The meaning of the song «Cry» by Kazka

The meaning of the song «Cry» by Kazka songs

KAZKA is a modern Ukrainian musical group. The team was founded in 2017. There are three people in the group. During the two years of the group’s existence, it released several albums.

The song “Crying” is the most popular composition in the group’s work. The hit of 2018, holding a leading position throughout the year on the charts of Ukraine, Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

A sign of the popularity and success of the song can be considered the interest of the public in the meaning of the song. What is the meaning of composition? This question has been of interest to listeners since the first days of the release of the song on the air of radio stations.

The theme of love and the intricacies of relationships is clearly traced. This is understandable by the musical mood, even for those who are native speakers of a foreign language and do not know the translation of the text of the song “Crying” at all. This topic is close to everyone. Perhaps that is why the group quickly won the attention and love of listeners and broke into the first lines of the charts.

What about “Crying” song

The song “Crying” carries the theme of parting, leaving relationships that bring pain.

The meaning of the KAZKA song “Crying” lies in the idea of rebirth. Tears are a metaphor for purification, catharsis, to which the lyrical heroine of the song comes.

The main idea of the song “Crying” is a kind of call for women to change, to leave relationships that hurt. The lyrical heroine is a collective image of all girls and women who have ever faced male cruelty. The song is not only about physical violence, but also about psychological oppression. The song shows us a depressed woman who is tired of enduring male bullying. At some point, a woman realizes her position and understands that a man’s attitude towards her will not change. The lyrical heroine decides to end this relationship: to leave her husband, to start a new life.

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The text maximally reveals the idea of rebirth, the idea of leaving the old. In an instant, a woman changes – “blooms” before our eyes. She no longer intends to forgive her grievances, she says “stop” to everything that happened to her before. The heroine turns the page, forgets about the past, and starts her new life from scratch.

The decision to break up is not easy for the heroine, she has a little daughter who also suffers, it is hard for her to go through the separation of her parents, but she understands that this is necessary and inevitable. The lyrical heroine suffers, suffers. There is an assumption that she still loves a man, but understands that this love will not bring happiness in life either to her or her daughter. Parting and leaving is a forced measure, a decision that needs to be made in order to move forward, to move towards a new happiness.

The meaning of the song “Crying”

Before further reading, we recommend that you listen to this song one more time to refresh your memory and better understand what the song Lament is about.

Let us turn directly to the translation of the text in order to better understand the idea of the Kazka song.

The lyrical heroine says that she endured for a long time, but does not intend to continue this further. She no longer wants to listen to her husband, this is necessary in order to remain “whole” – apparently, the man lied to her a lot, deceived her, and now there is no more trust. Time is priceless and nothing can atone for the pain of insults.

Burning bridges are a well-known metaphor for the breakup of a relationship. Return back is not possible. The past is left behind, the lyrical heroine has taken a step forward and does not intend to go back. The woman does not intend to go to negotiations anymore, she is going to confirm her intentions to break up with deeds.

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The main character, most likely, still loves her husband to some extent, she has feelings for him. But she understands that by staying with him, she will destroy herself completely. Therefore, the lyrical heroine forgets about her feelings, drives them “under the ice” – she cools, she tries to live only by reason.

The decision to break up is not easy for the heroine. She experiences severe mental anguish, suffers. However, she finds the strength for further actions and does not intend to discuss them.

The refrain of the song speaks of purification, the liberation of the lyrical heroine from the shackles. Tears lead the heroine to renewal, a new life. Violet is a fragile beautiful indoor flower that symbolizes the image of a lyrical heroine. A woman, like a flower, requires self-care. Apparently, the husband did not give the woman the care and warmth that she craved.

Opening the door to a new life, the heroine “blooms” – she is reborn, transformed. She finds the strength within herself to carry on. It is worth noting that everything around, the whole situation is trying to help the lyrical heroine: “the day shone with secret signs.” The heroine has a daughter who loves her father, she is experiencing the separation of her parents, but understands that this is necessary for her mother.

After breaking up with her husband, the lyrical heroine feels devastated. She is going through a difficult period and for her everything becomes indifferent: “gray”. But she understands that she must live on and paint her new day with different colors. Find the strength in yourself for the new happiness and well-being of your daughter.

Rain is also a symbol of purification, renewal. The heroine starts a new life and does not intend to return to the past anymore. She believes that soon her life will improve.

To summarize, what is the song CRYING about?

Asking the question: what is the song KAZKA “Crying” about? Listeners should understand that the main character of the song is a generalized image of a woman suffering in a relationship. The creators of the song urge the girls not to maintain a relationship with a husband who does not appreciate the feelings of his beloved, but to leave him, no matter how bad and hard it is. After all, the promises of a man who brings only pain will not lead to anything, the man will not change. And if you leave this relationship, then the woman will have the opportunity to start a new happy life.

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The author of the “Crying” explained the meaning of the song

The author of the hit, Sergey Serdik, gave an interview to the Yakaboo website, in which he explained what Kazka actually sings about. He also noted that, in his opinion, songs should have a story, carry emotions to the listener and convey feelings.

“This is the story of two girls – a very young and a young mother, who are going through parting with loved ones who did not live up to expectations. This led to unbridled tears of disappointment, but when the tears dried up, the girls firmly decided to start all over again. And the day shone with new content, the violet blossomed, a happy ending.”

Speculation by fans that the song raises the issue of domestic violence has not been confirmed.

“A new experience for me is so many versions from listeners about what exactly the song is about, because in my reality everything is simple and clear. I saw the most incredible options on social networks, for example, that the song is about domestic violence, and “the violet has blossomed” is a bruise that appeared from a strong blow. I appeal to everyone who reads this – there is no talk of physical violence there. But about the emotional abuse that leads to separation, of course, there is, this is the driving force of the story.

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