The meaning of the song «Adore You» by Harry Styles

The meaning of the song «Adore You» by Harry Styles songs

Harry Edward Styles is a famous English singer and actor. From an early age, the future singer gravitated toward creative activity and already at school he was a soloist in his own musical group, with which he was able to achieve some success, which gave him such important confidence in his own talent and strength. After graduating from high school, Harry dropped out of school to focus on developing his vocal skills and music career.

In 2010, he became a member of the famous British television show The X Factor. However, this did not bring success and popularity to Stiles, but it was this talent contest that helped Harry find true friends and like-minded people. Together with four members of the show, he later founded the famous One Direction boy band, which is recognized as one of the best-selling and popular in the world.

But being an extremely talented person, Harry Styles was able to achieve success in his solo career. On December 13, 2019, his second, most famous, album called Fine Line is released. This record topped many world charts, including the American Billboard 200. The album was enthusiastically received by music critics and various publications, calling it “one of the best pop albums in history.” Fine Line has won numerous awards, including a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. The album is ranked 491 on Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” list.

One of the most popular songs on this album is Adore You. On December 2, 2019, on his social media, Harry announced the release of a new single that will be included in the upcoming album (Fine Line). On December 6, the composition Adore You was released on all music platforms and immediately began to “win” the charts. The song took high places in various world charts.

Adore You was also warmly received by listeners. The “velvet” melody, smooth sound and Stiles’ mesmerizing vocals made this track extremely popular among fans around the world. Many wrote that the song sounds just wonderful, gives “eternal and friendly” feelings, which sometimes we all need so much. The text of the composition deserves special attention. Adore You once again proved that Harry is a strong author, whose lines often carry a deep meaning and immediately sink into the heart of the listener.

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The singer approached the creation of the composition with all responsibility and exceptional creativity. Especially for the song, Harry “created” a mythical island called Eroda. On Twitter, he posted the following entry: “Eroda Island’s rich history is inextricably linked to daily life as the ruins of many buildings from the past remain standing on Earth #VisitEroda.” Even before the release of the composition, it was clear that this was a little more, an ordinary pop hit. In itself, the song carries a deep meaning, which each person can interpret in different ways, it all depends on perception and life circumstances.

The very title of the song speaks for itself. “Adore you” is translated from English as “I adore you”. The listener immediately understands that, most likely, the composition will be dedicated to some mysterious beloved, whom the lyrical hero of the song admires. The first verse begins with the words: “Walk in your rainbow paradise / Strawberry lipstick state of mind / In a strawberry mood.” The hero enters paradise when he meets his beloved, with her beauty she takes him to a completely different world, painted in bright love tones. “Strawberry mood” is the highest degree of harmony and spiritual happiness that can be felt only when meeting with a loved one. In the chorus, Harry sings:


I’d walk through fire for you

Just let me adore you

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Oh, honey

I’d walk through fire for you

Just let me adore you

Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do»

He asks his beloved to worship her, to adore her. For her sake, he is ready to “go through the flames.” Such selfless love is an indicator of sincere affection.

In the next verse, Stiles talks about how much he admires her. The listener might think that a song full of such bright feelings is nothing but a message to someone who loves you so much. However, unfortunately this is not the case. We can see the bitter truth after the second verse, in the lines:

«You don’t have to say you love me

I just wanna tell you somethin’

Lately you’ve been on my mind»

If you translate this passage into Russian, you can read the following: “You do not have to confess your love,

I just want to tell you something

You don’t get out of my head”

The picture is completely changing. From iridescent and full of love, it turns into gray, full of senseless attempts to attract the attention of a loved one. And it is in these lines, perhaps, that the deepest meaning that I spoke about before lies. Here the reader needs to remember about the treasured island called Eroda, which the singer invented during the PR campaign of his single. Erod, as the reader already knows, is filled with “ruins of the past” that cannot be removed from the face of the Earth. Behind these ruined buildings, there are probably human feelings. And Eroda herself is our memories, something that is so dear to each of us.

In no way can a lyrical hero get rid of thoughts about his beloved. Bitter thoughts about failed love seem to be forever in his head. He tries to “demolish the ruins”, but it doesn’t work. Erod for him is a symbol of love, already gone, but deeply settled in the soul. Again and again he tries to restore the former appearance of the beautiful island, because there was once a “rainbow paradise” on the site of the ruins, which Stiles sings about in the very first verse.

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The hashtag that the singer left on Twitter is also important. “#Visit Erodu” is a message to all listeners who may find themselves in the same life situation as the lyrical hero. “Return to Erodu” is a call to sort out your own feelings and thoughts, to understand that ruins are ruins. Restoring them is as useless work as worshiping a person who no longer needs you. You need to focus on yourself, on your thoughts. Only in this way will you not get lost in the ruined world of Eroda and will be able to remove all the garbage that has been tormenting your heart for a long time.

Each person has his own “wonderful island”. Everyone disposes of it as they wish. For someone it is rainbow, for someone it is all in the ruins of bitter memories. But only one thing is important: the island is yours and only you decide how to decorate it. If you want, then something truly beautiful and important can always appear in the place of old and unnecessary rubbish. The main thing is not to miss the moment and understand in time when Erod turns into ruins.

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