The meaning of the song «Death Bed» by Powfu

The meaning of the song «Death Bed» by Powfu songs

Canadian singer-songwriter Isaiah Faber, called Powfu, sings a beautiful song “Death Bed”, the translation of which means “death bed”, otherwise it sounds like “coffee for you”. The performer will tell about sorrows, his emotions, bring a share of love and understanding.

The history of the song “Death Bed”

Paufu was born in Vancouver, Canada. He is a talented young singer, performer and songwriter who specializes in melancholy, lo-fi hip-hop. Lo-Fi is a musical direction, with a characteristic low sound quality, jazz chords, considered elements in the form of contextual shortcomings in the recording, during performance. There are deliberate choices, quality standards for background sound, music production that have changed over the decades. This is the “DIY music” style.

Paufu said that he met the producer of Otterpop, heard “Coffee”, appreciated the sound and notes. He began to rap himself, laying lines on top of the beat, he tried, he succeeded. Lyrical melodies inspired and filled the soul.

In 2019, Powfu released “Death Bed” on February 9, which gained popularity on Soundcloud, YouTube. The talented Powfu signed a contract with Columbia. On the day of February 7, 2020, with the help of the label, the song was re-released, which acquired the status of a world hit.

Reported to Pauf for the audience that the beabadoobee song inspired the idea for the “Death Bed” lyrics. It is written about coffee for the head, other insinuations. The musical piece “Death Bed” by Powfu is about the ideas of a young man on his deathbed. He will die, death will take him, but first he will tell the girl about his strong feelings and love, and protect him from disappointment.

The track contains an excerpt from the song “Coffee” from 2017, performed by the magnificent British singer Beabadoobee. Produced Otterpop’s Death Bed project, wrote the lyrics to Powfu. The release took place on February 9, 2018.

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Powfu said he heard the beat over a year ago while browsing SoundCloud. The work was written on the verge of lo-fi styles of hip-hop songs. I liked the bebadoobee sample, which, according to the singer, sounds like pain. Initially, I did not want to create rap, and then, with arbitrary preparation, he made a text. A friend suggested recording vocals.
There was a good sound that inspired the performance. The finished song was released on SoundCloud. Within 5 months there was an acquaintance with the work. Creativity was gaining momentum, and the video appeared on YouTube, published by Promotion Sounds, was gaining views.

The popularity grew in the world, in Canada, on the continent. The leadership was taken. Nicholas Sparks has influenced the creation of creative works and processes. There were different characters, heroes and personal things that characterize them. Valuable human relationships have always been of paramount importance, other facts remained behind the scenes.
Powfu’s YouTube audio was able to reach 2,000,000, which was the impetus for gaining fame. On the Spotify resource, the songs collected 100,000,000 plays, which was enough for popularity. The event took place on February 9, 2019, becoming the starting point of success and takeoff. A talented performer received a share of happiness. The song went viral on TikTok in 2020. In March, 4.1 billion plays were collected.

Meaning of “Death Bed”

There is a hip-hop basis that forms the meaning of heartfelt sorrows, carries a note of awkwardness, as well as an uncomfortable perception of the real world. Sad melodies penetrate deep into the soul and hurt a person. You need to subtly feel the world, attach importance to every thing. There is a state of hopelessness, and the disturbing song sounds like a hit. The feeling of the inevitability of death is familiar.

In the song, the hero is on his “deathbed”, acquires meaning, turns to his beloved girl, assesses the situation and carries a charge. Memories of joint stay are considered. Paufu’s explanations of Genius are related to the transmission of sad themes. He tries not to overshadow the essence, but to present it in the best possible way.

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There are happy memories associated with hope, heavenly power and support. It is imperative to remain best friends, leaving the world will not be scary. Support for the girl and the second half must necessarily occur.

Paufu is a true admirer of an American writer named Nicholas Sparks. The inspiration for the song is a beautiful adaptation of a novel published in 1996 called Notebook. Here they pray for forgiveness, for health, strength is replenished spiritually, and moments become happier.

There are explanations for Paufu, consisting in the phrase: “I am at the end of the Notebook, where there is a scene with an older guy, dying, talking about being.” The author took care of old age, some people associate the meaning of the song with illness and other sorrows and disappointments.

The author says that it is impossible to stay awake for a long time, also go to bed early, you need to look for a golden mean and comfort that will help create a prosperous world and kingdom. The unity of souls will arise after drinking a cup of coffee, invigorating the body for exploits.

It is necessary even in difficult times to get out of bed, live and do business. Timely fulfilling duties, helping loved ones and friends. Romantic interest is the text and the emotions conveyed, the person becomes stronger. It seems that there is a communication with an old girlfriend, whom the hero was supposed to marry, but fate turned out differently, formed its own framework and concepts.

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The character catches himself expressing his last words to the girl. The main feeling is indicated in the form of fear of death, love for a lady, disappointment from the fact that it will not work to grow old together. This is the speech of a “blessed” person who understands the meaning of life and conveys his worldview.

“You need to cheer up, get out of bed,” the song sings. Mental death is implied, unwillingness to let go of a person, about the preservation of a secret meaning and love in the soul. Feeling depressed, mentally unstable. Being on your deathbed is scary, but inevitable. Paufu is an example for many people how to deal with resentment and anger, manage their own feelings.

Initial release occurred on the EP some boring, love stories, pt. 2 in February 2019. There was a commercial release in 2017. Paufu tweeted the information in April 2019. For streaming, there was a release in February 2020. On the day of May 28, 2020, a late version was released featuring an American pop punk band called Blink-182. People appreciated the creativity and put a lot of positive ratings.

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