The meaning of the lyrics to “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran

The meaning of the lyrics to “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran songs

A Team is a song that’s well known globally. The famous Ed Sheeran sang it, and it is based on actual events that surround the life of Angel, a homeless prostitute. According to the singer, he met Angel while he was performing at a show. Angel was at a homeless shelter, and her story, as well as several other homeless occupants, touched the singer.

According to an interview featuring Ed Sheeran, the singer says the song has a deeper meaning, with the A standing for a Class A Drug, which includes hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. He also said he used A Team to cover the prostitute addictions from the audience. Therefore, in the lyrics, “she’s in the Class A Team,” the singer is basically talking about Angel’s addiction to hard drugs.

Knowing that you have a glimpse of what the song is about, let’s delve in and have a better and more precise understanding of A Team song’s meaning.

Ed Sheeran has written lucrative songs before but not one like A team song. Ed Sheeran’s A Team is a song about a lady who cannot do without Cocaine, which is also known as a drug in Class A. The song was written by Ed Sheeran who had earlier passed by a homeless shelter where he had an opportunity to listen to the life stories of those who were there. The song was written in the nick of time for a performance at an event hosting homeless people. Particularly, engrossed with the life story of a woman named Angel at the homeless shelter he did a gig, the song is rooted in Angel’s experiences, thus the line in the song, “Angels to fly”.

Ed Sheeran further explains the title A-team which the song is named after is from, a drug-like substance like Heroin that is collectively known as a Class A drug.  So, he says instead of making it open on what Angel is suffering from or what her problem is, he metaphorically says she is in the ‘Class A team’.  Mark Moore calls it a spectacular euphonic song that’s made by its lyrical dark side. Ed Sheeran was shocked at the number of calls he got after the song with parents explaining that they had daughters who fit in the description of the song, and it was great that the song connected with so many folks in one way or another.

A-Team storyline

The song’s music video also depicts the storyline in the lyrics. A young woman who is addicted to crack cocaine is seen struggling to get sales of her magazines which he sells on the streets and is also seen selling to Ed Sheeran. Her financial status results in her going into prostitution which Ed Sheeran sings as, “selling love’ to get money for crack. This results in the girl being in isolation and ending up dead due to the drug abuse. A tearful woman is seen crying out loud near a corpse at the beginning of the video. The song has a dark side that only fits in the shoes of those who can be taken back to what it refers to. Though the song has a similar situation to the woman he met at the homeless shelter, Ed Sheeran says the song is not entirely based on her because he did not want to claim someone else’s life story.

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A-team mostly brings out the desperation of ladies who are addicted to crack Cocaine who end up in financial crisis and all they could think of is prostitution. Their desperation makes them make bad choices that they end up dead or regret. Ed Sheeran’s inspiration for writing the song came from Angel whom he thought would be a lesson or a reflection to many people who might have gone through something like what she did. It is not necessarily for lessons but experience sharing for connections with different people for bonds that show scars but still going through and not giving up. Forging forward and finding a purpose in life instead of straying in the wrong direction.

A-Team’s Power

It is said that there is the power of spoken words because the matter of the heart is the heart of the matter. Ed Sheeran’s lines in the A team bring a sad ambient mood to go with the weight of what the song refers to. This is to bring it meaning and communicate to the audience appropriately. The song means that desperation sends people to be enemies of themselves and they would do anything for drugs. Substance abuse is also highlighted in A-team to show how drugs dissociate people from thinking clearly and getting ahead with their lives.

Fighting off, the addiction is not an easy task though. The song also depicts that being open and talking about substance abuse to those close to you is a way one can come out of it and get on with their lies. This is because they will not fall into depression and isolation shutting themselves from worldly advice and accepting their mistakes. For this reason, the song impacted and touched the lives of many who were in a situation such as that.

Meaning of A Team Song

Starting with the title of this song, Ed Shereen really managed to capture and bring out that unique creativity by covering a dark theme with sugary lyrics. The first verse of the song is dedicated explicitly to describing the appearance and the addicted individual. A face that has become pale simplifies long terms addiction, and Ed Shereen blends this with the victim’s environment by bringing in coldness and snow. The snowflakes refer to cocaine powder and, when inhaled, burn through the victim’s system.

This destroys her lungs while the mouth is able to feel any taste, and with no option left, she has no option but to become a prostitute, spending lots of night hours with men so that she can earn money.

