The meaning of the song «Better Together» by Jack Johnson

The meaning of the song «Better Together» by Jack Johnson songs

Jack Johnson is an American singer-songwriter who has also had an active career in other fields including surfing, acting, and documentary making.

The singer is best known for his acoustic pop and soft rock music.

The song “Better Together” is a beautiful composition performed by Jack Johnson. The most anticipated song Better Together was released on March 1, 2005. “Better Together” was the single of 2006 which peaked at number twelfth on the US Billboard Adult Alternative Airplay, number twenty-four on the UK Singles Chart, and number seventy-two in Ireland. In 2009, the live version of En Concert reached number twenty-two on the US Mediabase Triple A chart.

It also earned him a gold certification in Italy and the US, and a platinum certification in Australia and the UK. Classified as one of Jack Johnson’s signature songs, this wellness song is made to enjoy his lyrical and calm singing voice.

Add to that the opening harmonica and his beautiful pick on the guitar, as well as the harmonic melody, and it’s no surprise that In Between Dreams went multi-platinum.

History of creation

But if you go back to the basics, Better Together is just a guitar, a voice, a few hesitant piano keys and a harmonica. Johnson acknowledged this as the song’s biggest asset. But those who heard it could focus solely on the lyrical splendor of the song.

With this music, Jack Johnson invited listeners into his personal world. When he sings, it is almost like a whisper, as if he is revealing something deeply hidden in the universe. And these sentiments prevail. This is what turned the tender ballad into a commercial hit.

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“To think that we got together as friends, and our life will be based on music…” Johnson said. “I just feel like we’re the happiest group of friends in the world.” So the singer wrote about his group.

The Meaning of “Better Together” – Jack Johnson

This is one of the many Jack Johnson songs the singer-songwriter wrote about his wife, eventually reworking the lyrics to make it universal. It’s about being better together as a romantic couple than apart as separate individuals.

Better Together” is a song by Jack Johnson dedicated to his wife Kim, whom he married in the summer of 2000. It has become not only the perfect anthem for the Johnsons, but also a favorite song at weddings and anniversaries, as well as for romantics who appreciate a quality love song.

In an interview, Jack Johnson said: “This is a song about working together and being together. This is a love song for his wife Julia Louis-Dreyfus.”
The song upholds the simple message that love is the answer to most of the questions in our hearts.

“It’s supposed to be a romantic song, but sometimes when I play it in a meeting for, say, a commercial band, it shows how much stronger people are when they come together,” Johnson said. “… Well, except for the bridge, and that part of the song where I wake up next to my wife.”

In another interview, he said: “I am pleased that many people listen to my song on their wedding day, dance their first dance to it, or just listen to it in the car.”

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Lyrics and Meaning

The simplicity of the Better Together text is its greatest strength. But all this would be impossible without the bright vocals of Jack Johnson, who captivates with his tenderness.
The song “Better Together” can appeal to many, if you pay attention to the deep meaning of its words.

According to the musician, the lyrics of the song make it clear that he wrote it with his wife and their relationship in mind. However, he also admitted that he ultimately wanted her to serve as the theme song for every romantic story on the planet.

The song “Better Together” begins with the words “There is no combination of words that I could write on the back of a postcard. There is no song I can sing, but I can try to win your heart.”

In the first line, he describes his struggle, trying to find the right words to express his feelings for her through a postcard. However, he is persistent in his efforts to achieve his goal. He writes few words, but they have a powerful message.

Jack continues to think about how to keep the wonderful moments of life in his memory. He would like to feel and enjoy them, experiencing them daily, every night.

However, he hopes that everything will remain unchanged. Night story gives him more freedom with his beloved. He doesn’t have much time. For the night will soon be over.

He would have the feeling that he is in a transitional state between night and day. Seeing his wife wake up next to him every morning brings him great joy. One thing is certain: this is not enough; neither music nor words can help him convey his love for her.

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If you truly love another person, then you can give everything to him, and achieve the seemingly unattainable. And every time you come to the conclusion that, despite the chaos surrounding our life, it is always pleasant, as Jack says, when halves that love each other unite.

Ultimately, Better Together teaches us what we already know: being with the one you love makes everything better. When Jack Johnson sings it, it becomes even more pleasant. Turning on the music, he laments how hard it is to not have her by his side.

Such amazing lyrics make people feel more vivid and crazy.


Better Together is a heartfelt and emotional ballad written by Jack Johnson. In addition, the song is global in nature, because it touches on topics that are understandable to everyone. Each of us in life had that person who made us better.

Better Together is one of those songs that can appeal to both genders. It’s a song that talks about the pure relationship that most people would like to have. For Johnson, it all comes down to gratitude for the life he lives, that’s his motto.

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