The meaning of the lyrics to “Fireflies” by Owl City

The meaning of the lyrics to “Fireflies” by Owl City songs

Owl City whose real name is Adam Young metaphorically recounts his sleeplessness experience in his song ‘Fireflies’. He chose fireflies because they symbolize inspiration. He explains how his fantasies get through his head any time he wants to fall asleep making it hard for him to sleep at all. The fireflies he sings about symbolize the illusions he experiences while he finds it hard to sleep. Adam Young describes his fantasy world when he says he hugs bugs and sees the fireflies dancing and he then prefers to stay awake in this fantasy world because it is more captivating than the reality he will ultimately wake up to. In the lines, “I’d like to make myself believe/ that planet earth turns slowly/ It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep/ because everything is never as it seems.”

Fireflies was a hit song that was welcomed perfectly back in 2010. The song provided charming yet catchy lyrics that continue to perplex most of the most brilliant minds up to date. The song brought forth different controversies, with each trying to explain the meaning behind the song.

Well, today will try and uncover the true and deeper meaning of this Adam Young song as we try to restate some of these controversies.

Young’s ‘Fireflies’ Fantasies

Adam Young mentions that he cannot count sheep anymore, in the bridge of the song. This explains his unfruitful trials to sleep which simply depicts that he is suffering from Insomnia. He states that he can’t count sheep anymore to signify his weariness in trying to fall asleep. When he now feels sleepy but no longer in the mood or interested in sleeping anymore. This is because he does not want to lose his fantasies in his imaginary world. He then accepts to sleep because he is hopeful his insomnia will come back soon, and he will again have a chance to experience his fantasies.

The meaning behind the song Fireflies

How Adam describes fireflies is exciting though he has openly admitted to him suffering from Insomnia, he takes it up as a positive experience giving him a chance of innovating new ideas and writing songs. It is an inspiration because he wrote the song ‘fireflies’ on a night he was finding it difficult to sleep. It is intriguing how small fireflies become inspirations. Well, this song assures us that we can derive our inspiration from even the smallest of things in our surroundings to bring ecstasy and joy into our lives making our challenges easy to overcome.

Another interpretation of Fireflies is that Adam demystifies the song about being at the forefront when you are transitioning from being a kid to being an adult and the urge that you are not ready for the transition even though you must transition, symbolized by the old toys running around the music video while Adam sings one can see the toys in the background that are quite old.

Furthermore, another interpretation of the meaning of the song is that it is not about his insomnia but his innocent childhood in the lines, “You would not believe your eyes/ If ten million fireflies/ Lit up the world as I fell asleep,” which could depict that each of his childhood experience is represented by a firefly. Then in the line where he says he would like to let himself believe that the earth turns slowly demystifies he would like to know that the earth turns slowly in the concept that it is exciting and stupidly childish and not how the earth with all its evil is.

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Not only does he mean that he would rather stay in the imaginary world in this line, “ Its hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep ‘cause everything is never as it seems” but also that nothing is at seems in the real world since he believes his fantasies are more clearer and open that the real world.  Adam says that in his world he could get a thousand hugs as they would try teaching him to dance. He describes the dancing environment with a sock hop under his bed and a foxtrot above his head with a disco ball hanging by a thread. All these could describe a childhood setting that seems fun and worth not coming out of.

He then would appreciate his door left open like how children like their doors left open because they fear the dark. His sleep is his innocence, and he feels the world is taking it hence insomnia. He is tired of counting sheep could symbolize he is tired of the evil in the real world since he asks to be taken away from there, in a negative perspective. As a result, it’s the evil in the world that does not want him to sleep.

Adam does not want to let the memories go so he says he keeps the fireflies in a jar for remembrance or as souvenirs. The jar is a metaphor for his brain which takes us back to his childhood. He says the few to know that he still retains his childishness and innocence though he is in the real world and not fantasizing anymore.


Meaning Behind Fireflies Song

Fireflies is a song that captures the singer’s metaphorical recounts of sleeplessness. The singer, Adam Young, highlights how different fancies used to run through his head when he had difficulty sleeping.

The fireflies in his song represented the many illusions he used to encounter during his sleeplessness unrest. In his song, Adam Young explains how he used to shift into a dreamland full of unusual happening, like the hugging bugs. However, Adam prefers being awake so that he can continue to view more of this fantasy world, including the dancing fireflies, since it’s way more intriguing than reality.

Tired of Counting the Sheep Anymore

Within the song’s bridge, Adam expresses how he continuously failed during sleep, stating how he continues to feel insomniac. He even mentions how tired he is of counting sheep, which simply signifies his tireless attempts of trying to sleep.

Sleepy But Not Excited to Sleep

Within the song’s latter part, Adam Young acknowledges his finally feeling sleepy but doesn’t intend to do away with the euphoria he has been experiencing within his fantasy world. In the end, Adams admits that he is optimistic he will continue to enjoy his fantasy thrill, as he is confident insomnia will undoubtedly be back.

Kids to Adulthood transition

The song portrays a childhood to adulthood transition where it’s quite difficult to do away with your old habits and the confusion that comes with the change. Adam Young is in a room full of different 1990s and 80s toys.

While many people take this at a surface level and do not think of it as relating to the song, it has a significant role in the song’s meaning. Fireflies can also be used as a representation of the different things that kids enjoy. This can be video games hanging out with other kids, toys, movies, and running carefree in the neighborhood.

