The meaning of the lyrics to “What should we drink” by Oktoberklub

The meaning of the lyrics to “What should we drink” by Oktoberklub songs

After reading the title of the song, a person may think about what event it is about, what the author wants to drink for. In fact, this song is in the original German. Hearing it in it, not just reading it in English, the listener will experience other emotions, since this language expresses his thoughts and feelings very emotionally, even if we are not talking about songs, but about ordinary life.

After understanding and thinking, you can understand that this song was used by different composers in different worlds for various events.

This song is from France. Jean Bernard and Jean-Marie Prima are two boys who created a masterpiece that became known to the whole world in 1928. Most often, something ingenious comes to mind in a relaxed atmosphere, when you do not expect it. This happened here as well. The guys picked apples on their parents’ farm, out of boredom they threw some words and a melody.

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Speaking specifically about the song “what should we drink?”, I was born in an unexpected environment too. The brothers waited a long time for the train on the way from the pub, from “nothing to do” came up with words for her. After a while, they finally came up with and completed the song. Such simple boys with talent inside so unexpectedly wrote something special, which eventually allowed them to take the title of Breton bards.

The words of this song came down to us after 1940, after the Second World War. The Germans, like any other nationality, liked to sit, talk, drink. No wonder the name of the work.

All events take place between the 50s and 70s. So at 50, the future head of the association of traditional music of Brittany Paulig Montjarre posted the original song. The people appreciated it. They began to create records with her, popularity began to rise. At that time, the person who promoted the songs was harpist Alan Stivell. And at the time of the 70s he was very famous, crowds went to his concerts. In the same decade, the Bots introduced the song Zeven Dagen Lang with a harsher tone. The song became a symbol of the revolution: students, young people at that time took part in all sorts of riots, demonstrations. This song turned them on even more, which made their infusion more serious.

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Throughout the 70s, the USSR pulled out Luis Corvalan (Chilean politician, general secretary of the Communist Party of Chile), who was taken into custody, and sentenced. The public rejoiced, gave out emotions after this event, but she could not capture and leave emotions. Oktoberklub group from the GDR

she also covered the song Was wollen wir trinken with altered lyrics. It was about Corvalan, who was on the alert, that he was ready to fight for justice in the world. Past alterations, and the original were marching songs, these performers have not changed anything here. But this copy surpassed the original, became the Nazi anthem. This masterpiece included various works such as Bavarian, Tyrolean, German, French.

Over time, the final version of the song appeared in the 1970s. The popularity did not subside like that, it gave hope for the birth of other works that would come from its origins.

Further, with the beginning of the struggle for the independence of Ireland, it became the anthem of the separatists. But there was no confirmation anywhere, unofficially, yes, she was.

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