The meaning of the lyrics to “Panda” by Desiigner

The meaning of the lyrics to “Panda” by Desiigner songs

It’s a song by French rapper Desiigner. The song is about the idea of a Panda. It’s a cute animal that you can see in the zoo but it might be much more than that. Desiigner is a popular rapper from the US. He has a very catchy and catchy sound. He is known for his catchy lyrics and his famous songs such as Panda and Panda 2.Desiigner is a rapper from the Netherlands. He is famous for his catchy rap style. He has a huge following in the world of hip-hop and pop music. Desiigner song Desiigner – Panda was released on 23 July 2016. It topped the chart of YouTube’s most viewed video on August 24, 2016.

The song Desiigner – Panda is a hit in the music industry. The song is about a boy who wants to be a rapper but he can’t express his feelings through rap lyrics. He tries to find the words that can express his emotions and feelings. The boy’s name is Desiigner and he has a pet panda named Panda. The song was written by Benny Blanco, who also produced it along with Diplo, Donnie Trumpet, and Sonny Wilson.Desiigner is a rapper from the Bronx, New York. He has become one of the most famous rappers in the world with his hit song “Panda”.

The song Desiigner – Panda was released in 2014. The song Desiigner – Panda is a hit song by American rapper Desiigner. The song was written by the music producer DJ Mustard and produced by DJ Dahi.Desiigner is a rapper from New York, and he has been making big waves in the music industry. He has a huge fan base and people want to know more about him.Desiigner is a famous rapper from the US who is known for his catchy rap lyrics. He has been compared to Eminem and Kanye West. This is a song by American rapper Desiigner. It has a catchy beat and is one of the most successful songs in the last couple of years.

It’s the summer and it’s the time to celebrate with Desiigner. This song is a celebration of his success. It shows how he has grown from a kid to an adult rapper. It also shows that he can be a great influence for young people. The lyrics are about his confidence, charm, and energy on stage.The song Desiigner – Panda lyrics is a hit song of the year. The lyrics are a mixture of English and Hindi and it is sung by the American rapper Desiigner.

Desiigner is a rapper from the United States. He is famous for his catchy lyrics and his catchy dance moves. His songs have been featured on television shows like “The Voice”, “Dancing with the Stars”, and “So You Think You Can Dance”.Desiigner is a rapper who has been making waves in the hip hop world with his unique sound. He is also known as Panda, which he uses to convey his message.Desiigner is a rapper who is popular in the US, India and South Africa. He sings songs with a catchy beat and his voice is very appealing. His song “Panda” has become one of the most popular songs in 2016.

Desiigner is the first artist to have a song released on YouTube without any music video. The song was originally released on the streaming site Spotify and then was picked up by YouTube. The song is called “Panda” and it has been downloaded more than 12 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube. In addition, this song has received more than 3 million views in one week.Desiigner is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He is known for his hit songs “Panda” and “Panda”. He is a multi-talented artist who has released several albums and singles in the past decade.Desiigner is famous for his catchy and catchy pop songs. He has been able to create a buzz through his music, which can be attributed to the fact that he is known for his unique style of singing.

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This winter, the world learned about the expressive newcomer from Brooklyn with the strange pseudonym Desiigner. His only solo song helped in a couple of months to achieve what many take several years of fruitful work, or even a whole career is not enough. What is this if not a phenomenon?

Uploaded last December on YouTube and Soundcloud, the street banger “Panda” had already surpassed several million plays by the beginning of the year. But the world changed for the Designer when Kanye West took on his new album, The Life Of Pablo, and unexpectedly signed the newcomer without a single release behind his back to his label G.O.O.D. music. And since then, “Panda,” from which Yeezy made his own song “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 2″ was already everywhere.

The number of plays increased at a rate that even Young Thug cannot write his own songs, Pusha T as the president of the label represented the Designer at various festivals, and “Panda” itself hit the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Not just hit, but in the shortest timing took first place there.

For a second, Future, which the Designer is so similar to, has not been able to achieve such a result in his entire career. King of Atlanta, Future Hendrix, author of folk bangers for the streets and clubs – all these regalia were not enough for the first place in the hit parade (we do not take the album chart into account, this is different). Fair? This is a really good question.

The FADER seems to have also asked this question and asked several not the last people in the music industry to comment on the success of “Panda” (including its producer). As it turned out, the majority was able to explain and argue such a phenomenon.

Peter Rosenberg, famous radio host (Hot 97, ESPN)

I like Panda, I think it’s a good song. But it surprises me what noise it creates around itself. Initially, I did not expect that she would climb to the top of the chart. In my opinion, this should be a song at the intersection of genres that any audience will understand. In the case of Panda, it is difficult to imagine that parents will know her words by heart, given the fact that young people themselves do not understand what he reads there.

In it, I never heard Future, as others do, I just didn’t think that it was plagiarism. For that matter, I initially thought the Designer had a British accent. Usually, when people copy Future, they do it in terms of melodies, his manner of playing. Even Travis Scott and Kanye remind me more of Future than the Designer’s song.

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Plus, “Panda” doesn’t sound like a New York song. At the same time, I don’t know of any successful track today that sounds like a New York song.

