The meaning of the lyrics to “Two Moons” by BoyWithUke

The meaning of the lyrics to “Two Moons” by BoyWithUke songs

String instruments are diverse and unique in their sound. Musicians who left their mark on world history very often turned to various stringed instruments: some preferred the guitar, others the violin or cello, someone chose the domra or lute. Modern performers, like their predecessors, are not indifferent to string music, and they prove it by deed, creating unusual musical compositions. BoyWithUke, whose music will be discussed below, chose the ukulele, a small four-string guitar native to the Hawaiian Islands.

BoyWithUke is a young man from the USA. He performs the texts of his own composition to music, which he also composes on the ukulele. BoyWithUke prefers to create music for his songs in several genres: acoustic sound, indie pop, lo-fi and a little electronic. A talented guy recorded his songs on video and uploaded videos to a popular social network – this is how fame came to him. In 2021, BoyWithUke released his first music collection, Fever Dreams. Many of the songs included in this album quickly became popular and recognizable. Among the main hits of the young artist is the song “Two Moons”. Despite the fact that the musician makes a lot of effort to maintain his anonymity, and the details of his personal life are completely unknown to the fans of the young man, it is obvious that

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“Two Moons” quickly became a hit on social media, with videos of BoyWithUke performing his hit garnering millions of views. Very soon, the popularity of “Two Moons” went beyond America.

On October 3, 2021, the song entered the Die Schweizer Hitparade, a weekly Swiss hit parade of 100 songs. In the Swiss hit parade “Two Moons” took 66th place and lasted 6 weeks on it.

On October 8, 2021, “Two Moons” announced itself again. This time she made it to the Ö3 Austria Top 40, a weekly roundup of the top 40 best-selling music hits in Austria. In the Austrian list, the song took 41st place and lasted 4 weeks on it.

A video clip was shot for the song “Two Moons” with the participation of the artist himself. In the first part of the video sequence, the guy plays the ukulele, and behind him is a wall, on which two luminous crescents are fixed: one has a yellow tint, the other is blue. BoyWithUke himself is dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, and his face is covered by a mask. In the second part of the video clip, the location of the guy changes. First, the performer is outside, then moves into a room, and at the end of the story, he lies on the floor playing his ukulele, surrounded by scattered pieces of clothing.

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What is the mysterious BoyWithUke, who hides his face from listeners, talking about in a popular song? The lyrics of “Two Moons” are full of words of disappointment. It can be assumed that the performer initiated a breakup with his girlfriend, which he later regretted. In the recurring chorus of “Two Moons”, BoyWithUke talks about feeling like he’s fallen through broken floorboards. “I’m sorry I left,” he says.

In addition to words of regret, BoyWithUke filled the lyrics of his song with a story about the fact that his soul is a mess and his psychological state is unstable. “It harms my health” – with these words the guy ends the first verse of the song.

In the second verse, the young performer shares that he has lost his peace and does not see any meaning in his life. “I don’t want you to cry because of me,” he adds.
But despite the gloomy mood that does not leave BoyWithUke during the second verse, the guy does not forget about the hope for the best. “After a while, I will start to smile,” he tells his listeners.

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