The meaning of the song «Easter Sunday» by Don Broco

The meaning of the song «Easter Sunday» by Don Broco songs

Modern culture is developing at an incredible speed. Many foreign performers delight their listeners with chic musical compositions. However, not every person understands that songs written by famous musicians are their soul, their meaning of life and inner experiences. Thanks to the songs, all the pain experienced by the authors is felt, perhaps good moments and just their life. Yes, there are definitely songs without meaning that make your ears bleed, but not for Don Broco.

The history of the creation of the Don Broco group and their first songs

To find out about the creation of a new album from Don Broco, you just need to ask them a question about it, as automatically you will be transferred to 2018, somewhere near New York. From the very beginning, they were members of several concerts, where they acted as an opening act for the world group Linkin Park. The exhausting schedule did not affect the young guys in any way, they still continued to be in high spirits, expecting an interesting night ahead in the “sleepless” city. However, the first case of Covid-19 changed everything.

The writing of the track was provoked by certain situations that happened to them after the concerts. They were driving home, particularly with white boys who thought they might be victims of racism. That is why the band decided to write a new track in order to reward the fans for their excessive support. Already in 2019, they were able to make their debut in London at Wembley Arena. The tour bus has become a place to write new hits. C was able to compose a boiling backing track for the future track on the bus, and Tom was able to create a catchy synth part, an electric version of the duduk, an ancient Armenian instrument.

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“I think it’s impossible not to get angry when there is so much going wrong in the world, when you have so much free time,” says Rob, one of the participants, as if nothing had happened. It’s hard to disagree with this. It was thanks to the song that they were able to see how celebrities and bands treat ordinary people.

What about the sensational song “Easter Sunday”?

The group was able to give the audience a song that penetrates into the most secret cracks of our soul. It was a strong release of an equally strong song, with the help of which every person on the planet could reflect on the reality of his own life. One of their famous songs, which has become a world anthem for everyone who has lost a person at least once in their life, is Easter Sunday.

They put an incredible amount of meaning into words. “I’m so tired of listening to Easter songs, I’m going home, not very far, Easter, you say that my brothers are no more and you cheer me up with the fact that this was their will.” The authors were so imbued with the loss of a loved one that they decided to dedicate the whole world to it. Many believe that such an emotional push came from the loss of Matt his uncle from a terrible disease – Covid-19. Matt wrote this song in partnership with Rob, who is Matt’s cousin and that’s why this topic is also close to him.

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Don Broco – Easter Sunday Meaning

As stated earlier, the main message of writing this song is to honor the memory of Uncle Matt who died from Covid-19. Thanks to such a powerful outburst of emotions and words, they were able to convey pain and their feelings to the listeners. Incredible words, gorgeous melody and the amount of feeling they put into the song created a world masterpiece for a million listeners. One of the connoisseurs of strong music wrote on the page that he really liked the song, but he could not find anything about the background of its creation. As you can see, songs are written not only under the influence of positive emotions, but also after the loss of a loved one.

“You cheer with the fact that such was his will” are very strong words written in the song. They say that any person in the world will not be able to fully believe that his loved one died of his own free will. There has never been such a thing that a person from the first seconds after the news said: “This was his will, this is the will of God.” Everyone tries to keep their loved ones as long as possible. And thanks to such songs, you understand how important it is to realize the value of life not only for a loved one, but also for any friend. Easter is not a holiday where eggs are beaten, Easter cakes are eaten and songs are sung. This is a holiday when all the dead come to their relatives. In many countries, there is a tradition – to lay the dishes on the deceased person and wait for his arrival. They live with us for a whole week, console us after many years and try to prove that they remember and appreciate us. We honor the memory of those who died of their own free will or due to certain life circumstances.

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Songs that carry character and message are always valued much more than a meaningless set of words to a modern beat. Modern performers try to convey as much as possible the atmosphere of what they felt not only at the moment of realizing the loss, but also at the moment of writing the song. They conveyed the mood that every person feels during a family holiday called Easter. It is worth noting that thanks to this group, everyone understands the significance of the holiday for many people. The loss of a loved one is always a stab in the back that comes suddenly. A lot of people hate the holidays because they’ve lost someone.

It turns out that the songs carry not only an entertaining character, but also a certain meaning that not every listener understands. It is extremely important to feel the creation of the song, to feel the true purpose of this river in your life and to live the emotions that the author himself conveyed. Understanding songs is important and necessary, otherwise there is no point in enjoying music. The music industry is not about beautiful and romantic love songs, not about modern beats and words without meaning. This is a huge gift that true professionals bring to the masses. Thanks to a group like Don Broco, you understand that the world stars definitely have a future. A new generation should grow up on such songs.

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