Explaining the meaning behind song «Siren Song» — MARUV

Explaining the meaning behind song «Siren Song» — MARUV songs

Crazy female energy, mysterious and alluring image of the heroine of the clip and incendiary melody — this is how you can describe the song of the singer MARUV — Siren Song. This song cannot leave anyone indifferent. But do we know what lies behind the Siren Song?

The story behind the MARUV — Siren Song

Maruv decided to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, speaking for Ukraine. Due to the fact that the other applicant (TAYANNA) refused, Anna still succeeded. Ruslan Kvint, the producer of the selection, persuaded the singer to take part. Maruv reached the final and won the national selection. The girl received 5 points from the judges, 6 from the audience. She performed the song “Siren Song (Bang!)”. The number is quite frank, and the text is simple and clear. The bid to win the contest was high. But the performances in the Russian Federation caused a negative reaction of politicians and residents of Ukraine to the victory of Maruf.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine made a statement that artists who perform on the territory of the Russian Federation, and thereby support Putin, cannot represent their state at Eurovision. Political scientists gave different forecasts, as this is the first time in the history of the contest.

Zurab Alasania (head of Public Television) said that it is up to him to make the final decision on which of the performers will represent the country at the competition. Almost every participant of the selection who reached the final was connected with Russia at least once in his life.

In the end, Maruv was given a condition: either she refuses all concerts in Russia, or does not participate in Eurovision 2019. On February 24, the singer made a statement in which she expressed her willingness to cancel the tour.

On her Facebook page, she made a post that these 24 hours of her life turned out to be the most difficult and emotional. The victory was fair, and the support of the audience and the jury was maximum. The singer said that she is a Ukrainian who loves her country. She received at least three offers of performances from different countries, but she refused and will only speak for Ukraine.

Anna also stated that she would refuse all performances on the territory of the Russian Federation. The singer assured that she had not visited Crimea since 2014, and also had never violated the law of her country. She also listed the terms of the contract that must be signed to participate in Eurovision:

  1. She is prohibited from absolutely any improvisation on stage, unless it is agreed with Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine. Violation of this clause can lead to a huge fine, which will amount to UAH 2 million.
  2. Urgent transfer of all copyrights to the performed song that belong to Warner Music. The rights to the song “Siren Song”, with which the singer Maruv was supposed to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest, belong to the Russian company Warner Music Russia. The relevant data is provided on the Apple Music website.
  3. Strict compliance with all instructions and requirements of the National Broadcasting Company of Ukraine. Theoretically, the singer can be forced to dance on the anniversary of a certain deputy prime minister, and if she refuses, she will be obliged to pay a fine of 2 million UAH, as well as disqualified.
  4. A complete ban on communicating with the press without the permission of the National Broadcasting Company of Ukraine. And this, by the way, violates human rights and freedom.
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If one of the clauses of the contract is not fulfilled, a fine of UAH 2 million is imposed on the singer, as well as compensation for losses, the amount of which is not determined.

In return, the performer receives absolutely nothing from the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine: neither financial assistance, nor assistance in the organization, nor anything else. Even getting a visa is a singer’s problem.

The singer said that she feels a lot of pressure and sees attempts to force her to refuse to participate in the competition. On February 25, it was decided that Maruv was not going to Eurovision 2019. The public broadcaster and the performer did not come to a common opinion on the terms of the contract. In her Instagram Maruv explained that the public broadcasting company of Ukraine expressed its negative opinion about her Russian concerts. She is not ready to stand on stage and turn the contest into political promotions.

The singer clearly said that she is not a bat in the political arena, but a musician. About who she is by nationality, Maruv asked not to talk anymore. She is Ukrainian, and despite the current situation, she will always be a patriot of her country, but this should not reach the point of absurdity.

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In any case, everything that happened gave the performer a real experience: she became popular and in demand. And it’s worth a lot.

What does “Siren Song” mean?

«Siren Song». What is hidden behind the mysterious name of this daring and alluring song? If you look superficially, the siren song is the song of a magical creature from fairy tales and ancient legends. Mesmerizing sirens are mythical creatures whose upper body was female, and the lower part was bird or fish.  They lured the sailors with their extraordinary beauty and sweet singing, and then dragged them under the water to their lair without the possibility of survival.

This is perfectly shown in the films “Odyssey” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Shores”. There are dangerous beauties sitting on the rocks in the hope of catching another sloppy sailor and taking them for themselves. In her song, Anna Korsun, aka MARUV, seems to beckon the guy to her, and whether she will ruin him or not remains a mystery. Thus, the author and performer of the song decided to make a reference by the name of the song to his image. She wanted to show how magnificent her heroine is, but also no less dangerous for a young man who heard her song.

Understanding the meaning behind the MARUV — Siren Song.

The song “Siren Song” by the very shocking singer MARUV, which has already managed to make a lot of noise, became a hit, hitting the first places of the world charts. After the first listening, you feel all the sexuality, audacity and frankness of the song and the performance with which this song was demonstrated. The composition is written in English with some elements of German and tells the listener about love. What is the meaning of the song Siren Song, and how did it win so many hearts?

The lyrics of the song are quite interesting due to the use of German speech in combination with English, and if you also understand that the performer is a Ukrainian singer, then there is some dissonance in your head. At the very beginning of the song, the words in German are just used, smoothly harmonizing with the subsequent English ones.

In the first verse, you can track the possible (and only possible! These are just assumptions) references to two equally popular songs that also captured the charts at the time: “You are the Only One” and “Dusk Till Dawn”. The girl asks her lover for reciprocal feelings, promising to always love him, but at the same time in the chorus she reminds that in any case, regardless of his answer, she will be fine, because she is self-sufficient.

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In the second verse, the girl repeats all her requests, adding at the same time that the guy still has no choice, and he will simply have to show his feelings for her and fall in love with her. Throughout the song, the singer repeatedly mentions the Devil, the flame and the mysterious door, about which she advises the guy to ask. Towards the end of the composition, MARUV almost directly tells the boy that she is personally familiar with the Devil, and he simply has to know her.

After these lines, the song begins to be perceived in a completely different, new way, and the listener fully feels the devilish power emanating from the girl; to some extent, the listener begins to be afraid of her. Because of the repeatedly repeated words “I’m fine”, “I feel great”, it feels like the singer is trying to convince herself of this, at the same time proving it to her “heart thief”.

The image of an independent, outrageous, sexy and audacious woman has literally grown to the heroine, and she already refuses to leave it, even when she begs for love. She does not part with this perfectly designed and created for her own reasons cover, which she loved, perhaps even more than this mysterious guy. If you make calculations, you can clearly see that the line “love me” that stuck with each listener was repeated 18 times for the entire composition, and the words “give me love” were pronounced 8 times, twice in one verse. After such an analysis, there is no doubt that the whole song is a special plea for reciprocal love. There is even a feeling that two completely opposite personalities are fighting in the heroine: one asks, desperately begs the young man for love, while the other person does not need approval and is ready to renounce love in the name of himself.

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