The meaning of the lyrics to “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots

The meaning of the lyrics to “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots songs

Robert DeLeo was inspired by his love of ragtime music when he created the song’s chord structure, and the lyrics were partly based on a newspaper article read by Scott Weiland about a girl who was found dead outside of San Diego. Weiland also said that the song’s lyrics are a metaphor for an ending relationship.

The Lyrics of the song “Plush” was created based on a true story. The song speaks about a lost relationship. In this article, I give you the meaning of the song.

There are several contradictions around the meaning of the song. However, the lyricist revealed that he wrote the song based on a true story that happened in Los Angeles, California. A young girl disappeared. Unfortunately, she was found dead after a few days. This event inspired the writer to create the song.

Here the writer speaks about his lost love.

Let us now look at the detail meaning of the song.

And I feel…going to tomorrow

This line is sarcastic. Here the writer feels that he has wasted his time on the girl. His love doesn’t care about him anymore. This frustrates him and makes him feel sad. However, the frustration has turned out anger.

The writer showered his love deeply. But the girl was not as sincere as him. He regrets that he figured this lately.

“And I see….feel it”

The writer sees that his relationship with the girl is falling apart. The promises that the both made to each other during happy days are to come to an end. He doesn’t want their love to come to an end. But he can feel that they are going to part ways. This makes him angry and frustrated. He doesn’t want to let her go. The girl is least bothered about their falling relationship. She doesn’t care even if their relationship comes to an end. The writer can feel that their love is fading day by day. And the girl is not putting efforts to keep it alive. She doesn’t care about him anymore.

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Where ya going…mask I found

The writer is deeply and madly in love with the girl. His love for her makes him believe that she is innocent. Unfortunately she turns out the other way. The mask of innocence she wore is tearing slowly and is revealing her true face. She is not truthful anymore. The writer once believed that the girl was pure and innocent. But he was wrong. She was faking. She is not truthful to him anymore.

And I feel…even care?

The writer can very well see that his girl is lying. He is hurt by the actions of his girl and her betrayal. The writer starts this verse by saying that his girl is moody. When he says, “So much depends on the weather”, he means that his girl is full of mood swings. He is asking her is it raining in her bedroom. Meaning she gets upset for the silliest things and he was okay with her mood swings. She couldn’t see his love. She found mistakes in every action of his. In spite of all his sacrifices and love he showered he only gets betrayal in return. By “eyes of disarray”, the writer says that his girl has lied to him. To make things worse, his girl doesn’t even care that he is hurt!

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When the dogs…to find it

The writer has no response from his girl. He is disheartened that his girl is not responding him. He wants his investigative spirit to find her. Here the writer uses a beautiful metaphor. When he says “the dogs do find her”, he means two scenarios. One is the true story, where the girl was found dead in California. The other is his scenario, where his girl has betrayed. Because of her betrayal, the writer wants to believe that she is no more. In both cases the girls are dead and the pain is worse. By this he means that his lover is dead to him. However, he is not able to take the pain because he loves her too much.

In spite of all the pain, the writer still has second thoughts about ending his relationship with her. Secretly he wishes her to come back to him. He ends the song by saying that “got time” and “wait for tomorrow”. He still hopes that his girl would come to him. He wants to give a second chance to their relationship.

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The song is too painful. The writer is deeply in love with a girl. In spite of the fact that the girl is lying to him and is betraying him, the writer couldn’t forget her. His love for the girl is too deep that he is hoping that she will come back to him. The writer is angry that she betrayed him. Yet he is ready to forgive her. Though he wants to break up with her for her actions, he is unable to do so.

The song Plush was written in the 90s. There are several contradictions around the meaning of the song. The beauty of the song lies in the metaphor. The metaphor refers to a girl dead in California to the death of the writer’s girlfriend. However, she dies only in his heart!

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