Explaining the meaning behind song «Peaches» — Justin Bieber

«Peaches» — Justin Bieber: explaining the meaning behind song and songfacts songs

What does Justin Bieber’s song «Peaches» mean? Though it was released in 2013 and doesn’t appear on his latest album, «Purpose», the pop hit still gets a lot of airplay. Its suggestive lyrics and upbeat tune have led many to wonder what Biebs could possibly be singing about. Luckily, we’re here to help clear things up. Just check out our interpretation of the song’s meaning now!

The infectious melody and catchy chorus made “Peaches” the standout track in Justin’s recent catalogue. In addition to being played on the radio, the song also has a rather personal meaning to the award-winning artist.

The song “Peaches” was recognized by critics immediately after the release. Billboard critic Jason Lipshutz wrote that Peaches “stuffs the script with R&B vivaciousness” and “lifts off the ground with Giwon and Daniel Caesar.” Elamine Abdelmahmoud of Basfeed News called Bieber’s “Peaches” “the pinnacle of his career.”

Valerie Magan described the soundtrack as “a vivid dream-fever bordering on R&B” (Consegiens of Sound). John Caramanica wrote for The New York Times that the single “demonstrates Bieber’s vocal versatility”. Roisin O’Connor of The Independent and Mikael Wood of The Los Angeles Times called the soundtrack the highlight of Justice. Sumiko Wilson of Complex Canada described her feelings about the song as “the epitome of the R&B sound”. Ana Clara Ribeiro of The Popmatters called Caesar and Givon “strong collaborators” “getting everyone’s attention” in Peaches.

Alex Seidel of HotNewHiHHop felt that the single would “continue to be a success even in the summer”, adding that the chorus “makes you hum the tune all day long”. Gabriella Ferlita of Guidweiss called it “impeccably luxurious.”

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So, what is the true meaning of the Peaches soundtrack and what was Justin’s thought process when creating it? Here is a summary of this story.

Song writing history «Peaches» — Justin Bieber

Enlisting the support of his star colleagues, the singer collected his most solid compositions in the album “Justice”. Produced by Benny Blanco, Billy Eilish’s brother Finneas O’Connell, Skrillex. This studio LP by Bieber is mainly inspired by R&B, but contains elements of gospel, country, folk and eighties pop music.

The tracklist includes 16 tracks. Almost all compositions are dedicated to Bieber’s chosen one Hayley. The album is dominated by a love theme, sometimes the performer declares his religiosity. Therefore, the Christian stylization of the letter “t” in the title of the LP is justified. Martin Luther King appears in fragments of phrases (in the introduction). This facilitates the performer’s reasoning about global things and universal justice.

Bieber began writing the chorus for “Peaches” while hanging out with Shawn Mendes at Andrew Watt’s house. Watt showed the performer a personal home studio and had him play the drums. After the drum recording, Bieber sat down at the piano and strummed a few chords, which they then recorded and looped. Then Watt recorded bass guitar and guitar, and Bieber began to “just repeat the words for fun.” Bieber then asked Watt to send him a demo so he could work on it further.

The performer made a public song passage, where the chorus plays to the accompaniment of the piano (in his Instagram account). Music producer Shndo became interested in the composition, offering cooperation. A screen recording of the video was made available to Instagram, with a few drums surfaced in the Ableton music software. The recording of the song was sped up. When producing, Harve brought a few more instrumentals to the composition. Bieber liked the soundtrack, but the chorus was later re-recorded (before further production). On the same day, Bieber contacted Giveon, who agreed to collaborate. Daniel Caesar also took part in the recording of the track at the request of the artist.

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The meaning of the song «Peaches» — Justin Bieber

Clearly, Justin’s goal in Peaches was to create another ode to his supermodel wife Hailey Baldwin. In several places on the hit track, the performer refers to a love interest, and given that Hayley is the only woman in his life, these fragments simply add up.

In the phrases “There’s nothing like your touch / That’s how you lift me up / And I’ll be there for you until the end,” it is clear that he is referring to his wedding vows to Hayley.

In the chorus, Justin sings, “I took my chick up North, yeah, tough bitch.” This is how he treats his wife.

In addition to this line, the entire chorus is dedicated to the couple’s married life. “I get my peaches in Georgia” is probably a reference to Justin’s early singing career in Georgia. The next line, “I get my weed from California,” refers to Justin and Hailey’s collaboration, which takes place primarily in Los Angeles.

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The latest promotional single of the LP was the R&B track “Peaches” with lyrics from Grammy Award winner Daniel Caesar, Bieber’s colleague and American singer. The video featured all three and was directed by Colin Tilly. Bieber showed in the video that he can dance very well.

There is one controversial moment connected with the release of the single. It turned out that the French electronic duo Justice officially sent the soundtrack artist a request to change the cover design of his LP, which migrated to the corresponding merch. The performers felt that the logo of the Canadian LP, which he created on his own, mimics the concept of their logo. The main claim is the stylization of the letter “t” under the cross. Justice assures that Bieber’s management contacted his representatives and designer in April last year, but the contacts abruptly ceased before the discussion began. It is likely that the Bieber team noticed the similarity of the fonts, and they decided to ignore it. There will probably be litigation.

The video for the song was created in the atmosphere of the 90s. The musicians drive a retro car through a neon-lit city at night before dancing in a peach-colored room. In parallel, they reflect on their luxurious life and their beloved girls.

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