The meaning of the song «Angst» by Rammstein

The meaning of the song «Angst» by Rammstein songs

At the end of April, the Rammstein group released a video for the song “Angst”, which was included in the new album of performers. We could not pass by this novelty, so we have prepared a review of the composition for you.

Let’s start with the clip. This time, the Ramms decided to touch on the topic of managing people with the help of the media, which has long become relevant. The song just sings about how from childhood everyone is instilled with fear of some kind of threat (be it a babayka under the bed or just a stranger on the street who only dreams of harming you), the evil that will come if you don’t obey. And this fear of something unknown and evil lives in us even in adulthood.

Only the babayki are no longer the same as in childhood. Actually, fear is die Angst– something that makes people behave in a certain way in order to avoid negative consequences.

I would like to note right away that the clip is made in black and white, and the only color present in the video is red, which symbolizes fear and horror, as well as aggression and anger. By the way, there are so many symbols and signs in the clip that you can write a whole dissertation describing the meaning of each element. The most striking example, of course, is the video for the single Deutschland . No matter how one relates to the work of the group, their clips are really thought out in detail and contain many references that everyone should understand for themselves.

So, at the beginning of the clip, we see dark entities dressed in black robes. On their plates is a human brain, and its color, of course, is red. Presumably, this is a hint that someone feeds on our emotions (especially negative ones) caused by all sorts of intimidation. The image of a woman with a child sitting in the center of a circle fenced with barbed wire is very interesting. Behind this circle is darkness, they remain in it and look at the phone, watching what is happening somewhere far away.

The next image is several neighbors sitting close to each other. Behind everyone is a TV, they read newspapers. At first, the neighbors talk to each other, laugh. But the more they consume information from the media, the more they fence themselves off from each other. First they build walls between the sites, then they set up cameras, then they take weapons and lay out barbed wire around the perimeter. And the worse the relations between these neighbors, the more and more the embodiment of evil rejoices, the freer it feels, its hands are literally untied.

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By the way, how people are dependent on the information provided to them is well shown in the video. People sit at computers, type something and watch, but then the screen literally sticks to their heads and starts to draw out the emotions of fear and panic. If you pay attention, there are red wires in the clip to which all the evil is connected. So negative emotions are the current passing through these wires.

And one more image – people sitting at home on the couch and watching TV. One of them is the lead singer of the Rammstein band Till Lindemann. At some point, he takes a lawnmower and starts smashing the TV. With each beat, the picture in the clip becomes more and more colorful and bright. Again, a symbol of the fact that life acquires colors and shades, if you “disconnect” from the endless flow of information from the outside.

But even here there is one detail that cannot be missed. After the hero smashed the TV, he returns to his chair and never leaves his circle. Let’s just say the story doesn’t have a happy ending.

The meaning of the song «Angst» by Rammstein

“Angst” contains the image of the so-called “Black Man” – the Boogeyman from German fairy tales. The message is that children are threatened from childhood by monsters that live in the dark, who can eat or steal them. It is full of words that speak directly about fear and how a person changes because of it, becoming more fearful and cautious.

Nothing has changed over the years. People continue to experience a sense of fear, but not because they are afraid of the “Black Man”, who will drag them into the darkness, but more global things. The feeling of fear does not leave people for a second, it goes hand in hand with them. Fear makes them feel weaker and more confused. They begin to look for the very “image of fear” that they were instilled with in early childhood – the very monster that follows them and makes them feel uncomfortable.

The song says that this is not a misfortune of individual people, but of the whole people and the whole country, because they are still in fear, hiding behind barbed wires and walls, afraid of the one who broadcasts from the podium and manages all his people, intimidating them and manipulating their minds. And here, of course, one can draw an analogy with the Hitler regime.

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The meaning of the song is that the fear that is instilled in everyone from childhood develops into global manipulation of consciousness through a feeling of fear that people cannot go against. Fear is a very strong feeling that prevents you from thinking rationally and seeing the essence of the surrounding problems and distinguishing lies. This is what the musicians are talking about.

In the very last lines of the song, fear is identified with every person through the phrase “You are a Black person”, which can be interpreted as the idea that every person is partly a monster, but does not notice this, because he is overwhelmed with a sense of fear that controls him and his the ability to think sensibly.

The meaning of the clip “Angst”.

But with the clip, the situation is somewhat different. He not only completes the idea of ​​the song, but also expresses it in a more meaningful and darker way, as if saying: “Look, we are manipulated through the media, television and music, we are controlled, fed by our fears and brains, but we do not notice this, because that they have forgotten how to look beyond their own noses. But first things first.

The opening scene of the clip is people sitting in a fenced circle watching the clip. Six creatures in black robes that cut open the brains with a table knife. Through this, they try to tell us that they feed on the minds of people, forcing them to behave thoughtlessly and become more suggestible. These same creatures, as it turns out later, also feed on the fears of people.

A madman is brought to the podium, whose voice begins to sound from all the TVs, and strange things begin to happen to people.

As we saw earlier, ordinary people are in a circle and go about their business, laughing and mowing the lawn. It is clear that they are neighbors. There are no fences between them, but after they begin to hear the voice of the leader, they first begin to build walls (they buy bricks from the girls who were shown both carrying the madman and standing behind the musicians) to separate from each other.

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People try to isolate themselves from each other because they have been taught that they should be afraid of each other. It’s not just that when they receive weapons, the screens show not real enemies who could cause real harm, but neighbors, but with weapons in their hands. The formation of the so-called “image of the enemy”, although there is actually no enemy.

People are protected from each other, they begin to hate each other, although there was no weighty reason for this. They were simply instilled with hatred for each other and the need to take up arms in order to destroy what makes them feel uncomfortable. The broadcaster is happy because he managed to get people to obey, and the entities begin to feed on their fears, absorbing more and more of their emotions. And after the executions, they fall down into the darkness, where they become even more afraid.

But the most interesting thing is that the very opening scene with refugees sitting behind barbed wire just expresses the main idea of ​​the clip – real problems are ignored. The fear and hatred of the people who lived side by side are directed at each other, their attention is diverted away from the real problem related to the state of affairs in the world.

And the very last scene, in which those ordinary people see these refugees and realize that they have been deceived all this time, is of particular importance, not only because it reveals the main idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe video, but also because at this moment the three-color palette becomes color. A man breaks the TV, which has been deceiving them all this time, and ceases to be suggestible.

And the refugees, in turn, are watching what is happening through the phone screen. Both sides are lying. Fear makes people act thoughtlessly, with the help of it you can easily control anyone and make them do anything. It is in this that the main idea of ​​the video for the song “Angst” is expressed.

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