The meaning of the lyrics to “Jugaste y Sufri” by Eslabon Armado ft. DannyLux

The meaning of the lyrics to “Jugaste y Sufri” by Eslabon Armado ft. DannyLux songs

The song “Jugaste y Sufri” belongs to the music group Eslabon armado. This is one of the youngest and most popular Mexican musical groups. The group was founded in 2017 by three teenage friends from Mexico. At the moment, the group includes Pedro Tovar (soloist), Brian Tovar (bass), Damian Pachecho (requinto guitar) and Ulises Gonzalez (acoustic guitar), also previously there was another member in the group – Gabriel Hidalgo, but after releasing several albums, he left the group.

The band’s music reinterprets regional Mexican musical culture, as evidenced by the intertwining of vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars and basses. Despite the fact that the group is still very young, it has repeatedly hit the Mexican top chart and even took first place. And this is not surprising, because their songs are filled with deep meaning. Each of the listeners can recognize himself in them. One of these songs is “Jugaste u Sufri”.

“Jugaste u Sufri”: the history of creation

The song “Jugaste u Sufri” was released on December 18, 2020. The group performed it in a team with an invited member – singer DannyLux. DannyLux is a young artist who has amassed around 700,000 fans on the social network TikTok and is signed to Warner Music Latina. The biggest breakthrough in DannyLux’s music is considered to be collaboration with Eslabon armado band. It turns out that the song “Jugaste u Sufri” is one of his own compositions.

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In one of his interviews, DannyLux talked about how their collaboration with the group began: “Pedro Tovar found me through TikToK.” says Danny Lux. “I did a cover of one of his songs. And one day he wrote to me if I would like to participate in his next album. I was very excited. I was so happy that day. We talked to Pedro on Facetime and I showed him some more of my songs that I wrote. I decided to show him the song I was still working on as well. He really liked my song. I said I finished it, but I actually lied because I only wrote half of it. After we finished the call, I immediately went to finish the song and finished it the same night. Later we recorded it in the studio. And so a song called “Jugaste Y Sufri” was born.”

DannyLux also thanked the band in his interview: “I really broke through thanks to these guys and thanks to our collaboration on a song called “Jugaste Y Sufri”. Working with Eslabon was a dream come true for me. I have always been a fan of their music and have been able to achieve what they have achieved to date.” On September 28, 2020, Eslabon Armado and DannyLux performed this song at Latin Music Week at the New Mexican Revolution panel.

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Latin Music Week takes place from September 26 to October 1 with the participation of stars. In addition, there are a number of events that include superstar concerts, intimate showcases and new music premieres. The chart-topping musicians with “Jugaste Y Sufri” held the fort after music artist Luis R. Conriquez and rap artist Gera Mx had to cancel their performance due to an ongoing tropical storm warning in Miami.

The song “Jugaste u Sufri” was quite a success, reaching number 69 on the Billboard Hot 100 (a list of the 100 most popular music albums and mini-albums in America, published by the weekly Billboard magazine). On July 28, the group took first place on the Latin Billboard, beating the well-known Puerto Rican rapper, known under the pseudonym Bad Bunny. They became the highest selling Latin music album on Billboard. This news was very sudden for many artists, because the group Eslabon armado had not previously been so popular. The song also peaked at number five on YouTube in Mexico and number sixteen on Apple music in America.

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“Jugaste u Sufri”: the meaning of the song

“Jugaste u Sufri” (translated into Russian as “You won, and I suffer”) is a very heartbreaking song, which sings about a young man with a broken heart, who is going through severe mental pain. His lover cheated on him, and when he gave her a chance to explain herself, she refused to answer and simply kept silent in response. The hero of the song is drowning in suffocating tears and thinks that he will never cope with the emotions because of what happened, and he will never be able to truly love anyone again.

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