The Good Shepherd: ending explained

The Good Shepherd: ending explained Films

The film “The Good Shepherd” invites the viewer to plunge into the atmosphere of espionage and catch the moment of the creation of the US Central Intelligence Agency. In the face of the protagonist Edward Wilson, the viewer will feel like a scout performing dangerous tasks that could cost him his life. The film reveals all the nuances of the secret activities of intelligence officers, and also destroys the myths around this profession. “The Good Shepherd” is a large-scale historical canvas that tells about an important moment in the history of the United States. The picture realistically shows the harsh days of special services employees, who have their own crippled fate, betrayal, distrust of people, and all this is sacrificed for the sake of state interests.

What is the movie “The Good Shepherd” about?

The events of the film take place in the period of 1939 in the United States. The story tells about a guy who is studying at Yale University, while also working in a secret society called “Skull and Bones”. This association has united all the potential American elite, which has great plans for the future. Edward Wilson came here at the initial stage and like any newcomer, now he must tell the members of a secret society about his secret, which no one knows about. Initially, Edward takes an oath of allegiance and vows not to betray his fellows, not to spread classified information.

Then the hero tells a secret about the tragic death of his father, who was previously the secretary of the US Navy. To this day, everyone is sure that the man died in an accident, but in fact, the minister committed suicide. As the ceremony ends, Wilson is approached by a member of the community who decides to share his opinion on the deceased former admiral. In fact, many doubted his loyalty to the government, so many did not trust him.

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Edward continues to position himself only from the best side, being a real idealist for others. He is always laconic, while quite pedantic. The guy belongs to the upper class of society, like his late father. Because of the admiral’s past, the hero constantly wants to prove to himself that, unlike his father, he is faithful to the ideals of his native country, and also tries to adhere to the principles of his social circle.

Members of the secret society decide to introduce an associate of Edward to General Sullivan. Without thinking for a long time, the man takes the young guy to work, namely in the London department of the US Office of Strategic Services. At this moment, the man wins back his wedding and leaves for London a week later, leaving his wife alone. However, Edward was not interested in family relationships, because the work attracted him much more. The guy does not stay in England and goes to post-war Berlin, where he takes part in the confrontation with the USSR and its former allies. All intelligence agencies are interested in finding scientists of different nationalities who carried out terrible experiments, following the orders of the Nazis.

Suddenly, Edward runs into the Soviet intelligence officer Ullis, with whom he decides to make an important agreement. The USSR gets all the German and Slavic scientists, and the USA takes the Jewish scientists. The Soviet agents decide to deviate somewhat from the conditions and follow the agent with the help of a girl who must pretend to be a deaf translator and ingratiate herself with the American agent. Upon returning home after completing a difficult mission, Edward meets with General Sullivan again, who offers to help found the CIA. For Edward, this is now a new field, which he decides to activate by participating in a military operation in the country of Central America. Here he meets with the once-Soviet “buddies” who continue to act in their own interests.

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In the process of completing a secret mission, Edward feels opposition in the face of Ulysses. One day he decides to thwart the plans of the Russians, but at the same moment he receives an answer in the form of a can of coffee with the severed finger of one of the CIA members. Years go by and all the time the confrontation between the KGB and the CIA continues. Spy games continue to develop actively, until suddenly the CIA fails the operation in the Bay of Pigs. Important information was declassified by the youngest son of Edward, who told about the plans of the CIA to his beloved girl, who later turned out to be an agent from Soviet intelligence. On the same day, they were supposed to have a wedding, but the wards of the elder Wilson quickly get rid of the woman. Now he must negotiate with Ulysses so that he wins the mission and Edward can save his son’s reputation.

The meaning of the film “The Good Shepherd”

The film shows the viewer all the ins and outs, which relates to espionage activities. When watching the movie, it immediately becomes clear that the work of the CIA is not an easy task, and it is full of real risks that may concern not only the intelligence participants themselves, but their loved ones and their native country. Scouts are always on the front line, they must keep their minds cool and be extremely concentrated, because danger can come even from where no one expects it. Edward Wilson never devalued his opponent, but rather tried to find his strengths and weaknesses in order to understand where they can succeed and where, on the contrary, fail.

Becoming the defenders of their homeland, secret agents are forced to constantly protect the interests of the state, even if it requires committing some immoral act. The scouts have only a goal that must be completed by all means. The film “The Good Shepherd” shows the same spy who acts not only with the help of weapons and special techniques from martial arts, but with his own head.

Explanation of the ending of the film “The Good Shepherd”

The ending of the film shows the viewer that, as a result, the hero comes to the conclusion that the family is the most important thing for him. When his youngest son, due to his own inaccuracy, accidentally gives the girl important secret CIA data, he becomes a traitor to his homeland. To prevent other comrades from finding out about this, Edward Wilson himself, who did not want to be like his father and wanted to protect the interests of his country, decides to help his son. For this, he pays a serious price, namely the failure of an important mission.

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Edward opens his late father’s suicide letter, which was previously hidden from his eyes. The former admiral admits his own weakness, that the suspicions against him were not accidental and they are all fair. In any case, he punishes Edward to be, first of all, a good husband and father. There is no need to be afraid to do what you love, it is important to show less weakness and stand your ground. In this, the son of the admiral certainly succeeded. At the end, he takes the keys to his new office and is sent to a higher position in management. In the eyes of everyone around him, Wilson became a real personification of the spirit of the CIA. That is why he was offered to become the new chief of the counterintelligence unit.

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