The meaning of the lyrics to “Mockingbird” by Eminem

The meaning of the lyrics to “Mockingbird” by Eminem songs

Eminem is one of the best rap artists. The author of good, popular songs, has sold more than 172 million albums. The song “Mockingbird” means a lot to him. Marshall Mathers had a difficult childhood, he did not know his father. Mockingbird – The rapper’s wife did not live with him and his daughters at the time. And this song is an apology to the daughters. Eminem said that regardless of all the difficult situations that developed around their family, he was ready to do everything for the sake of the children. Marshall Mathers really appreciated the girls, he thought of this song as a kind of apology to them for such a fate. Eminem said that he would give everything for the sake of his daughters, even if he was left with nothing, they would live in abundance and with a lot of attention.

One of the magazines interviewed him, what prompted him to write this song.

Eminem is very sorry that his family broke up. He does not consider himself guilty, he said that he was constantly on different tours, there was no time to be alone with his family, his wife. Kim Mathers and the rapper have always tried to keep the hearth in the family, and the family itself. It was very difficult for my two daughters. Due to the breakup of their marriage, Haley and Alaina lived with their dad.

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Marshall Mathers called their girls “little soldiers”. He said no matter what happens, stay strong, don’t panic, if anything, I’ll come to the rescue. If you have tears, wipe them off and move on.

Hailey and Alaina were too young to understand the seriousness of the problem in their family. The song shows all the pain of Eminem, he is all in reasoning, misunderstandings, how to proceed further, what actions he must take in order to maintain a good relationship with his daughters.

Their married couple until the last did not want to believe that they would finally disperse. They were constantly looking for excuses, clues to get back together, but they, to put it mildly, did not work out well.

Further, a memory is written when the rapper had no money, Kim paid for everything, Eminem was very infuriated, he did not want to sit on his wife’s neck, he felt like a terrible father. The musician could not buy toys for the new year for his daughters, his wife often said that the gifts were from her father, although all the expenses were on her mother.

Kim Mathers liked to drink and was often stoned. Eminem was always worried about his daughters, as they asked where and what happened to their mother. The rapper told them that everything was fine with her, that she would be back soon.

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The performer says that often his work consisted of performances on the streets. The real job for him is to come to terms with the fact that his mother left her daughters to him, and he still had to work somehow. Inside, Eminem felt helpless. As a family, they lived in a criminal place where they were robbed many times.

Entertainment Weekly David Brown was angered: “He addresses his daughter (Mockingbird) again with a song and explains how hard he works to be a good father.” J-23 of HipHopDX praised the song, “Things get a little better in the end, ‘Mockingbird’ is another Hailey song best known for her flawless performance.” Steve Jones of USA Today was positive: “Affectionate Mockingbird speaks directly to his 9-year-old daughter Hayley Jade and 8-year-old niece Alaina as he tries to explain Kim’s troubles with the law. and his constant travels.” James Korn of RapReviews was also satisfied, saying, “As expected, Eminem delivered one for Hailey with ‘Mockingbird’, but what can’t be foreseen is that it actually works”; and he noted, that he mimics Em himself. The New York Times was controversial: “I Love My Daughter, Mockingbird” ode is not the most exciting thing in Kelefa Sanne’s opinion. Stylus magazine was negative: “Encore dutifully applies obligatory Hailie ode ( “Mockingbird”).”

The AV Club was slightly positive: “On ‘Mockingbird’, Eminem lets his hatred of his ex-wife sit idle just long enough to give his daughter a haunting account of how parents sometimes just can’t make it work, no matter how badly both want to sides.” The Los Angeles Times also agreed: “In the ‘Mockingbird’ tender, the Detroit rapper shows his devotion to his daughter Hailey. Against the backdrop of a low-key, almost hypnotic musical In the background, Eminem tries to help a child make sense of a world in which her father is constantly on the run for his career and her mother, Kim, makes headlines about legal troubles, including a drug arrest in Last year. Usually much of Eminem’s lure as a rapper lies in the speed and authority of his rapid-fire speech, but he reads here with the tenderness of a man hugging his daughter: “I know it confuses you / Dads are always on the move / Moms are always on the news.” The Austin Chronicle is slightly negative, saying that in the ong “he still hates his … ex-wife as much as he loves his daughter. Yawn.” The Boston Phoenix called this song “addressed to his daughter” which is “consistently wonderful,” than ‘Mosh ‘”.

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