The meaning of the song «Anchor» by Novo Amor

The meaning of the song «Anchor» by Novo Amor songs

Novo Amor is a young artist from the UK, who is known to many who love soulful songs. Author Ali Lacey performs music in the following directions: alternative, indie, folk. Most listeners love this artist for the beautiful acoustic sound. It accompanies the words beautifully. Each line contains its own meaning.

History of creation

The young singer began his journey in 2012. At the very beginning of his indie rock career, the artist decided to come up with a pseudonym. “Novo Amur” is a new love and the first track of the singer.

The title has a lot of meaning for Ali Lacy. In it, he laid the hope for new bright feelings. In 2012, the man broke up with his girlfriend. The performer shared this in an interview. The singer was worried about the breakup for a long time, but decided to go into music. Now she has become a “new love” for him. He found her in such a difficult period of his life.

Ali Lacey has long been interested in music. The nine-year-old boy loved to play music and ride a skateboard. At twelve, he often played a musical instrument with his brother. They shared an acoustic guitar. As a teenager, who is sixteen years old, he decided to move to a large city. The man could not go to Novo Amor immediately, but only after many years of effort.

The musical composition “Novo Amor – Anchor” gained a lot of listener sympathy. The clip has gained more than 19 million views. No wonder, because the song has a beautiful sound. The video is well matched to the words of the song.

Ali Lacey’s music has been featured in some famous films. For example, “A meter apart.” The song is in the series:

  • “Deadly weapon”;
  • “Volchanok”.

Many listeners are familiar with this song because of the series and the movie where they heard it.

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The author of the song says that it is not like his previous work, which is darker and more pessimistic. There is more positive, hope in the sound and lines. For more than 5 years, “Novo Amor – Anchor” has been on repeat for many users. The song itself is in English.

Explain the meaning of “Novo Amor – Anchor”.

A story about a fisherman who suddenly notices a girl. She has been in the water for a long time. The man decided to save her. The girl woke up and realizes that on board the ship. She screams, but hugs the fisherman.

The man decided to take the girl home. There he will warm her up, change her clothes, feed her. From the very beginning, the main character has a crush on a young girl. He liked her for her: spontaneity, mystery, pretty appearance.

The man is a little older than the girl, but he feels like he has begun to get younger. Being with her, the fisherman falls in love more and more. The girl reciprocates.

They spend some time together, but the owner of the sea vessel does not notice anything strange. One day a man returns home and sees a frightening picture. The girl completely lay down in the bathroom. Turns out she’s a mermaid. A creature that cannot live without water. The fisherman did not believe in this until he was convinced.

The character accepts the thought of a long separation. Now he will have to let go of his beloved forever. Unfortunately, they were not destined to be together. He remembers how they ran through the fields, because she did not have a tail. Once a fisherman saw a tail that could be seen far out to sea. Thought it seemed to him.

As a result, the main character takes care of the caught “fish” and takes it to where he found it. The girl disappears. The fisherman now rides his boat every day and watches the waves. He is upset, immersed in gloomy feelings. Surviving a breakup with a beloved woman is hard, but there is hope for a brighter future.

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There is a feeling in the song and video sequence that the “mermaid” is an old love. She appeared very brightly and unexpectedly. Relations developed, but one day they ended. The fisherman realized that they were too different, he was ruining the girl with his love. She is used to swimming in the sea, and he lives on land. The partners turned out to be too different, so they could not be together.

The meaning of the song lies in the experience of old love. She was and disappeared like a mermaid.

The life of a lonely fisherman has changed a lot after the appearance of a girl. She was filled with bright colors. The girl disappeared, because she could not live without the sea. The man was understanding, so he accepted her decision. Forced separation due to the fact that the heroine simply cannot live without her former place. Here it can be interpreted in different ways. For example, hometown, career, etc. If you adjust this situation to real life. This is what the singer wanted to show – an obstacle.

«Anchor» by Novo Amor Lyrics meaning (line by line)

The song begins with the girl taking her breath from her open mouth. The hero had a muse that inspired him. A beloved girl supports a young man – this is the breath of life. At one point, the hero decides this, as if dying.

The singer tells a story about how a man tried for his soulmate. This is evidenced by the following line: “The best qualities appeared in me when my beloved was at my house.” Warm feelings favorably influenced the personality.

“I remember your summer shine.” – memories of the best moments of life with your girlfriend. Glitter is more of a figurative meaning. When people fall in love and they feel good, they begin to sparkle “from the inside”.

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“You went looking for another.” The performer emphasizes the reason for the breakup. It turns out that not everything suited the soulmate in the relationship. There is some reason here. For example, a mermaid could not live without the sea, in which she dissolved.

On the other hand, there is also suffering. The mermaid sees the ship and the sadness of the protagonist every day, but they cannot be together for a number of reasons.

“The storm is coming soon. All we had?” After a breakup, people often forget all the good things.

The last lines are: “Remove the anchor from me.” The man has painful memories that pull him to the bottom. In other words, self-destruction. He asks her to let him out of his thoughts. A man cannot forget his beloved after parting.

As a conclusion, it is worth noting that the song is very bright and filled with emotions. It will appeal to all those who love sensual and soulful music. The song is filled with meaning that will be understood by everyone who truly loved. Listeners together with the hero will be able to experience a love story. Many will see themselves in the video, hear words that will soothe or fill with pleasant sadness. The song is recommended for listening to anyone who loves a romantic atmosphere in a modern and touching performance. No wonder the young man has come a long way, because now he has loyal fans! Their number is growing every day!

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