The meaning of the song «As It Was» by Harry Styles

The meaning of the song «As It Was» by Harry Styles songs

The most common problem of any artist is star disease. Only in some cases does it not manifest itself while a person remains a Human. But, basically, many musicians “catch” the stars from the sky, look down on their fans and even on their relatives. It is good if the star disease passed quickly, and the person immediately returned to his previous state. Everyone has it in their own way, with their own course of time. English singer Harry Styles also had this unpleasant moment in his life. When his career began to rise, he, like everyone else, began to think that now he was allowed a lot. This track is a redemption in front of the fans, an explanation of his stellar state, what happened to Harry at the time of the stellar illness.

History of creation

This problem is already in the past, after it there was only memory. Harry decided that something like this needed to be captured in a song to be remembered forever. Everything is here: from stardom to loneliness, from a state of emptiness to hopelessness. “As It Was” is the true story of Harry Styles’ life during his rise. He is still at the peak of popularity, but already lacks height.

And so the song “As Before” appeared to show the audience that the life of a star is not entirely sweet. After the release of the track, many stars supported Harry, giving his track five points out of five. Many stars also admitted that the same thing happened to them.

The meaning of the song «As It Was» by Harry Styles

At the very beginning, the voice of a child is heard. Apparently, the young fan of Stiles does not even suspect that the person he listens to every day has turned into a real robot. If they knew what he was like in life, they would never listen. And here Harry decides on the full story with all the details.

“Holdin’ me back, gravity’s holdin’ me back” is, of course, not about space. Stiles hasn’t flown anywhere, he doesn’t even have an astronaut suit. This is a metaphor that a musical career is a pleasant opium for him. What he does is holding him, not letting go. And it’s unlikely to let go at all. He does what he loves, gives 100%, and therefore says that it keeps him, gives him the meaning of life.

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“Nothin’ to say when everything gets in the way” – if you had a whole world in front of you, open opportunities, then it would really be superfluous to speak. The hero of the song prefers to remain silent and watch what is happening than to chat forever without stopping. Everything became wonderful with his career: money, women, offers of cooperation, buying real estate, traveling. Why talk about anything at all, if the whole world is at a glance?

“Seems you cannot be replaced” – a star-studded person thinks so. In his picture of the world, it is unrealistic to become the second one like him. There is some truth here. Take world stars, whose names are well-known. They are in a single copy, they are unique, and, alas, there are no other such ones. Harry thinks the same thing, that it is impossible to replace him on the pedestal of the star staircase. There are no more like him.

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“Answer the phone “Harry, you’re no good alone, why’re you sitting at home…” – and this is already a period that occurs after stardom. As a rule, many musicians are loners by nature. They rarely let people close to them, do not allow them to infiltrate their little world. Musicians are comfortable writing songs alone, composing rhymes, relaxing. And since there is money, some allow themselves relaxation of a forbidden nature. After any glory literally tears off the roof, it seems to a person that he is an idol, the center of the universe. Apparently, Harry felt the same state of euphoria. And then he locked himself at home, led a lonely life, tried to get rid of the stigma of stardom.

“Ringin’ bell and nobody’s coming to help” – as mentioned above, musicians are lonely people, they have no friends. Loving artists only on stage, few people are interested in what a person has in his soul when he goes backstage. No one is interested in someone else’s real life, fans need the delight of the songs, and not the problems of a squeezed person.

“I don’t wanna talk about the way that it was” – having been ill with stardom, the hero of the track comes to his senses, begins to go out and continue to work. He realized that fame is not the peak of success and not an end in itself. Now, when giving an interview, a person does not talk about his past life, he does not care about what happened, all this is in the distant past. He got up and decided to go forward, forgetting about what happened to him once. And no more words about a man who put glory above his humanity.

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“As it was you know, it’s not the same as it was” – he finally coped with his loneliness, with an acquired problem. He wised up. This is a real artist who knows how to control himself and has a huge amount of experience. And if this really happened to a famous singer, if he survived a star illness, seclusion, loneliness, then he is a hero.

“In this world. It’s just us” – no matter what happens in life, you must always be true to yourself. You can not tell others the information, in some moments lie for the good or keep silent, but you don’t need to lie to yourself. This single life will fly by very quickly, a person has no other opportunity to live. We are alone – this must be remembered. So let’s live these years so as not to regret anything.

Interestingly, the music is quite cheerful, relaxed. It is hardly possible to understand from it that this is a whole confession. Harry Styles managed to convey the atmosphere that hovered around him. He decided to turn his track into something light with a melody. If it were different, more rigid, then the audience would not like it. And so, this is a real true light story about loneliness and finding yourself.

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