“Martin Eden”: meaning and analysis of the book by Jack London

“Martin Eden”: meaning and analysis of the book by Jack London Literature

The book tells about Auckland, the events of the time of the 1920s of the 20th century. A man named Martin Eden is trying to overcome the existing proletarian origin, intensively, passionately, enthusiastically engaged in his own self-education, wants to understand the basics and depths of different directions, hopes for a worthy position in society and among the literary American elite. Men’s actions show the true state of affairs in society.

The Meaning of Martin Eden

There is a desire for love for Ruth Morse, who is a wonderful representative of a bourgeois family. Eden for her is an ordinary and rude man, a poorly educated sailor, he has no right to claim the hand and heart of Ruth, who is always and in everything beautiful, ideal, like a mysterious embodiment of reality.

Marriage cannot take place between, and relationships are built on something unknown. Martin is obliged to achieve the desired social position, to receive the appropriate welfare and level of development. For two years, Martin has been persuading the bride, trying to explain to her that success will definitely come, you just need to be patient.

Ruth Morse is Martin’s lover, not a bourgeois, but a real bachelor of arts, she is called an imaginary representative of the reflective group of the intelligentsia. She digs into herself, looks for problems and wants to understand the relationship with her fiancé. She likes physical youthful strength, appearance. She inadequately assesses the situation, the feeling that has arisen. Mistaking Passion for Love If she had true love for Martin, Ruth would have hoped for success, for a positive outcome.

Writing makes a profession a hero, striving for perfection. The author says that from love to hate is one step that the heroine takes without a doubt. The unpleasant thought of the lack of normal work causes the corresponding behavior. She dreamed that he would become a famous lawyer. Ruth is not a negative character, she is a kind, bright, sincere girl, unlike others. The girl is correcting Martin’s speech errors. When a man falls ill, he comes to visit him, taking care of his health. Lizzy Connolly – a girl from the environment of the workers, loves Martin Eden, the hero could be happy with her! Mental illness prevented the relationship from developing.

Analysis of the work “Martin Eden”

In a print magazine called Pacific Monthly in 1908, a corresponding publication of the novel by the author Jack London appeared, called “Martin Eden”. The plot of the work describes in detail the creative path of a young writer who worked hard and achieved success, experiencing immense creative energy. He achieves success in skill, he is dominated by the qualities of an intellectual, helping to achieve human recognition. A characteristic feature of the novel is the reflection of the vices of high society, the demonstration in the circle of imaginary “intelligentsia” of outstanding minds, real talents.

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The analysis of the events of that time is simple. A certain sailor is a representative of the working class. Throughout the novel, the listener observes the evolutionary period of the character’s development, his inner growth. From a simple worker, Martin turns into a famous writer, paying a double price for the process, which is justified by getting a good position in society, participating in various events. The high price is right. The events are worth it. The man overcame a difficult path, thorny, strewn not only with joyful minutes of meetings and communication with pleasant people. The presence of deprivation, suffering is provided for the realization of knowledge in all its forms. Many truths are revealed to the hero. There comes a full awareness of situations and methods of communication among people. The character loves his beloved girl, cherishes feelings with all his heart, they lead to a positive outcome.

The truth says that one must believe in goodness, which returns a hundredfold to a person. One must completely surrender to events and creativity, submit to parental authority, become serious, convince oneself that Eden will not reach successful heights, owning the skill of a writer. The bold and mysterious hero is imbued with the full essence, becomes the main and natural. All doors are open for learning, the presence of strength, energy allows you to create. The author calls Eden a purposeful, self-confident person. The manifestation of endurance, the ability to work hard, developing skills, and rest only 6 hours a day, in order to translate cherished desires into life, to correctly allocate time, are taken into account.

The hero always helps people in need, works hard, making hard work a point of happiness. Own judgment is expressed without fear, behavior is controlled by the authors. Protecting loved ones is at the heart of communication. The manifestation of love for Ruth is a self-expression of the personality, a new and powerful phenomenon. Changes in the hero come immediately. The appearance becomes different, the heartbeat quickens at a meeting with him.

The history of the creation of the book “Martin Eden”

More than 110 years have passed since the publication of the novel “Martin Eden” by the author. There was an acquaintance with a million-strong army of fans who repeatedly used the opportunity to read the facts. People appreciated the author’s talent and the power of ideas. American classical literature is popular with people. Jack London wrote not an autobiography, not a parable, but about a terrible end for an unbeliever in a society of blind people. There is a great exposure of the individualistic principle, the wild beast must boldly fight for a place under the warm sun of glory. Jack London dreamed of crushing individualism with a book.
The suicide of Martin Eden was due to the emergence of a new status, due to the lack of human understanding, the lack of acceptance of the young writer. The emergence of literary works did not lead to massive and interesting publications that become unique masterpieces. The works were simply stacked on a shelf, stored as a rarity.

