning of the movie “What Lies Below” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “What Lies Below” and ending explained Films

The film “What Lies Below” tells the amazing story of a single mother who goes to a provincial town to see her boyfriend, who is crazy about her. The woman takes her daughter on a trip to announce to her there that John will soon become a full member of their family. Libby reacts ambiguously to the news and investigates her new stepfather, noticing many strange things about him. The girl will try to get to the bottom of the truth until her mother, intoxicated with love, sees that something is wrong with her partner.

What is the movie “What Lies Below” about?

The plot of the film “What Lies Below” tells about a young teenage girl, as well as her mother, who divorced her husband a long time ago and began to raise sixteen-year-old Libby on her own. The family decides to go to a country house to take a break from the usual bustle and enjoy solitude with nature. Here, the mother of the heroine says that she has been dating a charming man for a long time, whom she is going to marry. The girl was not sincerely happy for her mother, because she felt a certain danger and threat in the man.

Chuika Libby did not disappoint, because the unknown guy turns out to be not just a bad person, but a real monster. Inside the man lurks an inhuman essence, from which it reeks of danger. The woman does not see this, because she is madly in love with her boyfriend, with whom she is already starting to make plans for a joint future. At the same time, the man continues to win over not only his partner, but also Libby herself, who gradually begins to fall in love with him and a pumped-up beautiful body. There are many secrets and omissions in the family.

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Libby tries to figure out who her new stepfather is. Asking him about life, the girl learns that the man worked for a year in the countryside near the lake. He is closely associated with marine genetics and is passionate about the study of water and the micro-organisms that reside within. The guy has his own small laboratory, where he allegedly tries to discover new microscopic species to help science develop.

The longer Libby follows her stepfather, the more she learns that he is an unusual person, and maybe not a person at all. When there is a strong conviction that the mother’s new partner is really dangerous, the girl tries to warn her from an unfortunate outcome. Attempts will not be successful, but rather undermine the trust between family members, in which an unfavorable atmosphere now reigns.

When John realizes that he is now visible, at a glance, he is no longer shy, and demonstrates all his terrible manifestations, intimidating poor women who are faced with the paranormal for the first time. Getting out of the ill-fated house in simple ways will not work. The girls will have to create an escape plan and try their luck to stay alive. The boyfriend, meanwhile, just doesn’t want to let go of the ladies he has already tamed, so he continues to give them strong opposition.

The meaning of the film “What Lies Below”

The main idea of ​​the film “What Lies Below” is that sometimes, when a person has a sixth sense, he must trust him. You should not suppress your intuition, because human feelings are signals that you need to pay attention to in order to avoid an unfavorable outcome.

When Libby seemed like a strange new boyfriend of her mother, it was no accident, because in the end it turned out that the guy was endowed with inhuman properties. At this time, the mother, uncontrollably in love, whose mind was clouded by fantasies about the upcoming wedding and a future happy life, could not even notice the strange behavior of her partner, who left her at night, molested her daughter and committed other obscene acts. At the same time, the woman caught inspiration from a new partner and wrote romance novels for the same single women as she had before. Michelle had absolutely her own universe and the truth that she saw. There was no evil in her, unlike the reality that her daughter observed.

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Every time Liberty tried to warn her mother of danger, she didn’t take her seriously. Michelle thought Libby was lying and jealous. Perhaps, if a woman had paid attention in time to a girl who feels this world subtly, and took her words seriously, then many troubles would simply not have happened to them.

In the film, the real essence of evil is well revealed, as well as its plans, which sometimes do not fit in the human imagination. John is the personification of the dark side, which can only cause pain and suffering, while Liberty is trying to save not only himself, but also his own mother. Inside a teenage girl, such characteristic qualities as courage, courage and the desire to fight to the last, even if the situation is hopeless, are concentrated.

Explanation of the ending of the film “What Lies Below”

The film ends with John finally revealing his identity and putting the girls’ lives in danger. Liberty deftly lures the man into the basement, where he tries to lock him up in order to save his mother. In parallel, Libby finds the phone and calls the rescue service, because her strength begins to leave her, and the teenage girl is not sure that the two of them can slip away from this terrible person.

While the heroine is trying to call 911, John fantastically gets inside the room and sneaks up on the girl, who escapes by throwing salt at the guy. Liberty runs to free Mom from the device, and together they try to leave the house.

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Libby gets inside the white room, which John locks and detains the girl. He forces the girl to swallow an energy ball, after which she closes her eyes and falls asleep. Waking up, Liberty finds herself in a tank of water, and women swim around her, who also suffered at the hands of the monster John.

The man is a representative of a predatory species, which needs to constantly interact with water in order to survive. John’s home planet is almost entirely water. Therefore, the guy keeps all the captured women in a water tank so that they get used to such conditions, and then John will transfer them to his planet with the help of a spaceship. The blue energy ball that Liberty swallowed is an auxiliary element that helps to breathe underwater and exist in new conditions.

Most likely, the girl will be able to exist in this state only for a while, and then she will die, never having adapted to the new conditions. Unfavorable conditions will cause the inevitable destruction of the body, and the lack of freedom in the water tank will make the girl, codenamed Liberty, suffer from the inability to live independently and happily. The further fate of Libby’s mother is unknown, but now, as in the beginning, the girl will exist in different worlds.

What is hidden in the water? And she hides alien creatures in herself, who at the moment can come and enslave humanity, capturing this planet. John is just one of the millions of his kind who randomly ended up on planet Earth. Only one alien monster was able to imprison many girls, thanks to its attractive appearance.

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