The meaning of the lyrics to “Stop your tears” by Aldous Harding

The meaning of the lyrics to “Stop your tears” by Aldous Harding songs

The author of the song Stop your tears is the singer Hanna Siann Topp, known to everyone under the pseudonym Aldous Harding. The girl, born in New Zealand, performs songs in the genre of folk folk.

Hannah was born into a family of musicians, which influenced her future. Currently, Aldous Harding has released three studio albums and collaborates with the 4AD label. Her album Party was nominated for the European Album of the Year award by IMPALA.

Folk folk influenced the singer’s work. Her first album was released in April 2014. After that, Aldous Harding went on a two-year tour. The purpose of this trip was to support the first self-titled album. It was during this period that the song “Stop your tears” sounds (Stop your tears). According to, it was released on July 24, 2014. The song is performed in gloomy tones of depressive gothic folk.

The meaning of the song “Aldous Harding” – Stop your tears

From the first lines, one feels a tense atmosphere of hopelessness. I will no longer marry my “love” already clearly makes the listener understand the mood of the author, who managed to be disappointed in this high feeling.

Perhaps we are talking about unrequited sympathy on the part of the object of adoration or problems with a loved one. As a result, a speedy desire to die and leave this mortal world. And then comes the pain that took over your whole mind.

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But what can stop the pain? Only death, which is what the line says: I will die waiting for the bells, and also death will drag me under water. It soon becomes clear that this is most likely a thought of suicide – I no longer have to be afraid of hell.

After all, according to the canon of the church, the soul of a person who leaves this world voluntarily will always be in hell. And such people consciously took such a step, unable to solve the problems that fate threw them.

Harding, as usual, does not try very hard to explain the meaning of the words of the song and therefore often gravitates towards interpretive lyrics. That is, everyone who listens to this song finds something for themselves.

What is also characteristic of the singer’s work is the illegible narration of each hit, where there are unidentified characters, but in general, a person from the audience recognizes that the single has its own plot, but some kind of intermittent one.

The song – Stop your tears was also no exception in this case. Most of the lyrics present here create an effect of power, conciseness and mystery. Hanna often uses archaic words and intricate diction here to bring poetry and serious meaning to the music.

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Already in later albums, the girl improved her writing and came to understand the power of simple, modern words arranged in unexpected ways. In one of her messages to fans, she wrote the following: “Too serious about identity is really bad for my music.”

That is, in the early stages of recording, she sounds more rare and gothic notes, but since 2017, Harding’s work has been animated by moments of absurd humor.

The plot of the song

Of course, the plot is present here, but it is so intermittent and sometimes it is very difficult to catch the meaning. There are characters here who at first glance do not have a relationship, but in the last words of the song “Hide Your Tears” sounds like this

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