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The meaning of the title of the book “Martin Eden”"Martin Eden": the meaning, analysis and problems of Jack London's novel

The meaning of the name is to convey information about the main character of the work, who lives and teaches the necessary principles in the unshakable world of creativity. Professor Caldwell teaches English Philology, influences Martin Eden. Russ Brissenden is Martin’s best friend. Gertrude, Bernard Higginbotham, Marian, Herman Schmidt – Martin’s sisters, their husbands. Martin rented a house from the kind Maria Silva, a woman, and always felt her care and protection. Eden’s acquaintance is Joe. The will to win helped to live, Martin attached notes of new words to the mirror, memorizing the text, dreaming of becoming an excellent and successful author, remembering and learning everything possible. The appearance of false stereotypes leads to denial. There is a socialist morality that provides for freedom of thought, equality, and fraternity for all citizens.

Problems of the work “Martin Eden”

The necessary popular support is not always available, ordinary hard workers love Martin, comrades are happy to return, there are various skirmishes. There are people with whom Eden grew up together. He showed calmness, balance, a powerful desire for something new in the world, knowledge of the ideas of perfection, motives for creativity. Representatives of the intelligentsia did not know what an interesting young man was passionate about, about his efforts in life. The hero was in no hurry to tell about anything, carefully kept information about the phenomena and what he saw.

Bright, saturated with quotes, the work bears viable images, shows working people, representatives of the intelligentsia. The characters evoke a response in the soul, the text is read in one breath. There is a spiritual evolution, the transformation of the hero from a sailor into a highly intelligent, eloquent, well-read person. The thorny path has been overcome. On the way to literary glory, Martin Eden relies on his own strength and unshakable creativity. His work is important to him, he is full of energy, faith, has goals, studies literary publications, visits the public library. The emergence of a philosophical and political interest led Martin to heated debates with representatives of the bourgeois stratum, with the working class. Mutual understanding is one of the main themes in history. Warm emotions are received by the reader.

What does Martin Eden teach?

Internal and external changes are revealed, Martin Eden’s bright positive features are noticeable. The sailor is kind, open, ready to help those around him, neat, refined, has good manners, has long abandoned bad habits. The polished speech of the character is liked by the listeners, is a reasonable and logical statement. An image is formed that causes real human admiration and respect. There is another, reverse side of the coin, when Martin Eden, according to Jack London, shows the qualities of an individualist, the highest morality, considering the interests of each individual. The manifestation of aspiration is encouraged at the highest level.

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End of book “Martin Eden”

Eden’s creative work was known to representatives of the publishing direction, cooperating with well-known magazines and newspapers. Ruth, Brissenden, also heard a lot about it. The Martina sisters and their husbands are dedicated to the process of studying and researching data in the process of creating works. Gertrude is sympathetic to the projects of her beloved brother. The people were valuable for Martin, but in a moderate form, and not in the maximum version, this position teaches love and purposefulness.

Eden was disappointed in society, the foundations as a whole, the device for him was an incorrect network and a chain of events that continued along with the manifestation of injustice, flattery, hypocrisy, deprivation, feigned importance. The masks of educated intellectuals were noticeable, there was a habit, an inability to tell the truth about simple things. The participation of hypocrites is always welcome. A philosophical assessment of the work, phenomena is given, but Martin’s fate is tragic, unchanged. A life filled with stereotypes has led to a terrible end. When expressing the qualities of a person, individuality, a special interest arises. Friendship with Russ Brissenden becomes a support in all situations, love for Ruth is also important. Discord with his beloved, the death of Brissenden’s friend, who committed suicide, undermine Martin’s strength, leading to the death of the hero.

Through hard work, a person can reach heights. The manifestation of ardent notes of individualism leads to the denial of the people, the lack of support from like-minded people, close people, various unpleasant twists of fate, the tragic end of creative processes. The hero did not think about public goods, which led to death. Ignoring the difficulties of the surrounding world by an individualist led to terrible and negative consequences. There was a concentration on personal growth, and advanced thinkers, artists, public figures use other methods of personal development. We need a new religion, inflaming the minds and hearts of people, exclusion of indifference, manifestation of consciousness, strength. Willless victims are automatically destroyed by society.

I hope I have helped you to find the meaning of the book “Martin Eden”, as well as understand its ending. If you have a different vision of the book – write your own version in the comments.

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