Meaning of the movie “Wind River” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Wind River” and ending explained Films

The movie Wind River is set in the land of the Indians. The main character is a gamekeeper Corey. He finds Natalie’s body in the woods while making his rounds of the territory, with the Indian woman passing away from hypothermia. It is also seen that she was running away from someone and was wearing too light clothing for the season. The whole situation raises a lot of questions. However, the FBI decides to send in a new agent, Jane Bennet. After an autopsy, it is reported that the girl was raped, but the pathologist does not want the death to be ruled a homicide because the cause of death is actually called a ruptured lung.

What is the movie “Wind River” about.

No other investigators are assigned to the case, so Jane decides to solve the crime on her own, with the help of gamekeeper Cody. He has excellent information about the reservation lands, and they are aided by the territory’s chief of police.

In the process, it becomes clear why Lambert decides to help Jane with the investigation. He has a daughter who is the same age as the murdered Natalie. The gamekeeper’s daughter was found dead after a party, but no one has been able to solve the crime, so he sees a connection between the 2 crimes and tries to get involved in the investigation. Natalie’s brother was guarding a drilling station near the reservation. The girl is found naked, so a lot of questions arise.

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Flashbacks flicker throughout the film, including an account of the night Natalie died. The girl relates that she went to her boyfriend’s house the night she was killed. His co-workers broke in and raped her, and the boyfriend himself was beaten to death. While searching for the keys, Jane arrives at the oil rig and a fierce firefight ensues, but only Jane survives. It is Corey who saves her because he shoots two men with a rifle. Cory also manages to catch up with the man who killed Natalie, and he forces him to confess to the crime. After that just let him go the man dies himself, long and agonizingly from hypothermia.

Many have noted that the film’s plot actually develops quite slowly, especially up to the point of the shootout. During this process, you can enjoy the special nature, the dialogues of the main characters, also find out what semantic nuances this film carries.

The main themes of the film “Wind River”

At the beginning of the movie we are told how the wolves try to attack a flock of sheep. Only one survives; the rest rush into the woods. The predators look like Corey and Jane, with the police chief being killed precisely in the shootout in the film’s finale. Thus, the film makes us a reference to the fact that the most dangerous animal in the world is man. He is capable of harming nature, he commits crimes, he is capable of all sordid things that animals do not even think about.

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Also, the main idea of the movie is what crazy things people are willing to do. When Corey tries to find out who is attacking a herd of animals, he finds a cougar and two cubs in a cave. Naturally, everyone thinks of this cougar as a predator, but in fact he also finds a trail left by a snowmobile.

The problem of parent-child relationships is also interesting, because as the film progresses, it becomes clear that the parents do not know her boyfriend, nor do they know where they go. Although Jane denies the fact that the girl was old enough not to have to keep track of her life. She asks her father’s permission to communicate with the murdered girl’s mother. When she enters the room, however, she sees the girl’s mother trying to cut her own wrists.

Also in the middle of the picture, Corey tells Jane about how his daughter died. He decided to go to a hotel for a while, and his daughter’s classmates came to visit. The parents did not know that a party had started while they were away. The father said that they tried to keep an eye on the girl, always keeping her out of danger, warning her. However, as soon as they let their guard down, a terrible thing happened. The man kept blaming himself for the girl’s death, because he was the one who should have taken care of his daughter and not allowed any activities, not allowed to invite classmates.

Also one of the themes of the film is the Indians, who are still outcasts in the United States, although they are the indigenous population of these lands. Many note that this place is essentially depressing, there are snow-capped mountains, but no infrastructure is developed. Teenagers are bored to live here. Natalie, on the other hand, when communicating with her lover, always dreamed of leaving the reservation for sunny Spain. And only old people who have resigned themselves to such a fate, they engage in philosophical speeches in their lodges. In fact, there is no development here, both young people and old people suffer, so many are eager to leave this terrible place.

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“Wind River” ending explained

Against such scenery there is a murder that seems even more justified and depressing, here the teenagers have nothing to do, they are drug addicts who do not aspire to anything. The sheriff thinks it’s better to live in jail than to live on the reservation. As for the ending, Martin, the father of the girl Natalie, was also going to kill himself, but he just got a call from his son, Natalie’s brother, and asked him to pick him up from the police station. However, Martin is very tense, he understands that he cannot escape the pain, but it is important to him, to keep his daughter in his memory, and only his son’s call helped him return to reality.

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