The meaning of the lyrics to “Umbrella” by Rihanna

The meaning of the lyrics to “Umbrella” by Rihanna songs

The Umbrella Song was released in 2007. It is from the Album “Good Girl Gone Bad”. The song was written by Tricky Stewart and Kuk Harrell. The song won the Grammy Award for Rihanna.

The song is about an unconditional love towards a person.  In this article, let me explain the meaning of the song “Umbrella”.

History of the creation of the song “Umbrella” by Rihanna

The song was written in January 2007 when Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, Terius “The-Dream” Nash and Kuk Harrell got together at Triangle Studios to record new material. The song was originally planned to be recorded by pop singer Britney Spears. However, Britney didn’t even have time to listen to the new song, as her record label turned down the offers, citing that Spears already had enough material of her own for her then-recording Blackout album. of the year.

She topped the charts in many countries of the world, she was covered (remixes, cover versions) by hundreds of artists. This story was told to the public by performer Taio Cruz, who was recording at that time with Tricky Stewart. “I was in his studio the day he finished Umbrella,” says the musician. – I really liked this song, and I said that I would love to sing it. But Tricky said Umbrella was meant for Britney. He waited a long time for her reaction, but did not wait for a response, so he gave the composition to Rihanna’s agents hanging around him. The next is known. “Umbrella” set a record for the longest stay at the top of the UK charts last summer (10 weeks), and the album “Good Girl Gone Bad”, which included it, sold over one and a half million copies.

Overall Meaning of the song “Umbrella”

In the song, the writer promises to his or her lover that he or she will always stay with him and support him. The writer says that he will stand by his lover like an umbrella in the rain. The lover of the writer is insecure and does not have enough fame and wealth. The writer promises his lover that they will succeed in life and shine in life. In other words, the lovers will enjoy each other’s success.

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Let us get to the detailed meaning of the song. The song starts with a wrap and continues with the following lyrics.

No clouds……in the bank

In these lines, stones refer to diamonds. Clouds mean impurities. The impurities in diamond reduce its value. However, the stones possessed by the writer have no impurities. They are pure.

Hydroplaning is skidding. The hydroplaning occurs when the tires of your vehicles lose grip and slide on the road surface. Hydroplaning reduces the ability of the driver to brake and steer. Hydroplaning occurs when you drive your vehicle a wet surface. When hydroplaning occurs, the vehicle loses traction. Also, hydroplaning causes accidents.

The writer says that his life is so easy and without struggle. He has built up huge wealth. He is confident that his accumulated wealth is not to slip over his hand.

When the writer says “Let it rain”” he refers himself to a “Rain man”. The term rain man is generally used to address a person with bountiful gifts. The rain man is generous. In the lyrical world, it also refers to a person with excellent lyrical skills.

In the second verse,

Coming Down….fly higher than weather

Dow Jones is an index used in stock markets. It indicates the condition of the stock market. When Dow Jones falls, the stock market collapses. Roc a Fella is one of the biggest American industrialists. In these lines, the author says that even when the clouds come, the lovers will fly higher. They will shine even during difficult times. The evil will not affect their success. Here the bad weather means the bad things or financial crisis. The lovers are like big industrialist Roc a Fella who accumulated huge money. Even during financial crisis, the lovers will fly high like the industrialist.

“In G5’s…..where you at”

G5 is a luxury jet plane. By this the writer says that they will live a luxurious life even during hard times. The writer is expecting a major crisis. However, he is prepared to face the crisis. So he is assuring his lover that he will take of him or her during the hard times as he is prepared for it.

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Here you can take the meaning in two ways. One, the writer is strong at heart and so nothing can break his confidence and love for the other. The other way is that the writer says that he has accumulated huge wealth and even a storm cannot break his success.

The writer calls himself as a Rain man. Rain man is generous. Now the rain man is back with gifts, gifts of love. He is now looking for his lover. He is referring to his lover as Miss Sunshine. His lover is pure like a sunshine.

“You have…always share”

The writer says he loves her so much that he will never part ways with her.

“May be the magazines say so. But you will always be my special star.”

“My world is full of fame and money. You may not be from my world. But still I love you. You are always my star. You are nobody else star.”

“May be you lose everything one day. You may not be successful anymore. Even then I will stand by you. My love will always shine upon you. No matter what hurdles come in your life, I will protect you. You may not be able to buy luxurious cars one day. Even then, I will stand by you and protect you.”

Sun shines…have each other

I will be a part of you in every step. I will walk along your side when you rise and also when you fall. The financial crisis is affecting the world. But still I will stand by you.

These fancy things….mend your heart

The material possessions cannot separate us. You are a part of me till the world ends.

The song is all about the writer promising his lover that he will stand by her side till the world ends.

Opinions about the song “Umbrella” by Rihanna

The metaphor of rain and bad times bored me. In general, everything is clear, the text is interesting, there are references. There’s a handoff from Jay-Z to Rihanna. There are words about love and support, which is also good. I had only one question: didn’t it seem to you that this feeling is a bit like an obsession?

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Not? Further, of course, only my crazy theory. The girl saw the artist in magazines. He doesn’t need her now, maybe he doesn’t know about her existence. They are far away, but for her they seem to be near. She thinks that he will need him and help him when he is “in the dark”, when the dark times come. In general, it is very similar to the obsession of a fan with some star. If so, then sorry girl. I hope her life will improve and she will not wait for her prince. With an umbrella in the rain. And he will find those who need it here and now, and not sometime maybe.

There is transactional and scenario analysis by Berne. He says that it is not so easy to break out of a life scenario without a specialist. If you’re programmed to wait for a prince, that’s how you’ll live your life. Or maybe it should be? However, this has nothing to do with the song.

“Umbrella” by Rihanna songfacts

When the song had just topped the British Singles Chart, it started to rain in Britain like no other since the dawn of time. Before that the weather was quite normal. The rains continued all the time while the song stayed at the top of the chart. The press dubbed it “Rihanna’s curse” and urged the British to pay attention to other songs, they prayed for this one to leave the chart as soon as possible.

The author of this song is the successful hitmaker Dream, who also writes songs for Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, Madonna and Britney. Dream has his own theory on how to compose hits: “A topic that is good for a conversation is usually good for a song. If you break down the same “Umbrella” into its components, then this is nothing more than a call for care and protection. When people are walking around wars, that’s exactly what we need. The song will hook people, although they are unlikely to understand what it is about.”

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