Meaning of the movie “White lotus” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “White lotus” and ending explained Films

Early on, the second season of The White Lotus promised viewers at least three deaths at the end of the season. And after the final episode 7, we now know exactly who dies in the season 2 finale.

We know that Daphne (Megann Fahey) survived as she is a guest who discovers a mysterious corpse as she takes her last dip in the sea. We also know that the manager of the hotel, Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore), also remains alive. So who dies in White Lotus season 2? Will creator Mike White kill his muse Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) or will locals like Lucia (Simone Tabasco) and Mia (Beatrice Granno) suffer once again at the whims of guests?

Here’s everything you need to know about the end of White Lotus Season 2… starting with who died.

Who dies in the second season of “White Lotus”

Tanya does indeed die, but not without a violent struggle. Over the course of the episode, both Tanya and Portia piece together separate pieces of evidence that Greg was indeed plotting with Quentin to stage her murder. Jack (Leo Woodall) has been hired by Quentin to keep Portia away from Tanya so mobster Niccolò (Stefano Gianino) can kill her at sea on his way back to the hotel. Even though Jack steals Portia’s phone, she is able to take it and call Tanya, who is on the yacht with Quentin and the others. Together, the two women piece together the plot. However, both ladies remain in the clutches of Team Greg and Quentin.

As the yacht approaches Taormina, Quentin explains that Niccolò is coming on board to take her to shore alone. Tanya loses her phone while trying to call the mainland, and she has a darkly comic scene with a yacht driver in which she figuratively says, “These gays are trying to kill me.” (Lucille Bluth would be so proud.) When that doesn’t work, Tanya tries to delay her eventual journey with death. She sees that Niccolo has a black bag that he brought with him. She grabs him on her way to the “ladies’ room” and locks the door. The bag contains rope, duct tape and a gun, which confirms the plot.

Quentin and Niccolò realize that Tanya has guessed and knock on the door. When they break through, Tanya, trying to save herself, starts shooting and shooting, all the while with tears in her eyes and in a panic. She kills Niccolò and Didier (Bruno Gueri) and hits Quentin in the back. Hugo (Paolo Camilli) escapes by diving into the water and swimming towards the shore. Tanya tries to get Quentin to reveal if Greg is cheating on her, but he doesn’t say anything.

Tanya then realizes that she is stuck on the yacht. She sees a rag and asks if she can jump. After several clumsy attempts, she says, “You did it.” She, in fact, does not exist. She hits her head when she dives into the water. After Puccini’s operatic underwater death scene, we learn that she was a corpse discovered by Daphne. Other dead “guests”? These are the bodies of those killed on the yacht. Everyone else survives.

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Was Quentin plotting to kill Tanya?

Yes, although the specific details of his plan have never been fully revealed. We know that Quentin is broke and in need of money, even though he told his nephew Jack that he expects the money to come in any day. Apparently, he has a long history with Tanya’s husband Greg, whose marriage contract means that he will not receive any money if the couple divorces, but will inherit everything in the event of her death.

With the help of Portia, who has her own problems and is trying to figure out the reasons for Jack’s highly suspicious behavior after he stole her phone and refused to return her to the group, Tanya discovers that Greg and Quentin are plotting to stage her murder. Greg, as it turned out, left Italy. Jack is tasked with keeping Portia away from her boss, and a mobster attached to handsome Niccolò is tasked with killing Tanya on the way back to Taormina. But before he can do so, Tanya steals Niccolò’s black bag and barricades herself in the bedroom. In it, she finds a rope, duct tape and a gun, which confirms the murder plan and arms Tanya.

After shooting him in the back, Tanya tries to get Quentin to tell if Greg is cheating on her – a dubious choice of interrogation method, given literally everything else her husband turned out to be up to, and the extent of whose involvement we still don’t know – but he doesn’t do anything. speaks before death.

Did Harper and Cameron have sex?

No. At least not according to Harper. She tells her husband Ethan that yes, Cameron molested her, and yes, she accepted his offer to go upstairs together. But she insists that it was only a kiss between them, and while Ethan doesn’t seem to fully believe her, she sticks to her story despite there being some gaps in the unrecorded time that she never fully explains. .

How about Daphne and Ethan? Did they meet?

What exactly happened between Ethan and Cameron’s wife Daphne in the season 2 finale is also up to viewers to decide. After a scuffle with his longtime best friend, Ethan tells Daphne about his suspicions that something is going on between their spouses. Despite the brief look of desolation, Daphne is surprisingly calm about the whole situation.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about,” she tells Ethan, reminding him that you can never truly know anyone, even yourself sometimes, and that you just have to find a way to not feel like a victim in your life. own life. To change the subject, she gestures to a beautiful nearby creek called Isola Bella and says she wanted to make sure she saw it before they left. She invites Ethan to come with her.While walking along the beach, they don’t say anything, but the long intense eye contact and dramatic music that accompanies their walk definitely indicate that something important is about to happen. And what happens next looks like it will play a key role in getting Ethan back into his sexual relationship with his wife. Maybe Daphne is right – some secrets are a little sexy.

