The meaning of the song «Bloody Mary» by Lady Gaga

The meaning of the song «Bloody Mary» by Lady Gaga songs

The track of the famous scandalous and outrageous singer Lady Gaga has become viral. Everyone dances to it: from small children to adults and the elderly. Not so long ago, a series was released in which this track became a rating soundtrack. Translated into Russian, “Bloody Mary” means “Bloody Mary”. Many people know what it’s about. And it’s not an alcoholic cocktail. This is a girl who once lived in England. Her ghost flies to those who, in complete darkness at the mirror, will utter the words of her call. So say the English legends. Is this the meaning of Gaga’s song? Or is there something else in the text?

Interesting Facts

Lady Gaga revealed some of the secrets of the sensational track. She said that the song was not originally intended to be uptempo, it was slow, mesmerizing and with notes of “dirty bass”. There are other equally interesting facts about the song.

  1. The track “Bloody Mary” was written in less than 30 minutes. There was a special atmosphere that day, so the text was created at a very fast pace, line by line. This is the fastest song from Lady Gaga that she has ever performed.
  2. The song was created back in 2011, so it can be said that it is quite old. If it were not for the released series, then the track would not have been “reborn from the ashes” again, because many have already forgotten about it. But everything new is well-forgotten old. And this is where the saying comes in handy.
  3. The track became the most wanted in the world, according to the application Shazam (special music search engine). He was searched for more than 15 million times in a couple of days, people liked him so much. Moreover, geolocation showed that people from all over the world were looking for the track, which means that “Bloody Mary” flew around the world, is known in every corner.
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Lady Gaga herself did not expect such a hype around a long-written song. Once it was already, as soon as her album was released, in which this track was included. Over time, the wave of popularity subsided. And now, in 2022, everything was repeated with incredible success.

The meaning of the song «Bloody Mary» by Lady Gaga

On the net, many write that the song represents Mary’s love for Jesus. But is it really so? Is this the love that the holy book writes about?

“Love is just a history that they may prove” – the song begins with these words, urging the listener to get comfortable and start listening to the words. Stories can be long and boring, or they can be short and exciting. This particular one, most likely, is not so long that it can be forgotten forever.

“And when you’re gone, I’ll tell them my religion’s you” – but these words are already about love for a person, about real feelings that cannot disappear with a click. Gaga obviously wanted to convey with them that love allows you to fully study a person, immerse yourself in his soul and accept him as anyone. And she also wanted to show that any thoughts and ideas of a person become native and necessary, literally replacing religion.

“I won’t cry for you, I won’t crucify the things you do” – a lover may not cry about the loss, he has the right not to show his tears to others, because this is a manifestation of weakness and goodbye. But respect still remains, so any actions of the second person will be accepted and understood.

“We are not just art for Michelangelo to carve” – respecting a famous person with all his heart, the author of the song believes that love is still considered much higher than creative deeds. What many have created brick by brick cannot be depicted in one sculpture or painting.

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“He can’t rewrite the agro of my furied heart” – and again we are talking about the famous Italian sculptor. Despite all his wisdom, talent and skill, he would hardly have been able to recreate the love or anger that is in the soul of the author of the song even during his lifetime. We are talking about real feelings for a person, because there can be not only tender sensations, but also negative emotions, which also relate to love.

“I’ll wait on mountain tops in Paris cold” is about the fact that a person can expect a loved one anywhere, anywhere, as long as he is nearby and comes. For two lovers, there is no such thing as “too late” and “time out”.

“I’m gonna dance with my hands above my head like Jesus said” – and again a return to religious topics, when people believe in the words of a holy man. Go back to the very beginning and read again, isn’t Mary Magdalene singing these words to Jesus? After all, according to biblical data, she loved him very much.

And what about Bloody Mary?

This is not at all about the ghost that scares the children that he was called at the mirror. In this case, “bloody” means consisting of blood and flesh, i.e. human. If we take such a concept as an interpretation, then the work itself acquires a logical meaning. Now all the lines about love and the desire to believe in a person become clear.

And yet there is a biblical message in the song. When Jesus was crucified, Mary Magdalene was the first to see him resurrected. All those feelings that a woman experienced, looking at a loved one who had recently been dead, formed the basis of the song. She felt at the same time an incredible happiness that he was again near, standing, looking at her and at everyone else; a love that seems to be even stronger than it was before; anger at those who did an inhuman act with the most harmless person in the world. That is why the words of love and hate are intertwined in the text itself.

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The meaning that was originally invested in the song is now passed by the listeners past their ears. It is more interesting for everyone to film their dance on camera, as from a series, than to re-read the words and understand that ragged movements are not at all the topic here. But the modern world dictates other conditions. In the track itself, people no longer think about it. It’s a pity, because it has a really sacred meaning.

Lady Gaga repeats the Wednesday dance to her song “Bloody Mary”

Lady Gaga supported the trend in which bloggers reproduce the dance from the fourth episode of the series “Wednesday”. The singer posted a video of the dance on TikTok.

The star recorded a short video for her song “Bloody Mary”, which went viral after the launch of the Wednesday Addams dance trend. In the frame, the artist put on makeup and repeated the movements from the dance.

In just a few hours after the publication, the video of the performer scored 1.5 million views. Earlier on her Instagram (the owner of Meta is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), Lady Gaga reposted one of the videos in which Wednesday dances to her song.

It was previously reported that Lady Gaga’s song “Bloody Mary”, released in 2011, became the most “shazamed” track due to Jenna Ortega’s viral dance on Wednesday.

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