At first, all these things are with you, and they play a critical role in your life. They help you in defining who you’re. However, these things are temporary as you’ll eventually outgrow them, but you still find value in them as they define you.

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Transitioning from a kid who valued all your kids’ memories is not easy, and you still believe you’re still a child as you feel like one. This way, you try to convince yourself to believe you’re just a kid, as seen in the song through the writer’s lyrics, “I’d like to make myself believe planet earth turns slowly.” Still, as time passes, you realize that your belief of being a kid isn’t true anymore. The more you need to accept this, the more you wish to ignore it, as outlined by the lyrics where the writer says he would rather remain awake even if it’s hard rather than sleep as everything is never the way it seems.

However, at some point, you’ll have to acknowledge you’re fooling yourself as almost everything that defines you as a child cannot define you as an adult, even though you still don’t know who you’re anymore. Once you start to grow, you realize that the things you were holding on to from your childhood are no longer necessary. It’s not that they aren’t valuable to you, but you start to welcome the idea of making room for other things that comes with adulthood.

Letting go is never easy, as the writer even says he got misty eyes as he says farewell. However, once he realizes something, that’s even more important things. You can continue enjoying being an adult while keeping your childhood wonders. If things get tough, you can always go back to the items that go you this far, as the song states through Adam’s lyrics “But I’ll know where several are, if my dreams get really bizarre, because I saved a few and I keep them in a jar.”

Summing Up Fireflies

Adam Young, having been admitted due to insomnia, is something that highly contributed to his song. The song was also written during the night as he couldn’t sleep. He took his time to explain the wonderful experience he has been enjoying when he goes into a fantasy world as he can’t sleep.

The song also portrays a childhood transition whereby people usually experience different problems transitioning from kids to adults. This is signified by the fact that the singer is in a room filled with kids’ toys. Therefore, the song’s video is a visual representation of Adam’s part of life where he keeps his fireflies or things he enjoyed growing up.

Explaining the meaning behind the song Owl City – Fireflies (alternative)

The song “Fireflies” by Owl City is a great example of an awesome song that you can listen to without any lyrics. It’s a good song to listen to while working on your project. The meaning behind this song is very simple. It is about a couple of people who are in love and are trying to make it work. Owl City is a popular band that has been around since the early 2000s. The band has released more than 20 albums and songs. However, they are not just popular in the music industry. They have also become very famous in the pop culture world too.

Owl City – Fireflies is a popular song by Owl City. It was released in 2008, and it became a hit in the United States. This song has a very catchy melody and it is easy to listen to. The lyrics are simple and straightforward, which makes the song memorable for people who enjoy listening to music. The lyrics of Owl City’s song ‘Fireflies’ are the perfect example of how music can be used as a powerful tool to explain ideas.

Owl City is a very popular song. The lyrics are very meaningful and explain the meaning behind the song. The song Owl City – Fireflies was first released in 2000 and has since been a hit. This song is about a man who falls in love with the fireflies. He wants to catch and hold them, because he loves them. The lyrics of this song describe the man’s feelings for the fireflies: “I want to hold you, I want to kiss you, and I want to taste you”. In this way, the writer of this song describes his feelings for his girlfriend: “I love her like she is my life”. In the future, music will be a part of our daily lives. However, it is not easy to know what music means for us.

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Owl City’s Fireflies is a song about the feelings of a girl who can’t find her way home. This song is about the feeling of being lost and found again, and how it feels like to be on fireflies. The song Owl City – Fireflies is a song created by the Finnish singer and musician, Kai Hackney. The lyrics of the song are written by him and his co-writer, Mike Karmila.

The song Owl City – Fireflies meaning is a very popular one. This song was released by Owl City in 2007 and has become a hit worldwide. The lyrics of the song are very interesting and meaningful. The video of the song is also very interesting and has won many awards. Owl City is an American pop rock band from Seattle, Washington. The band consists of three members: Scott Hoyt (lead vocals, guitar), Daniel Tompkins (guitar, keyboards), and Mike Shinoda (drums).

Owl City Fireflies is a song that was released in 2012. The song is about a girl who meets a firefly in the night and falls in love with him. The girl then realizes that the firefly is not real but it has been put into her by someone else. Lyrics that are written by famous artists can be tricky to understand, especially when there is a lot of slang or slang terms used in the lyrics. In this day and age, the world of music is becoming more and more saturated with lyrics. It is also becoming a thing that people are interested in.The metaphor fireflies indicates misty eyes as the writer continues to describes sleeplessness.

Sleeplessness is a common problem for most people. It has become a serious issue in society and the workplace. Many people experience sleeplessness at different times of the day, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. One of the most common causes of sleeplessness is stress. In this section, we will discuss the different types of stress and how it affects us. Sleeplessness is the most common problem that people face. It can be a physical or mental problem.

“Lyrics are the best way to describe a song. They can be a good source of inspiration, but they can also be the source of insomnia. Unfortunately, lyrics are often made up of words and phrases that have little to do with each other. This makes it hard to understand what is being said, and some people find it difficult to sleep after listening to them.It is not just the music that makes us sleep. We are also affected by the lyrics of a song. The words and the meaning of a song can put us to sleep or make us wake up because it affects our emotions. “Lyrics are a great way to express your emotions. They can be used to convey a message or an image. However, they can also cause sleeplessness.”

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