The meaning of the song «505» by Arctic Monkeys

The meaning of the song «505» by Arctic Monkeys songs

The 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s in Western Europe, Australia and the USA were the time of the frenzied popularity of rock. As a result, a huge number of new rock bands were created, most of which did not exist for long and sunk into oblivion.

But some rock artists not only managed to make themselves known, but also became in demand, successful and gained an army of devoted fans.

An example of such a musical group can be considered the Arctic Monkeys group (literally Arctic monkeys), created in 2002 in the UK in the city of Sheffield.

The group includes: Alex Turner – he is the vocalist, Jamie Cook – plays the guitar, Matt Helders sits at the drums, and Nick O’Malley is the bassist for the “monkeys”.

What is the story Behind the Song «505» by Arctic Monkeys

In 2007 the musicians released their second album Favorite Worst Nightmare. It ends with a composition called 505.

The author of the track is the band’s vocalist Alex Turner.

Giving an interview to one of the music publications, he admitted that this is the first love song in the creative baggage of the Arctic Monkeys team and said that he dedicated the song to his ex-girlfriend.

Explain the meaning of «505» by Arctic Monkeys

The song was not only liked by the numerous fans of the rock band, but also caused heated discussions and discussions.

Fans made various assumptions about the true meaning of the song, and also tried to understand what is hidden behind the number 505.

Most supporters of the following version: 505 is a room in a hotel or a hotel where the hero of the composition dreams of meeting his beloved girlfriend.

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Actually the literal translation confirms this hypothesis: the author does mention the hotel. However, most likely, the image of the hotel is a metaphor. Number 505 is the relationship of two lovers, previously happy, but now spoiled. Relationships that cause deep feelings in the soul of the hero.

The second version says that the name of the song corresponds to the number of a popular bus in the city of Sheffield, in which the group was formed.

Some fans have gone even further in their guesses. They correlated the title of the song with the “SOS” call for help.

Whichever version turns out to be true, the song is definitely about going back in time. There, where love was born between a man and a woman, where romantic relationships developed, where there was happiness, hopes for the future, where there were dreams. And now the happiness of the lovers collapsed for some reason, but they do not want to let each other go.

The version about returning to the place where it all began is confirmed by the last line of the song “Old Yellow Bricks”. It sounds: “But Dorothy was right though” (literally translated: “Still, Dorothy was right”).

This track precedes composition 505. The line alludes to the main character from The Wizard of Oz, who, while traveling, is convinced that the best place in the world is at home. And the best feelings in the soul awaken precisely upon returning to their native place, where it was good, calm. Where there is happiness…

From the first lines of the song, the author speaks of returning to his beloved:

I’m going back to 505

Moreover, it does not matter for him how much time has passed since the break in relations:

If it’s a seven-hour flight or a 45-minute drive

The feeling of love has not faded in the soul of the hero, which means there is a desire to start all over again.

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The author is overcome by a whole gamut of feelings. In addition to the irresistible spiritual need to revive the past, there are doubts that nothing will work out. Although the performer assures that he is not afraid of such a turn of events:

I’m not shy of a spark

The knife twists at the thought

that I should fall short of the mark

Frightened by the bite, no it’s no harsher than the bark.

I’m not afraid of sparks

The hero is tormented by the thought that his girlfriend does not want a resumption of relations:

It seems like once again

You’ve had to greet me with goodbye.

The thought that everything is in vain hurts so much that the sensations can be compared to the pain from a knife turning in the flesh.

And yet, the lover will try to start everything from scratch. This is stated in the lines:

A middle of adventure, such a perfect place to start

The author convinces the girl to try to start all over again, although deep down she realizes that most likely this attempt will only bring bitterness and pain to both of them.

We can conclude that room 505 is not a hotel, but the past, the relationship that the performer yearns for. These are feelings that have not faded away, and therefore do not give rest to the wounded soul. This is love, which makes a person happy, and at the same time causes him suffering.

505 cannot be called an absolute hit of the rock band. However, it was an undoubted success among fans of Arctic Monkeys. Yes, and music critics gave the composition a high rating, noted the depth of its emotionality. Also, professionals said that with this song, Turner reached a new level of musical creativity.

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Alex Turner, with his composition, not only makes you empathize with two lovers who had to part. The author so accurately and emotionally portrayed the feelings of people that those who heard the song begin to analyze it. What is hidden behind the number 505, will the hero of the track manage to start all over again, will he change his mind at the decisive moment. The song touches the listener to the depths of the soul, so 505 can be considered a worthy end to the album Favorite Worst Nightmare.

Interesting facts about song 505

In 2013, Arctic Monkeys performed  at the iTunes Festival and ended their program with the track “505”. Here the curiosity happened. The vocalist, what can I say, the author of the song, Alex Turner, suddenly forgot the words from it! Although he has already performed with this composition many times at various concert venues.

In the creative process of creating the song, Turner was supported by his friend, and part-time guitarist of The Rascals named Miles Kane. He helped the author by playing an additional guitar part.

The song begins with the sounds of the organ part, the author of which is the Italian composer Ennio Morricone, who wrote the soundtrack to the popular western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (directed by Sergio Leone).

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