The meaning of the song «Cover Me Up» by Morgan Wallen

The meaning of the song «Cover Me Up» by Morgan Wallen songs

Cover me up is the thirteenth track on Morgan Wallen’s second studio album Dangerous: The Double Album. Morgan played the song in his concerts for a while before officially releasing it in 2019. The cover track performed well on the music charts, peaking at number 52 on the Billboards US Hot 100.

Morgan Wallen’s “Cover Me Up” has become an instant fan favorite ever since he started singing it live, including during his tour with country star Luke Combs. The whole hall, from floor to ceiling, rose to its feet, waving lanterns and singing a song along with the performer.

History of creation «Cover Me Up» by Morgan Wallen

Created and originally recorded by country singer Jason Isbell, “Cover Me Up” is a song about getting sober and how love is more than enough to heal a person. It was released in 2013 as the first single from Isbell Southeast.

Isbell revealed that he wrote the song while thinking of his wife, violinist Amanda Shires. The country singer credits Shires as a catalyst for change. He claims that if it wasn’t for his wife, he definitely wouldn’t have any real motivation to get sober. Indeed, “Cover Me Up” has become Isbell’s trademark. It also won Song of the Year at the 2014 American Music Awards. The track quickly became a fan favorite and has since amassed twenty million streams on Spotify.
Seven years later, Morgan Wallen made the song popular again. His version peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and at number 52 on the Billboard’s Hot 100, earning Isbell large royalties.

Morgan Wallen is known for his rustic, rough country music. With his previous hits like “Whiskey Glasses”, “The Way I Talk” and “Up Down”, it’s hard to imagine him performing a soft ballad. However, Wallen is absolutely thrilled with his recently released and remastered Jason Isbell track “Cover Me Up”.
Wallen’s husky yet powerful voice grabs the listener and sends goosebumps as he sings this gentle and sweet ballad. The way he carries the melody and emphasizes the notes is admired by the listeners. Attentive listening to the words makes them smile aimlessly. Lonely guitar, mellow drumbeats and an acoustic hall allow Morgan’s voice to hit the high notes and fully surrender to the music.

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The meaning of the song «Cover Me Up» by Morgan Wallen

This song tells the story of a man who was too reckless and out of control in his early years. He never found a partner who would suit him completely and make him better. In “Cover Me Up”, the singer explains that he managed to make amends knowing that he was meant for someone. This man gave him a purpose in life, and covered him during difficult times.

The five-minute song captivates with its sincerity. Jason Isbell’s version is more acoustic than Wallen’s. Morgan Wallen pays tribute to this song by performing it in his own way.

Parsing the meaning of strings

The first verse of the song begins with a description of the singer’s behavior before he met the love of his life. A heart on the run signifies his constant streak of relationships with no signs of calming down. Due to his habit of making new partners, he cannot trust anyone, implying that he walks around with a gun, hinting at the constant threat from his soulmate.

The singer reveals that he was confident in his actions, but later regrets his reckless lifestyle. He hints at his addiction to sex, alcohol and drugs. He then confesses his audacity, saying that he tried to shoot the Sun. By this he shows his level of stupidity and delusion. The singer then describes a turning point in their relationship when there was a fight with his partner, which led to a big rift between them.

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Analyzing the meaning of the first verse of the song, you can see how the singer thanks his beloved for her support. Despite their struggles, his lover always stayed by his side, offering unconditional love. He then remarks that the support came during difficult times for him and now they have become kindred spirits and will always be together. In this lyrical song, there is a hint that the singer believes in fate.

Starting the chorus, the singer asks the girl to leave her boots by the bed, making it clear that she will not leave him anytime soon. He is also firmly convinced that they will not leave the room. He wants his lover to be locked up with him and not leave their personal space until someone needs medical attention.

Magnolia is a fragrant flower that blooms in late spring, and the singer wants to stay with his beloved until the flower blooms. He goes on to say that their house is cold due to the lack of fire. However, the singer still refuses to leave his beloved to chop wood. He asks his partner to stay with him and cover him with his love.

Desperate lyrics by Morgan Wallen immerse the listener in the singer’s memories of a past incident when he tore the dress of his beloved. The music video shows how the singer violently grabbed his partner during a verbal altercation, causing her clothes to tear. He sings that he upset her during the Richmond incident.
However, the singer continues that this event was a reality check for him, prompting him to reconsider his life choices and give up all his vices. Unlike his past attempts, he promised to get rid of his addiction to drugs and alcohol forever in the hope of regaining her love and trust. The singer does not hesitate to thank his beloved for the fact that she is finally at home, and thanks to her he will be sober.

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He goes on to talk about his addiction, saying that he wanted to quit smoking several times in the past, but was unable to find the proper motivation or reason. In his mind, he always believed that he would be strong enough to say goodbye to his vices. Although he also adds that sobriety has never been a priority for him. He never dreamed of being sober, but he wanted to be sober after meeting his lover.

In the second part of the song’s chorus, the singer repeats his thoughts about his beloved not leaving him, asking her to hang up her wet dress to dry. This indicates his intention to keep her at all costs. He admits that they will not leave the room until the Percy Priest Dam, which flows in southeast Nashville, floods the room.

The singer understands that if the river breaks through their house, it will be washed away with water. He is aware of the fact that their house will float away like a snag, and does not worry about it. The singer asks his partner to cover him with her love. He wants his beloved to enjoy intimacy with him.


Morgan Wallen released the short film “Cover Me Up” in November 2019, which reveals the song as something deeper than the search for love. The video is about a war veteran who returns to his wife after serving, and his subsequent struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. In the caption to the video, Wallen shared his fervent support for veterans who are going through a crisis. He expressed the hope that his soulful music would help them overcome all hardships.

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