The meaning of the song «Cracker Island» by Gorillaz

The meaning of the song «Cracker Island» by Gorillaz songs

The Gorillaz group is notable for the fact that it exists simultaneously in the virtual and real worlds. She has been in business since 1998. Then the secret performers decided to come up with fictional animated characters. Which made up the group itself, claiming and winning many nominations and awards, in all various events. Because the group quickly became popular among teenagers and older. So for 20 years of existence, the musical group took a place in the Guinness Book of Records. As the first virtual band to achieve incredible success.

Their first album was released in 2001 and had the band’s name. Thus, on the wave of popularity, he sold 7 million copies. After all, the group was unknown and, thanks to its virtuality and rhythmic compositions, quickly gained popularity. Also, fans constantly followed the performers in order to find out who is hiding behind the anime characters. And to study the biographies of the band members.

But for a long time they were inaccessible to fans because before the creation of each album, the composition of the group changed, or some members left it. From the side of the “new blood” it was good because there were new ideas for creating each song. Accompanied by a video sequence reflecting its meaning. And conveying the whole character and direction of the track.

So, for example, according to the group’s vocalist, a new song released in 2021. It was planned as a project capable of conveying to the audience the discovery of something new. Such following works, in which the meaning that was hidden throughout the entire work of the group will be mentioned and revealed. This composition embodies the appearance of the album of the same name where these “secret” ideas will be revealed.

Therefore, the plot of the song is well confusing and the story goes the other way around. In such a technique, as at the end of films or TV shows, a brief summary of their content is retold. The new track was developed during the world tour. When real performers have traveled since March 2020. Speaking in various cities around the world.

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The plot of Cracker Island is a situation that takes place around a certain cult. Which is sung about in the song. Also in the clip with fictional characters, an incident in Hollywood is described. Which brings the band members to the hospital along with a police convoy. The hero of this song is a character who was born and grew up on a utopian island. While being in a certain sect. Where he was forced to adhere to certain rules and boundaries.

As a result, he constantly wanted to break them in order to find out what would be for such an offense. And how can you avoid punishment? This idea over time only progressed in my head and gained strength. As a result, a crime was committed.

The clip begins with a short segment in which the character 2-D wakes up in the back seat of a police car parked outside the hospital. Next, the cops transplant him into a wheelchair and, together with the cartoon character Noodle, interrogate him already in the hospital.

Right there in the hospital is Russell in a semi-delusional state. Who watches TV with interference. This perspective expresses the absurdity of everything that happens in the life of young people. After all, in fact, she, like this guy in a semi-conscious state, watches TV in the hope of understanding something, while only interference is transmitted there. And without realizing what is happening, a person continues to engage in this meaningless business.

And in order to understand what is happening, the exhausted 2-D tries to dial a number by phone, but he does not succeed due to lack of strength. And at some point, his attention is distracted by a blanket rising from a bed with slits for eyes (like a ghost). This creature slowly moves through the air towards the hall and behind it stretches an unknown slimy liquid. And suddenly the TV distracts him from this. Because the interference disappeared on it and a news release appeared that talks about an incomprehensible incident in Hollywood that happened the day before. From the release it becomes obvious that they are all involved in this.

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After all, being under something friends (characters of the group) there began the ceremony of some occult sect in some incomprehensible intention. It is not possible to understand this, because Russell comes to himself and rises to his feet and goes to 2-D with the police. While Noodle remains on the street talking nervously about something on the phone.

Because of such turmoil, it becomes difficult to understand what is happening, because at the same time there are many incomprehensible situations. For which there is no logical explanation.

Next, Murdoch enters the hospital dressed in occult clothing and with a sinister smile. Noodle, 2-D and the cops in the lobby take turns watching the guest and the “ghost” hovering in his direction. From this it turns out that Murdoch is up to something unkind along with the floating sheet.

Murdock walks over to the sheet as if with joy and spreads his arms for a hug. And then the sheet falls to the floor and a young girl opens up to us, who goes towards him. But the girl begins to age rapidly with every step. And the guest, not paying attention to this, tenderly touches her cheek with his hand and passionately kisses her. As if letting the viewer understand that his love is limitless and does not depend on the aging of the girl.

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Further, a certain meaning appears in the clip, because everything that happened and was described earlier was not important at all. And it is this last scene of Murdoch’s caresses with the girl that is important. This is displayed in a panoramic view of everything that happens and the behavior of the other characters: the police, Noodle, 2-D and Russell.

After all, they seem to have understood some secret meaning of everything that is happening and the understanding that each of them has his own fault in something.

This clip allows each listener, the viewer to see some of his own story, understandable only to him. Because people, although they are the same, always have their own point of view, unlike the rest. All the same, different people see the same situation. From different sides and assign it the meaning that is necessary, specifically for them.

This song is the title track and the first of the collection of the same name. Which came out just recently. Where each composition has some meaning, determined at the very end. When all the chaos falls apart and everything becomes clear.

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