It seems to me that the success of Panda is a signal that something very important and big is happening. I can’t say exactly what. It is clear that this is another example of the fact that people with my perception of the world are moving further and further away from what resonates with young people. There is so little in common between this song and the hip-hop of the 90s that brought most of us into the industry that we just need to understand and accept this fact.

DJ Holliday, famous Atlanta DJ and host (Streetz 94.5)

When I first heard this song, I thought that it was recorded by Future. I was driving a car, listening to music on the radio, and suddenly: “Hey, Future released a song and didn’t even tell me about it?”. After all, he always sends me new records and asks for my opinion before posting them online. Then I read that Kanye West dug up some kid called Desiigner and he’s going to have Panda on the album. At that time, the track was already playing with might and main on satellite radio, but she had not yet reached the Atlanta clubs.

I don’t know if the Designer intentionally took something from Future, but I can say for sure that when he recorded “Panda”, Future was already everywhere and influenced every second person. Another thing is that he himself did not call me and say: “Fuck this dude, don’t support him!”. Everything worked out perfectly for the Designer. In the end, if Kanye West notices a song, then it goes to a completely different level.

In Atlanta, you don’t have to play Panda in the clubs, but you have to because there are so many New Yorkers and people who like Kanye hang out here. This is a cool song. Not “March Madness”, not “Jumpman” – a bit off the mark for local clubs. But it is quite possible to turn it on somewhere at 1:45 am before you start playing all the hits of Future and Young Thug.

Menace, producer of “Panda”

Since she hit the top of the charts, there must be something special about her. I think the point is that the song touches people of all ages. Both youth and adults hang out under it. Overall, the production of the track is incredibly energetic and I feel like this is what the music industry lacks. Now there are not many songs that encourage you to some kind of activity. I love how the youth come out and dance to Panda. But dancing at concerts died many years ago – I’m glad to see how this tradition is being revived.

It’s amazing to have a #1 song in my repertoire, I didn’t expect it to have such an impact on people. It seems like yesterday I was talking to the Designer about buying a beat, and today we already have a #1 hit.

Dini Scott, radio personality (Hot 97)

When I found out that this guy was from Brooklyn, I was shocked, because, judging by the dialect, he was from Atlanta. I thought “Panda” was another Atlanta rapper’s club track. And I understand why people think he’s deliberately copying the Atlanta hip-hop scene, but I also understand that he’s only 19 years old and trap with the dirty south could well have influenced the Designer as a child.

Even my mom loves “Panda” – that’s another reason why it hit the Billboard charts. I admit that it turns me on when “Panda” starts playing in a club, but in my playlist among the songs that I listen to constantly, it is not.

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John Kennedy, editor of

The designer plays with mystery a lot. In the song “Panda” there is both a coded presentation and diction – “panda” as a designation for a black and white BMW X6. The idea of ​​a Brooklyn teen bragging about having “chicks in Atlanta” while emulating Future (who still hasn’t had a No. 1 hit in his career) also works. Plus those wild machine gun sound effects and the fact that Kanye hijacked a song for his album The Life Of Pablo. The recipe for success is not the most traditional. While “Panda” isn’t as contagious as Drake’s “Hotline Bling” (the song only made it to number two last year), its staccato flow, its breaks, and its build make it one of the most tenacious and energetic trap records ever. of the year.

Be that as it may, the Designer is now on the rise and, since the people continue to vote for him with coins, he really deserves his success. Another thing is whether he will be able to keep and increase it in the future and repeat the success of “Panda”, in the hits of which there is still no doubt.

Now he is working on his debut album “Life of Desiigner”, which will put everything in its place. Kanye’s right hand and synth magician Mike Dean are working on the sound of the record, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the music. At the same time, the second song released by him “Moon People” speaks against the Designer, which sounds like a very cheap tracing paper with you know who. The reviews were so unambiguous that the guy decided to delete the entry from wherever possible. One can hope for a correction (and would very much like to), but how much history knows of such one-hit wonders?

“You’ll hear beats like ‘Panda’, beats like The Weeknd,” the Designer told FACT in a recent interview. – I’m from New York, so there will be the same style, Brooklyn sound, trust me. The energy of the album will be special, it will have a lot of courage, a lot of cinematic. This is not a sequel to Panda. I’ve been waiting for this moment because I want to make music that people will enjoy and dance to.”

What you can’t refuse a 19-year-old choleric person is passion and energy, which naturally shoots out of him as a fountain mixed with what is known as forfeits. Right now, the Designer has the wildest eyes in the industry, the fiercest dances and the ed-lib that has gone into memes – it’s not even possible to argue here. Sometimes he gets so addicted to dabbing and wild dances that he gets sick right during the performance. Even the absence of at least a little intelligible diction, he managed to turn into his dignity.

With due diligence and desire, all this can really help the Designer justify the received credit of trust. It is after the release of “Life Of Desiigner” that it will become clear which of the many elements that now make up the success and image of the rapper will turn out to be true, and which will be a hype inflated by society itself. He’s confident beyond his years, doesn’t hesitate to smile, look silly at times, and seems to really love music. It remains to make sure that everyone loves her in general.

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