The meaning of the song «Alice In Chains» by Rooster

The meaning of the song «Alice In Chains» by Rooster songs

The name of the American rock band Alice in Chains is translated from English as “Alice in Chains”. The team was formed in 1987 thanks to Jerry Cantrell and Lane Staley. The group was very popular in the 90s, when the “grunge” direction was the most in demand. Alice in Chains gained massive fame, which can be compared with such grunge artists as: Nirvana, Soundgarden. The group has sold over 29 million copies of their albums. Their songs were listened to all over the world.

History of creation

Initially, the group consisted of two members, and then began to expand. They were joined by friends of one of the founders. The name was constantly changing, the performers could not decide on the final result. The vocalist wanted to name the group with a word that could cause a strong reaction from the public. However, they made a common decision and named the group “Alice in Chains”.

Unfortunately, the name turned out to be not original, because the musicians borrowed it from one of the groups. Alice N’ Chains created tracks in an unusual style called glam metal. The group reacted to the name with a share of irony, ridiculing the style of the metalheads. Members of Staley’s past band wanted to go on stage in dresses, performing their variation of one of the Slayers songs.

All members of the team tried, but the group was not immediately noticed. In 1989, sound engineers finally began to show interest in Alice in Chains. At this time, the musicians signed an agreement with Columbia Records.

The first album of musicians, which was called “Facelift”, was first heard by people in 1990. In it, the band focused more on the heavy metal genre. The disc was able to get a gold title.

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On December 22, 1990, a gala concert was organized, which took place at the Moore Theater. It was captured on camera and the video was certified Gold by the RIAA.

From 1987 to 1992, the band classified themselves as metal. The team had a rather difficult path, full of problems. Alice in Chains actively participated in various projects. Some members joined other bands to create albums. For example, Mike Inez. Lane Standley gave concerts with other bands. He was responsible for the vocals.

Despite many problems, Alice in Chains has not officially announced the breakup. One day an event occurred that changed the group forever. In 1996, the vocalist decided to live in seclusion in Seattle. Staley gave an interview where he admitted to using illegal substances. According to the man: “It is only thanks to them that I am alive. They have helped me for years.” Then he admitted that such a bad habit makes him bad. Staley struggled with addiction for a long time, but was never able to overcome it. On April 20, 2002, he was found dead.

The vocalist knew about his imminent departure from life. A few months before his death, he admitted that he had been on strong substances for many years. The man honestly admitted this. However, he felt guilty before himself, because he wanted to live differently.

In 2005, the band reunited after Lane’s death. However, the rest of the participants came to a serious decision. They refused to give concerts. One day, everything changes a lot, and the group is reborn again. Vocalist William Duvall joins the band. He used to represent Comes with the Fall. After this event, Alice in Chains began to regularly arrange concerts.

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The meaning of the song

The name of the song Rooster is translated as: “badass”. Text by Alice in Chains about war and hard times. In the lines there is a lot of reasoning about such a difficult time. The song is illustrated with a suitable video sequence. The clip is made in a retro style, which is very similar to the recollection of the events of the past days. The protagonist of the song is a soldier who went to serve. He understands that he can be killed, but does not know when this moment will happen.

The soldier remembers his family. He misses his children, wife and pets. In war, people are more attached to nostalgia for home. The meaning of the song is to recreate the military atmosphere.

Interpretation of the lyrics of the song (parsing the meaning of the lines)

“Until they found a way to kill me” – a line indicating that it is sung about the war. The person is still alive, but understands all doom.

“It seems that all paths lead to nowhere” – no matter how a person acts, the outcome can be one. The main character is very depressing perceives reality.

“Wife and children, pets” – what is left somewhere far away. A military man remembers his relatives when he performs his service.

“The Green Army was not a safe deal” – this line refers to the expectations from the service. A man had to go to war for some reason.

“Bullets whistle past me” – we are talking about direct danger. A person understands that at any moment he can die.

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“They came to finish off the bully” – the goal of the enemies is to completely eliminate the opponents.

“Yeah, and here’s the badass. You know he won’t die” – a line talking about an opponent who is strong. The bully is the side that started the war.

“Gloria sent me a photo of my son.” A man is at war, and the only thing that pleases him is a photograph of his son.

“I take pills for mosquito fever. My buddy is breathing hard, he’s dying.” People try to survive while someone nearby dies.

“God, please help me get through this!” — a man prays in war. It is hard for him, but he believes that the Almighty will hear his desire.


As a conclusion, it is worth noting that the song “Alice In Chains – Rooster” has a special atmosphere. The text tells about trials in the war, how hard it is for a person. The combination of music and lines move the listener through difficult times. The song tells about all the horror that happens during the war. The group was able to convey well all the emotions of a soldier who is forced to fight. He doesn’t know if he will come home. The only thing that calms him is the photos of his family members. The song has a very deep meaning. The lines of the song make the listener think about life. The music of this group will impress everyone who loves deep meanings and reflect on the world.

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