The meaning of the song «Double take» by Dhruv

The meaning of the song «Double take» by Dhruv songs

Singer Dhruv has become a rising regional pop star with his viral hit “Double Take”. He grew up in Singapore. In 2019, he released his debut single “Double Take”. Over the next two years, the song gained momentum and eventually went viral. Many people have used it as the soundtrack for their TikTok videos.

History of Dhruv – Double take

According to the singer Dhruv himself, he was inspired to create the song by personal events. In it, he talks about falling in love with a friend. “It happened in my life very timely. And you have to understand that if you have experienced something like this in relation to your acquaintances, then this is a very destabilizing experience, ”he explained. “This is something completely unexpected. You don’t realize how it happens. It’s like it’s not like a normal relationship and it’s hard to accept. It’s about a shift happening in the psyche.”

Singer Dhruv found a producer who really understood what he wanted to do. The guy didn’t try to compose a popular track. He just recorded a lyrical piece of music that tells about a strange love. And the producer perfectly understood my condition. And so the track was born.

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Until 2021, the song did not break into the charts. But soon everything changed. In 2021, the single suddenly became popular on TikTok. A major factor behind the success of “Double Take” was that the song was used as the sound for the filters in Photo Crop. Soon a new viral TikTok trend was born, and the composition became even more popular. It has been used in over 3.5 million videos on TikTok and has over 132 million plays on Spotify. The popularity of the song was so great that Dhruv even recently released a music video for it. This is his very first music video.

Dhruv explained that he started noticing that “Double Take” went viral after fans started sending him screenshots of the song climbing the charts. “Then I thought for the first time that this was a stunning success. It’s one thing for people to use a single on TikTok and quite another for people to actively search for and listen to it.”

What struck Druv about the song’s success was that he didn’t even promote it specifically. “I don’t really look like a public person. And I don’t like promoting music. Everything happened by accident. I don’t even have a dedicated team. It’s weird, but amazing. I didn’t expect it to be such a success. I’m happy, it’s really fun.”

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The smooth R&B track about love for a best friend reached number one in the Philippines and Thailand, and top five on the streaming charts in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore in 2021.

The TikTok videos of the song have 285.6 million views, and the song has over 212 million plays on Spotify alone.

The meaning of the song Dhruv — Double take

Many listeners assumed that the singer became vulnerable and embarrassed himself in front of a friend. “It’s like a drunken party. And it turned out to be some kind of humiliating love, but the only way for Dhruv was the embodiment of reality through a song. The singer’s thoughts in the musical narrative are accompanied by an easy-sounding rhythm and blues.

Citing Frank Ocean, The Beatles and Amy Winehouse as his musical inspirations, Druve describes his sound more in the realm of pop music. But one thing he really pays attention to is the writing style and the lyrics. “I try to write my lyrics poetically. I think through every line. It turns out a kind of poetic pop. All my songs are quite meaningful. I’m not at all like some: “Oh, these lines, it’s just cool!”. I really write songs the way I like, I try to convey thoughts so that people understand what I want to convey to them.

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So, Dhruv is very honest when it comes to his music. He uses his personal experiences to fuel his creativity and record new songs. However, for some people, his excessive frankness may seem intimidating. But for a singer, it is part of his personality as a musician. “Of course, there is a certain degree of uncertainty. I’m not sure if people will like it. But I wrote a lot of songs. And all that I have released simply conveys the truth in a way that I believe is accurate and reflective of my life. Therefore, this is not important for me. I just can’t understand a song if there’s no real truth in it.”

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