The meaning of the song «Candy Rain» by Soul For Real

The meaning of the song «Candy Rain» by Soul For Real songs

“Rain in the form of sweets”, “Sweet rain” – have you seen such a miracle? You will not find anything like this even in folk tales that compare raindrops with diamonds that fairies and other magical creatures adorn themselves with, or with tiny rainbows sealed in pieces of liquid crystal. Andersen, the brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault, taken together, are silent about such curiosities, inexhaustible in describing the most incredible miracles. In fact, it is worth taking a closer look at the raindrops frozen on the leaves and grass, and see that they resemble transparent candies shimmering in the sunlight.

And those who have ever caught drops of warm summer rain on their tongues know that it seems to taste sweet. Maybe that is why magical properties have long been attributed to rainwater, the ability to restore youth and beauty, to make young girls irresistible, whose laughter is so similar to the babble of rain? Of course, if we are talking about a generous spring or summer rain, and not about a boring autumn rain, watering the earth freezing under its jets.

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But the musicians of the American group Soul For Real did not go into philosophy, psychology, the subtleties of the meaning of folk beliefs and other high matters far from most samples of R & B music. They just wanted to write a melody that is remembered from the first time, melodious and rhythmic and will occupy the first lines in American, and maybe in English and even world charts. And what are 90% of the most popular songs all over the world about, often understandable to listeners from other countries even without translation? Of course, about love, and not always mutual and equally ardent. He loves her, but she does not love him, or a girl loves a man who only condescendingly allows herself to be loved, or one of the loving couple is in love with a real living person, and the other with an unattainable dream that exists only in his fantasies. Variations on a love theme

While Soul For Real didn’t manage to create a worldwide hit like the iconic songs of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, for example, it was the song Candy Rain that made the band famous and spent several weeks on the US charts. It was in 1995, when romantic souls, as in 1985, 1955 or 1925, were simply thrilled by ballads with a romantic plot. And what genre these musical compositions belonged to is the tenth thing.

So, Candy Rain. Like many other R&B songs, this song doesn’t have a dynamic or just a well-defined plot. We will not learn anything about the names of the characters, about the country in which He and She live, how old they are, what they do and how they met each other. Most likely, they are very young, because the ardor of feelings and the desire to read their fate in the eyes of a loved one are characteristic of a young age. However, there are no rules without exceptions, and theoretically our heroes may well turn out to be forty-year-old romantics who have not had time or do not want to acquire age-related cynicism. As another world-famous piece of music goes, “Love is subject to all ages.”

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The lyrical hero of the song “Candy Rain” refers to his girlfriend, comparing her to a summer rain, the drops of which resemble transparent candy to his romantic imagination. He hopes to hear back words of love from her and is ready to fulfill her cherished desire, even if for this he has to risk his life, meet unknown dangers and go around half the world. He hopes that she is experiencing the same feelings as he is, and is just as ready to die of love, enthusiastic awe and anxious expectation. If the words of this song are slightly altered, it can also sound from the lips of a woman seized with love excitement. After all, love is an irresistible feeling that gives courage to the most timid creatures and makes the experienced daredevils shy, feeling their tongues tangle, cheeks flash with an alarming blush and knees tremble.

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