The meaning of the lyrics to “The Sailor Song” by Autoheart

The meaning of the lyrics to “The Sailor Song” by Autoheart songs

The beautiful song “The Sailor Song” was created by the team taking into account the prerequisites for the appearance of a melodic work. Acquaintance of Jody Gadsden and Simon Neilson happened back in 2007, after which the team began working together with the name “The Gadsdens”. Another name of the band sounds like “Autoheart”, which is a reflection of reality.

The history of the creation of the musical work “The Sailor Song”

The single “The Sailor Song” was released by the band “Autoheart” in 2009. Supported by Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 show. Worldwide dissemination started. The authors were supported by various groups. A version of “The Sailor Song” was placed by Maconey, Radcliffe in the concert program. The track was called a charming, pulsing piece filled with piano pop without surprises, shifting elements that affect the tempo, without digital adjustments. This is a natural and sentimental musical theme, described by the authors

It was announced on August 24, 2011 that the distribution process has been developed. A cover version appeared on YouTube, and the single was included in the Bugsy Malone soundtrack, which marked the popularity of the work. Joy knew no bounds, and creativity was noticed and appreciated by people. The creative team was noted in the nomination “New Group of the Day”. Music “The Guardian” July 9, 2013 was compared with other works, identified a vocal style similar to Anoni and Andy Bell. The album debuted on July 15, 2013 under O/R Records.

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Meaning of “The Sailor Song” by Autoheart

The song dynamically sings about a sailor turning into a demon, a lover turning into an overbearing best friend. You need to understand the plot and motives in order to touch the beautiful being, to get closer to the trends of modern music, to choose your own motive. The authors teach to understand and forgive ill-wishers who may appear on the way. The hero hopes for attention, he sees mental pain through the darkness, he wants forgiveness.

Sing about love and understanding. Motifs and melodies line up clearly in one line so that you can distinguish sounds, feel the beautiful combinations and voices. Talented authors foresaw everything, penetrating the hearts of fans, giving the sound a special rhythmic genre. It overwhelms with a wave of beautiful fast music, shimmering and interacting with idols.

The source of the transmission of emotions is voices and musical instruments that adjust to the beats. Thoughts and feelings are clearly conveyed, a performance scheme is built. The hero runs hundreds of miles along the slope in order to reach the goal, to see his beloved, who remembers him. The voice conveys the feelings and thoughts of people who appreciate art. For the character, a useful and necessary lesson in skill and unforgettable creations begins. In the first place is the mind and heartfelt experiences, which are decided by a dream and an inner voice.

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A creative idea was created in the team. Then the musical background was written to give significance, interpretation of the transmitted ideas and concepts. The group rallied in unison to create a song. It was necessary to make the composition more interesting and beautiful. In full, the representatives of the group managed to realize the dream of conveying important ideas with the deepest meaning, which consists in acute understanding and magical overcoming of the difficulties of life. The creation was remembered and loved by people. The listeners are happy to meet the performers.

Everything is not the same as always, in a different way. A new wave overwhelms and rolls up to the shore – a place of hope. Opening up to new feelings, giving the will a chance is all that is needed. The hero strives for perfection and the fulfillment of desires realized by the will of the mind and the movement of the body, easily yielding to imperious thoughts. This is a charming composition filled with the wind of hope. Everything will come true if you really want to change something in your life. The hero strives for victory, which he achieves through skill and success.

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