The song’s video also portrays a pale young girl doing drugs as a representation of Angel, the young girl she met at a homeless shelter.

Chorus and Verse Meaning

The chorus of A Team delivers the reason behind the girl’s ghostly look and her behavior. As stated earlier, class A is a representation of powerful drugs. A Team on the same refers to your best team, and with this, Ed Shereen is able to overlap the two terms by forming a beautiful yet disastrous phase.

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The girl is stuck within a daydream. Here we can get two meaning. Most of the girls typically come to big cities in search of a greener pasture, only to end up being dragged in the wrong direction. This can therefore be a representation of the girl chasing her earlier dream that has now turned to be a mere daydream.

Similarly, this can also be a representation of the girl’s lucid addictive nature due to the drugs running within her system. The songs also reveal the saddest part of the girl’s life journey, where she has tried everything possible to have a better life, but it hasn’t been easy. Now the drugs, crumbling dreams, and pressure affect her and reflect through her body as she withers away.

The song also conveys a powerful message through the lines, ‘Are drugs the worst thing? Here worst thing refers to all the torments thrown at people, and one must endure them. The girl cannot go beyond her addiction and achieve her life goals. She even puts herself in situations that affect her mental health, like sex with strangers, so that she can fund her drug problem. She doesn’t enjoy this; it’s just that getting her life back is too hard.

She has torn clothes and can’t even manage to buy new ones. Angel is completely down with drugs that Ed Shereen thinks she will succumb to the addiction. All she can do is shoot another dose and imagine a better life.

‘It’s too cold outside for angels to fly’

These lines carry the weight of the meaning of the song. Cold outside can mean cold weather, as shown in the song’s video where the Angel has to offer herself to men to get drugs.

On the same, it can also mean the cruelty of a cold-hearted society. The worst free thing she ever got was from the society that’s supposed to protect her. An Angel is supposed to be someone pure and innocent, but the world isn’t made up of angels. It’s never the girl’s fault to be in such a situation as this is contributed to events that finally pushed her into such a position, with most of it being given out for free.

Summing Up

In this section, we will be talking about the meaning behind the song “The A Tea”. The song is a very emotional piece of music and it’s well known that the lyrics are hard to understand. The song Ed Sheeran – The A Team by the singer Ed Sheeran was released on the 23rd of February 2017. The song was written by Ed Sheeran and it is sung by him. It is a single from his fourth studio album, ÷ (Divide).The song “The A Tea” is about a young girl who goes to a team shop for the first time. She is excited about it and wants to show her friends and family that she can be independent. She also wants to show them that she can be confident in herself. The song is about a team that is made from the leaves of an herb called “The A Tea”. This herb grows wild in the South-East Asian countries. The leaves are used to make a team that has many health benefits. It is said to be a cure for many diseases and ailments.

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He importance of choosing good song lyrics is a common topic in the industry. The market is flooded with songs and lyrics. It is challenging to choose from them all. Lyrics are a form of words that are used to express emotions and ideas. They can be used to convey various emotions like happiness, sadness, anger etc. song is a collection of words that are arranged in a certain way and created for the purpose of music. The most common type of song is the ballad, which is usually composed of verses and choruses.

The lyrics are the most important part of any song. They can be used for various purposes, such as inspiring people or telling a story. However, it is not easy to find good lyrics for every song. The most important thing that a song needs to have is quality. It should be catchy, memorable and well-written. The lyrics of a song are the most important part of the song. The lyrics are what make the song memorable and attractive to the listeners. A lyricist is someone who has a deep understanding of music, poetry and their use in songs. They should be able to understand how words work together on a musical level. A lyricist will also know when it is time for them to add some extra emotion or atmosphere in their writing.

A Team song is not only perfectly written but also delivers quite a powerful message on how real issues affect people in society. There are lots of Angels globally, and there is little people can do to help them. This song, therefore, serves as an eye-opener that it’s high time we try and come together to at least save a few souls being affected by society regardless of how challenging it can be.

Lastly, A-Team is a song that is necessarily amiable to the reception of those who want to reflect on their lives before such as the drug addicts who escaped the shackles of addiction by going them the motivation to go on and never turn back. They may find inspiration in this song. The emotions portrayed by Ed Sheeran when he wrote the lyrics to the song may have also been aimed at this. Such works should not be forgotten because it relates to society and the day-to-day societal problems. A- Team is a must-listen if you have not.

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