The meaning of the song «Adam’s Song» by Blink-182

The meaning of the song «Adam’s Song» by Blink-182 songs

The theme of depression, thoughts about suicide has a rather gloomy emotional connotation. The track of the group Blink-182 from the city of San Diego was one of their most serious works. “Song of Adam” was written in 2000, when the third album was released. Bassist Mark Hoppus and guitarist Tom DeLonge served as songwriters. The plot is the story of a young man. The hero confesses in the gloomy thoughts that arise in his mind in the course of his memories. Feeling lost, he struggles with his hopeless isolation from the world. The rather “dark” meaning of the first lines is replaced by an encouraging decision to stay in this world. Given the problems of youth, the end of the song is rather an example of understanding the value of life, even with the onset of dark times.

The History of Blink-182 — Adam’s Song

Mark Hoppus, who was mainly a composer, spoke about where the inspiration came from. The feeling of loneliness visited him during the 1997 tour, the end of which he dreamed of. After all, the tour lasted about 9 months. Lovers were waiting for other members of the group at home, and at that time he was alone. There is also an opinion that the e-mail of a suicidal teenager, which is a suicide note, is taken as the basis. Although this fact remains only a legend.

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There was no real tragedy. In 2000, a high school student at Columbine School, which had been shot the year before, committed suicide. Established: at the time of death, “Adam’s Song” was on repeat for the teenager. And his depression appeared due to the loss of a friend in that same shootout. Thus, the controversy around the text has been going on for a long time. In 2009, a friend of drummer Travis Barker, whose name was Adam, died, after which the band stopped performing the song on stage. After a while, in 1918, the familiar tune sounded again at live Blink-182 concerts.

“Adam’s Song” got the second place in the track chart, entered the top 25 hits in Canada, Italy. Although later success was not repeated. High scores were given by music critics, who distinguished this trio single from others, more carefree in content. A video was filmed for the song. It was intended to inspire hope in those struggling with depression, but it has caused controversy.

The Meaning of Blink-182 — Adam’s Song

Regardless of the topic of suicide, the words were supposed to be life-affirming in essence. The band members were greatly influenced by the tragic events accompanying the song. They themselves say: they wanted to express hope when they wrote the text. I especially did not want to inspire gloomy moods in children. The story of the hero’s depression, in which one simply does not want to live, is accompanied by a prediction: “You will regret my departure.” Many are sympathetic to such a position and memories, usually flying in the mind before death.

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Some phrases contain references to other sources. For example, the line “I took my time, I hurried, the choice was mine, I didn’t think enough” echoes similar lines from Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”. One of the interpretations is seen as a paraphrase of the statement of Gaius Julius Caesar “Veni, vidi, vici” or “I came, I saw, I conquered”. That is, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” The words of the song “I never conquered, rarely came” or “I never conquered, rarely came” quite indicate this.

The line in the first quatrain: “I traced the cord to the wall, no wonder it never connected at all” refers to the actual state of affairs. Guitarist Tom DeLonge was playing in the garage when he discovered the amp was in a puddle. Fortunately, the device was not plugged into an outlet. The association with the cord is interpreted as the absence of contact with any close person whom the hero of the poem could not find. Diving deep into the meaning sees author Mark Hoppus reflecting that Adam remembers failures that lead him to a critical moment.

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The second verse is considered the darkest: the young man decides to leave. After all, much in life was done wrong, as others believe. Towards the end, depressing notes are replaced by encouraging meaning. In the final lines, the hero decides to stay alive. Blink-182 sends hope into the dark moments of being human. So the once gloomy mood of author Mark Hoppus turned into a message against suicide. The inspiration was realized in an unexpected way, providing an optimistic mood.

“Adam’s Song” is considered one of the band’s most powerful tracks. Since its first performance, it has garnered significant reactions. There were fans who called the words and melody “guiding light”. And also expressing gratitude for such help at a time when a dark streak begins in life. As a result, we have two opposite types of reaction. After all, dark lyrics can be considered overly impressive for young people. Author Mark Hoppus had to worry about being too depressing: is there an optimistic message to be seen. He later said that he still had nothing to complain about. After all, everything was going well for the group, it reached certain heights of professionalism.

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