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Portia runs away from Jack

Although the White Lotus ending confirms that Jack is a key player in Quentin’s plot to kill Tanya, we never know the extent of his assignment with Portia. Yes, he clearly had to keep her busy and out of her way – he steals her phone, blatantly lies about it, and repeatedly delays their return to Taormina – but he seemed to genuinely like her, which makes his decision to let her go all the more hazy. Should he have killed her on the way to the resort? Or maybe Niccolò would have marked her dead upon arrival there? We will never know.

Instead, although Jack refuses to confirm Portia’s suspicions, he at least frees her, drops her off at the airport in Catania, and advises her not to look for her (now dead) boss, but to just fly out of Sicily as soon as possible. He warns her not to get involved with these powerful people and throws her missing phone out the window as he leaves. Exactly how Portia is supposed to leave Italy, with her passport and all luggage supposedly either in the White Lotus or Quentin’s villa, is not known.

Lucia and Mia embrace a new and brighter future

However, the most iconic duet of the second season of The White Lotus is by far the Sicilian sex workers Lucia and Mia. After a first season in which locals and service workers repeatedly suffered at the hands of the super-wealthy guests of the White Lotus, it’s great to see the non-elite have some significant victories this time around. After all, Lucia’s plans to deceive DiGrasso were not well hidden, and Mia has been open about her true desire to become a musician since the start of the season. And by the end of the finale, both women had almost everything they could want, and their lives were on new and better trajectories.

Not only does Lucia finally get the money from Cameron, she also tricks Alby into giving her 50,000 euros. The money is ostensibly to help her get away from a cruel and dangerous pimp who followed her and the DiGrasso family through the countryside in the season’s penultimate episode, but in reality, this shady figure never existed and there was never any real threat to Lucia’s life or safety. . It turned out that the alleged pimp was actually just a friend.

Albie, surprisingly, seems to take it easy at being lied to and abandoned, perhaps because it’s not clear how likely he thought Lucia’s plan was to visit him in Los Angeles. The real lesson here is that his family is rich enough that losing $50 is nothing more than an embarrassing vacation memory, so everyone wins!

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As for Mia, she officially gets a job as a pianist at the White Lotus thanks to her new connection with the hotel manager, Valentina. While it’s not explicitly stated that her job prospects improved thanks to their correspondence, it’s hard not to assume that their newfound friendship played a beneficial role. But Mia at least seems to genuinely love Valentina and promises that she and Lucia will take her to clubs and help her meet women.

Portia and Albie meet again at the airport

Like the first season, the second part of The White Lotus ends with everyone returning to the airport, ready to head home. Both the Sullivans and the Spillars look pleased at their gates despite the possible switch of partners, and all three of the DiGrasso men prove the sheer strength of their collective gene pool by openly staring at the hot girl together.

While waiting to board his flights, Alby runs into Portia again. They reconnect over their failed vacation romances – he confesses that Lucia cheated on him, and Portia says that Jack was crazy and confirms that her trip to Palermo with him was not entirely successful. Alby also reveals that several corpses have been found at the resort, though he admits he doesn’t know which one is which. Portia’s expression at least suggests that she knows she is no longer waiting for Tanya. But despite various setbacks in their personal lives, the two exchange numbers, implying that even a dead boss and a lost €50,000 can’t stop young love.

Explanation of the ending of the second season of “White Lotus”

Now let’s talk about what’s going on with the other characters in Season 2. At the end of the second season of The White Lotus, Jack gives Portia a lift at the Catania airport and warns her not to return to the hotel and ask questions. We then see her put on a gruesome disguise at Sicily’s main airport, where she is reunited with Albi, who reveals that Lucia was indeed extorting money from him. Portia asks Albie for his number, and at least one happy scene occurs.

Elsewhere, Miya continues to work at the White Lotus. Valentina has become more confident in herself and her sexuality. Dominic (Michael Imperioli) can be reunited with his wife. And after beating up Cameron and spending the day with Daphne, Ethan finally makes love to Harper. While making love, they break the statue of the Moor.

So, Tanya McQuoid-Hunt, played by Jennifer Coolidge, is the main character who dies in the 2nd season of The White Lotus. Alas, this means that she will not appear in the third season of the white lotus.

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