Explaining the meaning behind song «Song of Solomon» — Martin Smith

Explaining the meaning behind song «Song of Solomon» — Martin Smith songs

Song of Solomon is a love poem, but what is the deeper meaning behind it? Martin Smith, author of “The Bible Answer Book” tackles this question and more. According to Smith, the book is about God’s relationship with Israel. “It celebrates the coming restoration of Israel and points forward to the new heaven and earth in which righteousness will dwell,” he writes. As we read and study Song of Solomon, let’s keep this in mind and allow it to deepen our understanding of this beautiful biblical poem.

There were situations when he felt completely misunderstood, and these situations were in the life of every person. Almost every one of us wanted to run away from those around, so that no one would ever touch or know us again. But then we still return to our beloved ones because we cannot live without them. “Song of Solomon” is strong lines sung by Martin Smith. And right now we will find out the meaning behind the song that the British singer still wanted to tell us.

The story behind the “Song of Solomon”

This difficult story began long before this song appeared. Martin Smith is related to the church and Christian chants. He is one of the few who writes songs for worship, and this is not an easy job because later these songs are pronounced by believers and passed from mouth to mouth. “Song of Solomon” originates from biblical roots. And if you’ve read the Bible, you’ll understand what’s going on. Perhaps it was the story of King Solomon that prompted Martin to write such a lyrical composition. Or maybe he decided to write a track that would be played every week in churches.

But one thing is known for sure, these lines are about a person who “learns to fly”, but not for real, but with his soul.

What “Song of Solomon” mean?

“Song of Solomon” is about how we all discover who and what we are. It’s about how you can’t run away from yourself. Also, it is impossible to run away from loved ones who will always be with us. This song really shows us how important and truly exciting this journey of a lifetime is. In part, the song is a wake-up call for those who have just quarreled with a loved one, soulmate, offended their parents or yelled at their children. Having heard the “Song of Solomon” it is no longer possible to think about what has been done before in the same way as before.

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The name of the song is very telling, because these three words contain too deep meaning. At least one thing is known for sure: Solomon’s song that a person needs life, as well as his family is considered his most important wealth.

There is even a hidden secret here, if you take the first 3 letters of each word, you get SOS. The signal for help shows that the song is trying to show complete salvation after listening to it.

Understanding the meaning behind “Song of Solomon”

Let us first turn to the biblical source. The book about Solomon (or rather “the Song of Songs”) is about the fact that there is something mystical in the world that tells about love for God and separation from Him. This priceless poem by the ancient Jewish King and sage Solomon is a collection of God’s inexplicable mysteries: the mysteries of life and death, time and eternity, sin and redemption, mercy and judgment, beauty and love. It is from this that one should build on when translating the lines of Martin Smith. He just says that love is eternal.

And now we should analyze each important line of the song for a more accurate understanding of the essence.

  1. “When I feel the cold of winter and this cloak of sadness, I need You”. The song starts with these beautiful words that are not about the weather at all. They are about the fact that it is impossible for a person to survive even in the most frosty winter if there are no people dear to him next to him. He feels lonely and abandoned, not feeling someone’s warmth around him. And what strong words “I need you”! They say that a person cannot live without a second person, without society which is a breath of air for him.
  2. “All the evil things that shake me, all the words that break me. I need You”. Obstacles and dangerous turns can await a person all his life, but despite all this he goes proudly raising his head, coping with all the difficulties on the way. No matter how shocked he is by everything that is happening, no matter how difficult it is in making many decisions, he wants to move forward. But the most important thing is someone nearby, someone dear, ready not only to help but also to feel all the pain together.
  3. “Over the mountains, over the sea. Here You come running, my Lover to me”. A true friend, always ready to help, will do it without hesitation. If you are really appreciated, then they will even fly from another galaxy, not to mention crossing the ocean in an easy way for the sake of an important person. Martin is sure that strong friendship, incredible love, family ties – all these things much more important than some high mountains and deep oceans.
  4. “Sing Your song of kindness”. What kind of good song is this? Are there really only sweet and tender words in it? The essence of the song of kindness is that for each person it is revealed in its own way. For some, the song of kindness is pleasant, encouraging words that can motivate. For some, the song of kindness is a lullaby that can soothe and bring to life. For others, it is a silence that no one else can repeat. Everyone interprets the song of kindness differently and in a special way. At least the way he or she really lacks in life.
  5. “Oh, through the valleys, through the dark of night, here you come running to hold me… ’til it’s light”. And again these words about how desperately a person can run to you, no matter what. How swiftly he can rush, just to connect with you spiritually. And while it is still light, while there is a place for the sun and there is no complete darkness, it is worth running and not stopping on your own.
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Now let’s turn to the clip which can also say a lot. In it we see a family scene where the father is arguing with his son. This is not just a quarrel, but something more. There is a complete misunderstanding between the young and the old generation. Most likely, we are talking about the path of life and what the son should do in the future. Perhaps we are talking about which second half-warrior to choose for yourself. Having reached the climax of the conflict, the son leaves home, deciding to take a desperate step: it’s better never to return home. And now he is walking all alone down the street, remembering the happy moments of his life, regretting that everything happened this way. And his father comes towards him, who is just as sorry that such a terrible conversation took place between them. They face together and understand that they cannot live without each other, no matter how difficult and irreconcilable the situations between them are. The son forgives the father, and the father forgives the son. This is the main idea of the clip and the “Song of Solomon”. Even a clear picture suggests that there is no one in the world closer to the people you trusted. It also happens that even a good comrade will not save you in trouble than the person with whom you have checked together almost all your life.

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Some secrets in a video clip

The bridge, on which the climactic scene of father and son was filmed at the moment of hugging, is very often used by many lovers to make peace and forget about the unresolved conflict forever.

In the video, the son and father really have a close relationship, because in life they crossed paths many times on the set, playing the role of a secondary plan. That is why the chemistry between them from the very beginning of the video justifies its effect and really works.

Surprisingly all the moments and flashbacks that broke out at the moment of hugging father and son really took place in real life. Moreover, almost every person, who has ever quarreled with his father, had such situations. We simply do not notice this routine and believe that quarrels are normal. You should upset your parents as little as possible.

“Song of Solomon” is about the trust. This song is about the fact that there is no better edge of the earth in the world than our loved ones. No matter how much we want to hide in a separate corner, we still can’t hide. It is good if the person listening to this track understands from the first seconds what it is about. It is said that many people really understood the essence of God and his message only after listening to “Song of Solomon”. That’s how interesting the track affects them and their souls. This song is often included in churches when there is a separate service. It has already become a real hymn of love for God, for one’s family, and for the fact that sooner or later everyone will be prosperous. They say that after listening to a song, even those who quarreled with loved ones immediately dial them and begin to say how much they love the one who answered them at the end of the wire.

Let “Song of Solomon” rings in every heart and tunes in to complacency. And in yours soul too!

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